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  1. I have noticed this but when I try to swap to development branch it asks a beta access key. Wonder where I can find that.
  2. Is the development branch close so that not everyone can access it? Or where do I find the beta key steam asks to opt into the branch O:I
  3. jkhaaja

    AH-9 Co-pilot seat

    Thx for the help! :) Nmv I think I know what the problem is :)
  4. Hey, I'm having trouble trying to move a soldier into the co-pilot seat on the AH-9 in the editor. What is the seat name/type? I have tried the following: this moveInCargo air1, this moveInGunner air1, this moveInCommander air1 .. None of them seem to work, neither does: this moveInCargo [air1,1] or [air1,0]
  5. jkhaaja

    December 2012 status update

  6. jkhaaja

    ARMA 3 Engine Handling of Objects at Range

    The maximum resolution of the human eye is around 50 CPD (cycles per degree). Which would for example mean that at a range of 1 km the human eye can distinquish between objects of the width of around 35 cm.
  7. OK thanks I will check that out and see what I'm missing! EDIT: Yeah I got it to work! I think I had a problem with the variable name of the chopper in the script (didnt have the _vehicle, just had it as Objectname). Thanks for everyone who contributed to the topic. Here is the final codes to make a CAS chopper that circles around a player or marker or whatever. cas.sqf The careless and blue modes are set so that the chopper will keep going in the circle even if it sees the enemy. This ofcourse requires a player gunner or the chopper will never fire. The distance check 800 was for an apache moving at full speed. With the limitspeed a lower value should be ok, with full speed it required above 700 to get a smooth circle without stops. and the limitspeed.sqf
  8. I tried it with placing the empty chopper (called test in this case) into the editor and then placing a pilot and a gunner and moving them into the respective slots in the chopper. I called the script with nul = [test] execVM "limitspeed.sqf" and it doesnt seem to work. Is there any chance that placing the player as the gunner in the chopper would screw it up? (Ofcourse when doing this the chopper is circling a marker and not the player)
  9. Yeah I also tried limitSpeed alone inside the first loop which has the doMove but that didnt seem to work. It should have worked in that loop aswell if it was goint to work in the first place? Just tried it again with your code, for some reason the chopper wants to ignore the limitSpeed command. The object name is the chopper name right? I also tried forceSpeed and taht didnt seem to work either.
  10. Right, good point! I will try this next. ---------- Post added at 04:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:44 PM ---------- That worked like a charm with the distance check. Im still having one problem though, for some reason the setSpeedMode = "LIMITED" is not working. The setBehaviour etc work. The chopper keeps flying at 260 speed which is a bit too much for doing cannon CAS. Any other methods to limit the speed of the chopper to for example 60?
  11. I got a code similar to the one neo posted to work (I altered it so that the chopper goes on the circle rather than goign into a random position on it). Is there anyway to alter the accuracy of the doMove position (sometimes the chopper turns around to hit the spot perfectly)? Also that stopping at the domove points is a bit annoying but that can be dealt with by having fewer points on the circle.
  12. Thanks for the code Neo. I think this will be very helpful. I didnt get the setBehaviour etc to work before while testing the previous code. But I think I will get around to it. Thanks again!
  13. Hi Neo, Thanks for the tip I have to try that. Is it possible to incorporate the careless and never fire modes with this approach? I tried your code and for some reason the chopper again only flies to the first position and then just idles around. I guess the unit doesnt finish the first order for some reason and is therefore not ready and the loop doesn continue. I tested it a bit further and it seems that if I delete the functions module the script still works in the same exact way so maybe the call for the BIS_fnc_relPos is wrong?
  14. Hey everyone, im relatively new to scripting and arma mission editing. I have done some simple scripts and im familiar with the editor, triggers etc. I have been trying to do a script that would make a helicopter circle around the player at lets say for example 1 km radius. I have been trying to achieve this by using the waypoint setWPPos position command. First I created a waypoint at a marker on the map for the chopper and then tried to move it around the players position. For some reason the chopper only wants to move to the original point where the waypoint was first placed. Is there a better way to do this? In the end I would want to do this so that I have an AI flying an apache around a ground team with the apache set to careless and never fire. Then a player will be manning the gunners seat and providing air support.