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  1. chiefrocker

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149636-Alpha-Development-branch-changelog&p=2419411&viewfull=1#post2419411 It seems like it hasn't changed
  2. chiefrocker

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I suspect the weapons and vehicles got renamed to indicate that they are not exactly the same variants that exist today. They are modernized/improved 2035 equipment (Despite them looking exactly alike)
  3. chiefrocker

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The cockpits of the delicious new helicopters, probably.
  4. chiefrocker

    missing A3_SOFT_G_GALKIN

    Today's patch changed the classname of the Ifrit. Whenever something says "Galkin" anywhere in a mission file, just replace it with "Ifrit"
  5. Don't think there is one yet, but if you got a mission handy, use notepad++ or ultraedit to replace all occurences of Galkin with Ifrit in every file of the mission folder and see if you can load it up then. Don't forget to make a backup first of course.
  6. If that patch includes changes from some of the dev updates (which is likely), then some Classnames, like the Ifrit one, have changed, which would make you unable to load the missions.
  7. same here. Pretty sure it's related to the renaming of the Ifrit
  8. Don't worry now. based Dwarden will get in here any minute now to clear all this confusion up. Just you wait!
  9. Right. There are the "wcwestside" entries in the config file already. I never really noticed them. But there are still several places where (like i said) a TK_ unit is called specifically....for a mission for example. I just wanted to know if that is going to stay Taki-focused or if you have any plans to have that modular as well. Then again, a simple search for TK over all the files would make it rather easy to edit all those occurences ourselves....it is just.....I AM SO LAZY :p
  10. If we would want to add custom enemy forces and fight units from Lingor for example, would we still have to edit lots of different scripts to include them or will they be editable in one single place? I just had a quick glance over the current 1.6 files and there seem to be specific TK_ units in several files and places.
  11. chiefrocker

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I encountered that several times when 'jsrs distance' is listed as a required mod in the mission.sqm file.(which often happened for me, after i previewed a mission) You can just open it up with a text editor, delete that line and repack the pbo. That is, if you feel comfortable enough to do all that. Weird that it happens on your local server, even though you obviously seem to have JSRS. We only had this problem when running a mission on a server that did NOT have jsrs on it.