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    Skyhook by john681611 (INF_Mike64) Description: Simple script to simulate the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system for infantry. Now working with Arma 3 and any aircraft with cargo space. Features: - A balloon visual represented by a parachute. - Realistic catch system where the player is moved into the sky then put in the aircraft. - 130M catch line (aircraft must hit top of line for a catch) - Modifiable line length - Usable with any aircraft. - Dismantle skyhook - NV Beacons along rope. -A3 compatable. Installation: To initalise execVM "Skyhook.sqf"; init.sqf (NOT MP tested yet) Any object wanting to have a skyhook add this to init : this setVariable ["SKM",["P",(Baloon height NUM),(hit range NUM),(Lights BOOL),(texture NUM {0,1,3}),""],true]; EG this setVariable ["SKM",["P",30,50,true,1,""],true]; Any vehicles wanting to catch add this to init: _catcher setVariable ["SKM_Catcher",1,true]; - Modifiable for ACE/A3 balloon type. - Modifiable for AI to use. Media: Change log: V1.8 - Added vehicle cargo loading (speed and pull up recommended) V1.7 -Complete Re-Write -Variable based now -Better Looking Balloon -Any baloon can be interacted catched by any catcher vehicle -Rope Technology -Slingloads compatible vehicles / objects -Attach for non compatible vehicles / objects -Mass Simulated for unit (90KG + gear) and vehicle (tanks work as land anchors) -Range of balloon textures -NOT MP tested (yet) -15 second refresh for any new Skyhooks - Clear Sky check - Animation for man. -Probably a load more V1.6 -Moved to .SQF -removed blinking light -Added Arma 3 compatibility -Balloon now rises from peoples back -Added HALO animation -Fix no more moving underground. Download:https://github.com/john681611/Skyhook.VR/releases/tag/1.8
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    Its been a while since I looked at this code. It should work but I can't say that actions always work.
  3. while {true} do { { radar lookAt (radar getRelPos [100, _x]); sleep 2; } forEach [0, 90, 180, 270]; }; Figure you guys may like this little script (change as you like) What it does it make a radar rotate to look around, what it importantly does it also not stop it from focusing on a contact and tracking it for a SAM, then once the hostile is gone it returns to rotating
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    Mag Repack

    I've made a modification that loosens logic to allow repacking as long ammo is the same ignoring tracer info (colour, regularity) This means B_65x39_Caseless (MX rounds) and B_65x39_Caseless_green (Katiba rounds) are compatible (yes they have the same performance). I've kept it that you're not allowed to repack belts from mags as your missing the belt components. This can be found in my resistance mission: https://github.com/john681611/resistance3/tree/master/common/outlw_magRepack
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    V1.8 - Added vehicle cargo loading (speed and pull up recommended https://github.com/john681611/Skyhook.VR/releases/tag/1.8
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    Detonating cord

    Brilliant I love this. Think if you made a custom item config you could end up with a throwable detcord object.
  7. Mine Clearing DetCord Video Is abit Old now but its more or less the same but actions are different. Installation into Mission: Init.sqf execVM "detcord.sqf"; detcord.sqf Remove and replace with your own setup. //For test Mission Remove [car,2,80] spawn detInit; [tank,6,120] spawn detInit; //Format [vehicle, ammo,length] spawn detInit; Configure Vehicles you need: //[[Vehicle('s')],ropeattpoint,baglaunchpoint,vectors] ["LSV_01_base_F",[0,-1.7,-1],[0,-1.7,0], [[0,-0.5,-0.5],[0,0.5,-0.5]]], In Game usage: Line up your vehicle 20m short target area (there is 20m of saftyline that does not explode) Launch Rocket Check rope has been pulled out fully (too short and it will kill you). Take Cover and Detonate. Changelog: V1.0 -Inital Release GitHub Download V1.0
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    Mine Clearing DetCord

    Looks cool I'll try it out!
  9. Anyone know how to stop players running GM coming onto servers. Its causing error messages and issues with other mods.
  10. INF_MIke64

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Huh, the model looks like one of these Headsets that bost hearing protection. Just figured some headsets would have it due to LMG's, but I'm not in the Army so I guess I wouldn't know IRL.
  11. INF_MIke64

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Just messing about and I noticed that ACE hearing protection is on crew headsets and hearing protection. But the models on the MK7 Type A also seem to have hearing protection but It isn't applied. Have I made a mistake and its just comms?
  12. INF_MIke64

    3CB BAF Units

    Hey guys trying to get my mod to work with your mod and I'm having some issues with is isPlayer My current config; class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class CAManBase { init="_this spawn inf_fnc_setInsignias"; }; }; My script sleeps 2 seconds then does an isPlayer, with vanilla units its fine but with yours even if I am player it returns false. Help! I don't want to make your mod a requirement of my mod if I can avoid it. SOLVED: I used PostInit handler and it worked.
  13. This is more or less the scan horizon command for AI Cool thanks
  14. INF_MIke64

    Steam Play linux

    Just wondered if you guys had seen Steam Play Beta Announcement. Will the Linux version get a branch to use this to allow us to experiment with having a Linux version that can play with the windows lot?
  15. INF_MIke64

    Server FPS limit testing

    fair enough makes sense your the expert :D
  16. INF_MIke64

    Server FPS limit testing

    Neat. It's a small step but a step in the right direction. As far as I can see there are two main things that need to be done to make a massive change to MP play in ArmA Somehow break the link between server and client fps units bouncing around at 60pfs is far better than everything at 12fps Break whatever cause players with crap internet connections (me included) dragging the server down. I've been sitting there waiting to get into a mission (thinking has it crashed) and then someone quits out and boom straight in. Nice work Dedmen I hope this change does make it to vanilla so I have more than just 50fps to aim for when optimising.
  17. INF_MIke64

    Feedback Thread

    Coming back after link has been added: Link: I'm not sure about the new rules. There is no advantage to actually trying to end the round early you cap M then go for as many kills as possible. It stops people playing tactically. Skills: This is a big part I don't like for balance reasons, with no team balancing it easily becomes a turkey shoot. 1 guy with a fully auto DMR will nearly always win in a face to face fight. The way it looks is great! but its not going to be much fun for new players when they keep getting owned. I prefer if levelling up increased your variety of weapons not necessarily power. If things like DMR's have a handling disadvantage I'm not seeing it. Personally i preferred it with set load-outs at least everyone could have the OP kits then. TK fines in hardcore: Not sure about this on one side its so fast paced on link its inevitable. Oddly its probably me being too used to using headgear as identification in Arma 3. significant frame-rate drops (during contact): Game runs at a nice 50-60FPS (great in comparison to Arma) but I've noticed as you get into contact the FPS can plummet.
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    Shoot forgot to change it after I killed my link to armaholic Here is the github link https://github.com/john681611/Skyhook.VR/releases/tag/v1.7
  19. INF_MIke64

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hey guys I've noticed the give players squad radios global variable no longer works. Is this just me or is there something i need to change in the missions (I really don't want to add TFAR to a pub servers requirements) Github Issue
  20. This script provides a way to augment any Offroader or flatbed cive truck with the majority of static weapons found in vanilla A3. Usage: past script into mission file. add this execVM "VehicleAugmentation.sqf"; into init.sqf. position static weapon to the rear of the vehicle and use action menu to mount. Known Issues: V1.0 -Release V1.1 -Mortars can now be manned and fired on the move -Non raised HMG & GMG now supported for Offroader V1.2 -Added Drone weapon compatability -Fixed RTP error V2.0 -Code rewrite -Fixed:Actions are not removed correctly in MP (does not effect functionality) -Fixed:Get out event not working In MP (player who mounts weapon can get out of weapon as intended, Others get out as standard and hover over vehicle) V3.0 New Features: -Hold Actions -Animation -Configuration -Vanilla vehicle config -Vehicle to weapon action Improved -Getting out of weapon. -Action limits Removed -Most MP bugs (hopefully) -More stuff I can't remember Credits: IronFists Clan for helping test. Anyone that replied with ideas for improvement. Tajin for coding help DOWNLOAD GITHUB
  21. INF_MIke64

    FIA Offroader augmentation.

    V3.0 Release on GitHub Updated to work work in MP with a much smoother more efficient system. No need to call execution on each vehicle, just add the class to the config, set the positions and any scripts you want to run as well done! New Features: -Hold Actions -Animation -Configuration -Vanilla vehicle config -Vehicle to weapon action Improved -Getting out of weapon. -Action limits Removed -Most MP bugs (hopefully) -More stuff I can't remember
  22. As Title. Tested with no mods. Tested in Dev and Standard Repo: 1:Spawn Helo flying. 2:Spawn heli pad 3:Give helo land way-point 4: Observe Helo hovering near landing waypoint.
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    Enhanced Movement

    I'll send them a tweet, it may be down to you to update play with six.
  24. INF_MIke64

    Enhanced Movement

    Is this being updated on Play with Six? Version numbers don't match Armaholic and our group is worried we are missing out on things.
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    Ok tested it in SP and it works fine what mods are you using? It will take a few days to get a MP test going as my MP testing buddy is a bit busy at the moment. In the mean time can you test it with no mods running at all I want to see if there is a mod issue. I am aware the MP setup isn't great for this I may look at this in the future.