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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I have to say I hope this idea doesn't fall to the wayside in this thread. It's interesting how not having realistic fatigue/stamina has resulted in so many problems over the years, to the point where many people remove it entirely (or at least, effectively remove it), and how introducing a realistic system would add so much.
  2. It's 4am in Europe on a weeknight, and late for most Americans for a weeknight too.
  3. Just got off after playing for a few hours, absolutely amazing! Can't wait until the cap time scaling issues are fixed, would like to play more than that one AAS map :V
  4. It's PvP isn't it? Third person screws up PvP for a variety of reasons and I'm sure they know that.
  5. lol, throwing zeds into an otherwise conventional war would be a new take on the genre though!
  6. It'd be awesome if you could enter your old keys on Steam to get a content pack for those games.
  7. dsi24

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Those bamboo swamps/thickets are absolutely amazing. Especially the ditch of them that runs through Kavala. I've noticed that bodies will destroy walls if they fall into them, not sure if that's a general bug or related to Altis but I never saw it happen on Stratis. I wish the office building interiors were fully accessible, I understand one-offs like the school not being fully accessible, but there are quite a few office buildings!
  8. That's probably because it's loading new LODs/whole new objects in general as your zoom changes. I get a short burst of frame lag when objects are loading and I'm on an SSD, can't imagine what it's like on an HDD.
  9. I don't see how this is a problem, it's as much a part of the game mechanics as how people use third person, is it not?
  10. dsi24

    First person only servers

    You can already change FOV, either with a double tap of numpad - or by editing the CFGs. UI would be friendly and nice but it isn't an excuse to use third person. (Which is only really useful as an exploit to see without the possibility of being seen)
  11. I'll be really surprised if this doesn't already happen, the game simulates speed of sound doesn't it?
  12. What!? LMB = Index, MMB = Middle, RMB = Ring. Are you using a travel mouse as your primary mouse or something!?
  13. The mouse wheel is really underused as a control device. It could be used, with modifier keys/context, to do analogue leaning, analogue stances, analogue door opening, and analogue move speed as well as control the action menu as it does now, and that's just for infantry! It's basically the only axis every gamer has, why not put it to use?
  14. dsi24

    Improving Ragdoll

    A simple way to get rid of the weird poses syndrome would be to add a bit of random force in one random direction to simulate reacting to the impact. (randomized to prevent samey-feeling ragdolls, you know those t-poses from some games...) A Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm style 'soft' animation would be great, and Euphoria is on my dream list (for every game that involves ragdolls really, but it'd be especially awesome if BIS went straight from zero to hero in this area of the game)
  15. dsi24

    Improving Ragdoll

    Rockstar's use of Euphoria is in a tier of its own, no other game comes close.