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  1. Not a bug: http://blog.cvsflags.com/flag-news/why-is-the-u-s-flag-worn-backwards-on-uniforms
  2. No, dev branch is not subject to QA as mentioned on the first page of the changelog thread.
  3. Luomu

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Not necessarily any more than with current scripting. Java wouldn't be able to access anything outside the "sandbox" for security reasons (file access, network, external libraries) unless BI allows it.
  4. Anyone complaining about C/P should look at that screenshot - the blufor marker is clearly not the same as the redfor marker.
  5. Luomu

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Even better, Duke Nukem developer 3DRealms/Apogee was founded by Scott Miller :P
  6. Luomu


    ...including games on platforms that do not have nvidia GPUs at all (Nintendo Wii, iPhone).
  7. Don't use skiptime! You will see the clouds jump. Use setDate instead: while {true; } do { setDate [2011, 6, 15, 12, 00]; sleep 5; };
  8. It could be because you are using comic sans as your editor font :P I tested the config below. It is possible someone is running at the start to reach the first waypoint, or if there are more than one person in a group and they need to catch up with the squad leader. But after a couple of seconds I didn't see any runners. They also do not crouch or crawl unless there is a danger. case 3: { _setSkill = [0.2,0.7]; _setCombat = ["green","white","yellow"]; _setBehav = ["careless"]; _setSpeed = ["limited"]; _setForm = ["line","stag column"]; _setFleeing = [0,100]; _setHeliVal = [45,100,0.7,1]; _setPause = [[5,10],[5,10],[5,10],[20,30,5,5],[1,3],[0,0]]; _setBldgBeh = [3,50,120,600,1]; _setPatrol = ["45 + (20 * (skill _leader))","(60 + (random 60)) + ((skill _leader) * 50)"]; _setSearch = ["40 + ((skill _leader) * 150)","50 + ((skill _leader) * 50)"]; _setSupport = [1,4]; _setJoin = 2; _setEmpVeh = [[150,100],[150,100]]; _setSupTime = ["5 + ((skill _unit) * (5 * DAC_AI_Level))",2,5]; _setHidTime = ["(((10 * DAC_AI_Level) + ((skill _leader) * 50)) / ((count units _group) + 1))"]; };
  9. There's probably some more values to be set. I don't get health regeneration or revive option. Documentation please :)
  10. OP would probably want something like MARTA aka the Military Symbols module which can display markers above spotted/known units. The marker is limited to group leaders, though.
  11. Luomu

    Civilian kill Counter

    One note, since I did something similar recently -- all dead bodies are considered to be on civilian side. So if you add the same event handler to every unit on the map every kill will register as a civilian kill. To get around this you can use faction.
  12. When a squad leader gives you a target the marker does not necessarily show the correct location of the enemy. Apply the same limitation here.
  13. PMC works now - no more "please try again later". Although I did have to start the game twice.
  14. I would like to know if there is any information we can provide to BIS to help fix this. Does Steam write an error log or anything. I am personally running Windows 7 32bit, Steam is latest official version and not some beta. I am currently doing a clean reinstall of Arma, but that is just based on superstition and I don't really expect it to help.
  15. Yep, same here, "not available". Tried the usual fixes: administrator mode, deletec clientregistry.blob, removed write protection of game folder.AFAIK datacachepreprocessor.exe is supposed to run to complete the installation, but it does not happen. I also tried starting that manually but got the same "Not available...". With BAF I had the problem that the game + datacacheprocessor start simultaneously, and of course it can't patch any files that are in use. Running the exe separately helped, but this time it seems like a Steam fail.