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  1. True. But I guess it's the priorities why we're left with this beta-state for A2OA atm. Hmm, so it's a little like "unfinished", anyway. For me too Arma 3 is no option, right now.
  2. Sickboy, thx for the link. What I meant with 20 to n was: is it possible to let it show for example 30 mods ... but I guess now 20 is a static value.
  3. After some time experiencing with that great new tool at the moment one question's still in my head: Is it possible to select one or more mods from the list under "Adding mods to selected set" not to add it (or them) to an existing set but rather for creating a new "custom set" on my own ? meaning: how can I create a custom mod set from buttom up by picking mods ONLY from the column (very systematic organized :-) thx for that, too) under "Adding mods to selected set" (those without icons/pics), so that they don't slip into one of the "predefined" sets (shown in the middle part of the UI, those with icons/pics). maybe I cannot see the wood for the trees, but a little tip would be great ... :o ... ooh, there's another little question, just came up: is it possible to change the "Showing 20 mods" into "Showing [n] mods" ? Thx for your help ... and have a nice weekend.
  4. hello guys, running Six Updater 2.9.7 pre under XP is ending up today in a black window / last action message by Six Updater Launcher is "loading data", then window opens and goes "black" (no content) -> process in task manager is running ("six updater gui.exe" @about 185 kbyte) . Issue is very new, just 2 days back from today no problem at all with starting up and managing mods etc. didn't do any changes, except installing Catalyst 13.1 legacy for my 4870-card and latest regular MS window xp updates. Framework is at 4.0 any ideas anybody ? EDIT: uninstall and reinstall newest version didn't help ... EDIT2: WORKS AGAIN (me, I did nothing new since last "edit", just waited some hour and ... "bingo") ... magical remote hands which have been working meantime are yours, Sickboy :-) ? thx
  5. i've downloaded official patch 1.62 on July, 25th now I read this at BIS' game updates site: ------------ Uploaded: 24.07.12 Modified: 30.07.12 [...] Version: 1.62 ------------ what does "modified" in this case mean ? has install .exe / patch 1.62 been modified between 24.7. and 30.7. ?
  6. langgis08

    ACE for OA 1.13

    same opinion here. You have to do it just one time: once you've updated your arma dir with the suitable cba-mods for your personal installation and according to this after once you've updated your command line / desktop icon your ready to go. With SU it's a piece of cake, as always :) I like this modularity.
  7. is this warning serious or can it be ignored ? it shows up in the SU "status box" after having installed @CBA_OA & @CBA_A2 via SU "20:00:35: Warning, duplicate addons have been detected in modfolders: cba_ui_helper.pbo - @CBA_OA, @CBA_A2" both files are not the same size and I'm using the recommended mod-order (@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA) (I'm playing A2+OA = CO)
  8. langgis08

    ACE for OA 1.13

    oops. moved here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?103871-CBA-Community-Base-Addons-for-A2-OA-and-CO&p=2135960&viewfull=1#post2135960
  9. langgis08

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Totally agree with you. What would be my "Arma life" without SU :cool: ? http://stats.six-updater.net/mods/show/f205d6f0-3929-11e1-aa47-001517bd964c shows you some infos about it. In SU's UI (larsiano's link) you just take it to your preset and here you go with the actual, full 1.4.3 package "all in one" folder named by default @JSRS ,close to 3GB (no need for following a strict sequence meaning no need for installing previous versions/patches). Thx very much for this great sound mod. And thx for providing it via Six Updater in such a comfortable way.
  10. langgis08

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 88027

    no need for shouting ;) I know the meaning of the abbreviation. and what you try to tell me is exactly what I meant with "office" -> the possibility for community porting issues into BIS' bureau, with other words: into their office FPDR
  11. langgis08

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 88027

    beta thread is the pub, CIT is the office :) Streamlined and standardized processes keep workflows on a higher level of efficiency and so does CIT work. We mustn't forget BIS is a company which - like all companies - needs defined structures and standards not to collapse in chaos. On the other hand it's ok of course to post issues here before ticketing @CIT imo, because here's where most of us players look (maybe at first here), free discussion (pub-like) is more likely here than elsewhere, different thoughts pop up. Issues become looked at from different point of views which could be too escalating, indeed, for CIT. So in the good end both platforms ("pub" & "office") have their very good sides. cheers, off duty now ;)
  12. might be a stupid question for most of you, but can I read/see the version number of my actual installed BE version (client) ingame and/or in a logfile ? (I know atm we are @Client: 1.148/Server: 1.128 and I've updated battleye, but I just want to know for sure) EDIT: ok, joining mp I get feedback about having 1.148 installed = uptodate.
  13. it's not that confusing, indeed same effect whether you 1) install the provided beta and run game via usual [beta].lnk or 2) chose to copy/paste the files provided in the hotfix-package in its correct place and run game via [final].lnk (or you do both, then you're always uptodate, whether you run final- or beta .exe) In both cases version number will be _87636
  14. langgis08

    ACE for OA 1.13

    my kids have to wait until tomorrow evening for unpacking their x-mas gifts, I've opened mine today ;) Thx for your efforts keeping up ArmA high up where it belongs. it's amazing, folks merry x-mas to all of you
  15. get ready to :bounce3::bounce3::bounce3: Thx BIS, Thx Community getting better with age, like good whisky Merry X-Mas to all of you