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  1. I will sue you for all you're worth! :D Of course I'm kidding. I have departed and someone informed me today you wanted to use them... Feel free. You need any files... PM me on here, not that I'm available much these days. Rex
  2. rexehuk

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    That was the actual source used I think. It does say somewhere... "Sounds are WIP". The engine sound was an issue due to the fuel being removed, so there is no ongoing sound internally when deployed. I could use more COOL AWESOME sounds... but what's the point, I'm for realism not COD features. If you don't like it, soundmod it. The only sound that is finished somewhat are the externals, was waiting for later versions to fix internals when the fuel / no engine sound was worked around.
  3. No can do. It's been done, but the method is private to a certain group... seen talk of it on their forums. Pretty sure they've taken new developments out of the public non-registered domain. Unfortunately I'm no longer participating in Arma 2, so this thread will most likely no longer be updated.
  4. Apart from the fact it's already bypassed? :rolleyes:
  5. rexehuk

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Nope... just a regular guy :p.
  6. Very nice! Easily one of the best airport implementations I've seen for Arma 2.
  7. Animation states for each missle fired I hope? Looks good. If the tubes empty when fired it will be nice.
  8. Work has begun on the interiors! :rolleyes: Just kidding. Can't kick me from BIS SA
  9. rexehuk

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    DCS A10C AVAILABLE FOR £20 ON STEAM UNTIL 11TH http://store.steampowered.com/app/61010/ This is a must for anyone who enjoys flight sims, and for £20 it's a steal from the retail £35 at launch a few months back. (Not recommended for those that think Arma 2 is a flight sim - your head may explode)
  10. rexehuk

    A2 Free

    We have a public Arma 2 Free server up if you filter HC in your browser.
  11. rexehuk

    SQF Editor

    Sounds exciting Amra! Good luck with it, ill use your new release.
  12. rexehuk

    ARMA 2 - Gratis (The Sun & GMG)

    I've been told you do not get the keys. You'll have to give them your account.
  13. rexehuk

    DSutils v2 release (signatures)

    Anyone signing with V2 keys please visit here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=121856
  14. What grid size is Arma 3 using for the main island? This will be a main factor... Would be nice to have more detailed terrain features.