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  1. Battle Royale Mod - https://battleroyalemod.com View the trailer What is it? Back in 2014, something incredible started, Battle Royale in Arma 3; a fast paced heart pounding game mode that took off in ways we could never have imagined. By March 2017 the world exploded with Battle Royale following the launch of PUBG and the world was taken over by the Battle Royale genre. We however maintain, that the Arma 3 BR experience is one yet to be rivalled - a blend of milsim and survival that is uncompromisingly hard and a real challenge to those who play it. Where we are now Despite seeing a decline in numbers with the launch of PUBG, we’ve kept going as have a number of players in the community. Our core team is still here developing the mod, as well as adding new features to the game mod to keep it current. BR Mod is still alive and kicking - We’ve recently launched a new leaderboards at https://battleroyalemod.com A few features with the new leaderboards Explore past seasons, and relive your position and statistics all the way back to 2016 Participate in event games, organised on our Leaderboard and put on by community members weekly View match replays in amazing detail Gain badges for participation in events and pulling off the impossible We will also be supporting the S.O.G creator DLC, with new Battle Royale modes for the maps and content! So stay tuned. How do I play? Installation & Setup Follow our simple guide at - https://battleroyalemod.com/getting-started/installation Organised Games Community members currently run games every Saturday and Sunday, wait times are significantly reduced during these days and are great fun. Discord Join us at - https://discord.gg/battleroyale Thanks A big shout out to the BR community, it’s been a rollercoaster ride with the mod and some players have stuck with us throughout! We hope that we can continue to provide the BR experience the way it was meant to be, no building, no gimmicks; just raw survival and the occasional desk slamming when you fall through some stairs (it’s a feature not a bug)
  2. Server Reservations You asked and we delivered! The community has not been fully satisfied with the configurations on the servers, so it is now possible for players to select the configuration on some servers to their liking. If you're a player/streamer you can now take advantage of this to host your own custom BR game modes. Full announcement https://battleroyalemod.com/news/24
  3. NIAC - Non Intrusive Ambient Combat It's back... to those that know what it is I hope you will be happy to know that development is still continuing. Version 2 coding has begun, hopefully with lots more features than before. The script suite has been dropped, it will be released as a fully contained addon with all of the sounds (including lots more). Features (WIP) Modules for mission makers Zones instead of markers (much like DAC) Disabling / Enabling of zones Town detection and location detection for town ambience New sounds and types (Air ambience etc) Performance improvements Entire code rewrite What is NIAC? Created some months ago, NIAC is a system that enables mission makers to add immersion to their missions without the expensive of performance decreases for their clients. Using a bank of top quality sounds (unique to NIAC), the users feel immersed in a world of gunfire, battles and explosions. On top of this NIAC features some stunning visual effects and real explosions to keep your head down during the battles. Version 1 video (Script suite) This is an older video of NIAC version 1, to give you a sense of what it is about. 90EvjaXvTac Ideas and Feedback DevHeaven Feature & Bug Tracker - http://dev-heaven.net/projects/niac Many thanks, Rob
  4. I will sue you for all you're worth! :D Of course I'm kidding. I have departed and someone informed me today you wanted to use them... Feel free. You need any files... PM me on here, not that I'm available much these days. Rex
  5. Hello all, This thread will eventually grow as the suite gets large and more complex, the idea of this script suite is greater control over DAC, utilising functions that SIOLA has been clever enough to implement in his script. Release 1: DAC Releaser script What does it do? The script is aimed at releasing a DAC zone and ordering the units within that zone to move to a WAYPOINT or an ARRAY of WAYPOINTS. Whilst this script is in it's beginnings, it works well and has been tested as working on dedicated servers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is this different from the releaseGroup function in DAC? While the releaseGroup function is not very well documented, you will find that its not written down how to take units OUT of a dac zone, only insert and release groups you know the name of. This script solves that problem by allowing you to release groups from any zone you wish with ease! On top of that it gives you the functionality to control them once they exit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why have I released it now? I am looking for feedback, testing and feature wishes for future versions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I use it? I have aimed to keep the INIT process similar to how DAC is done: The script is initialised from a trigger normally, you're welcome to try other methods. Trigger Setup Condition: YOURCODE && isServer OnAct: null = [["z1",z1_groups],["objective1","objective2","objective3","objective4"],0,0] execVM "removeDACgroup.sqf" Explanation of the VARS First Array: ZONENAME and GROUPHANDLER (assigned via DAC zone call) -> Example: fun=["z1",[1,0,0],[4,3,100,10,"z1_groups"],[],[],[],[1,1,1,1]] spawn DAC_Zone Second Array: Waypoint (ARRAY), use single value or multiple values. These are MARKERS to define the waypoint location. Third value: 0 / 1 boolean - Used for (0 = ordered waypoint assignment and 1 = random waypoint assignment). Fourth value: DAC zone removal once all groups are disbanded from it (0 = Keep / 1 = Delete). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Version: 0.2 A - debug = true; in INIT.sqf turns on debugging mode. removeDACgroup.sqf /* ****** DAC Releasing Scipt ****** Releases all units within a given DAC zone and sends them to a designated waypoint. Created by rexehuk call: null = [["z1",z1_group],["objective1","objective2","objective3"],X,Y] execVM "removeDACgroup.sqf"; X = 0 for ORDERED waypoint giving and 1 for randomised waypoint giving Y = DAC zone deletion - 0 for KEEP zone - 1 for DELETE zone Example: null = [["z1",z1_group],["objective1","objective2","objective3"],0,0] execVM "removeDACgroup.sqf"; */ waituntil{DAC_Basic_Value == 1}; private ["_selectedArray","_waypointBank","_waypointIDX","_group","_aID","_zoneBoolean","_ZoneID","_waypointCount","_wayPoint" ,"_waypointOrder"]; _zoneArray = []; _selectedArray = (_this select 0 select 1); _waypointBank = (_this select 1); _waypointCount = (count _waypointBank); _waypointOrder = (_this select 2); _zoneBoolean = (_this select 3); _zoneID = (_this select 0 select 0); _waypointIDX = 0; if (debug) then { [-1, { _selectedArray = _this select 0; _zoneID = _this select 1; _zoneBoolean = _this select 2; hint format ["%1 and %2 and zoneboolean = %3",_selectedArray,_zoneID,_zoneBoolean]; },[_selectedArray,_zoneID,_zoneBoolean]] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute; }; sleep 1.5; // Release Groups from _selectedArray defined { _group = _x; [_group] spawn DAC_fReleaseGroup; if (debug) then {[-1, {_selectedArray = _this select 0; _group = _this select 1;hint format["Array is: %1 and Group is: %2",_selectedArray,_group];},[_selectedArray,_group]] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute;}; waitUntil {_group getVariable ["DAC_Excluded", True]}; if (_waypointOrder == 0) then { _wayPoint = _waypointBank select _waypointIDX; if (debug) then {hint format["Waypoint is %1 and there is %2 positions",_waypoint,_waypointCount];}; sleep 5; _wp = _group addWaypoint [getMarkerPos _waypoint, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypointIDX = _waypointIDX + 1; if (_waypointIDX == _waypointCount) then { _waypointIDX = 0; }; } else { _wayPoint = _wayPointBank select (floor(random _waypointCount)); if (debug) then {hint format["Waypoint is %1",_waypoint];}; sleep 3; _wp = _group addWaypoint [getMarkerPos _waypoint, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; }; } forEach _SelectedArray; // Cleans up DAC zone if user no longer requires it if (_zoneBoolean == 1) then { if (_zoneID in DAC_CheckZones) then { [_zoneID] call DAC_fDeleteZone; if (debug) then {[-1, {hint "Successfully removed zone";}] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute;}; }; } else { if (debug) then { [-1, { _zoneID = _this select 0; Hint format["Finished and left zone: %1",_zoneID];},[_zoneID]] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute; }; }; Future Releases / Updates Releaser Script: - Implement Waypoint PARAMS other than MOVE and allow greater control over other waypoint parameters Integrator Script: A script to allow easier control over integrating groups into DAC zones and work somewhat in tandem with the releaser script.
  6. Production has started on a script that will hopefully fill a gap in the current IED scripts available out there. This script will allow users to attach vests to themselves with various types of ammo, or pickup explosives from a cache location and place them into vehicles, and choosing detonation methods from there. Some of the features that will be included: Basic Functions: • OBJECT Detection - Vehicle / Unit • Munition Limiting depending on OBJECT (Can't put a 125mm round on Unit etc) • ARM / Detonate Bomb (Both Vehicle and Unit) • Set TIMER - On VEHICLE Advanced Functions: • Phone Detonation (VEHICLE) - Using the Briefcase Satphone Object Must be wired up, this takes 45 seconds or so and is shown to the user via local hinting (Or perhaps ACE progress bar dialog) • Bombers given a CACHE at start of mission, allowing them to put the ammo types into the vehicles. This would limit the number of attacks they could have (Cache size selected at Parameter screen) • Visible Explosives inside the vehicle (If 125MM Arty shell is ammo, you can see them stacked on the seats) Add any suggestions you'd like to see here, this is meant to be a feared mod in a mission, as you will have people actively working with AI forces to disrupt your movements. This mod aims to make you paranoid of anything out of place in Arma 2 :p - I assume we will Beta test it soon, but for now the testing will be done in-house.
  7. rexehuk

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    That was the actual source used I think. It does say somewhere... "Sounds are WIP". The engine sound was an issue due to the fuel being removed, so there is no ongoing sound internally when deployed. I could use more COOL AWESOME sounds... but what's the point, I'm for realism not COD features. If you don't like it, soundmod it. The only sound that is finished somewhat are the externals, was waiting for later versions to fix internals when the fuel / no engine sound was worked around.
  8. This post is important to any administrators of Arma2OA servers What is this about? I am proposing that administrators sign up here to commit their group to a V2 switchover by the date in the title (31/08/2011). The main reason for this... to escape from V1 signatures and accelerate the change, else we will be stuck with a mixture forever. Why do this? The V2 signatures check slightly faster, also adds better protection for dedicated server administrators against malicious users. How do I sign up? Reply here and you'll be added to the commitment list, to show that your community is switching over to V2 signatures in the coming months. Please state your NAME and GROUP you represent. What do I hope to achieve? To get addon makers to move to V2 signatures, or get communities sharing V2 sig signed products if the addon makers are no longer around. Groups commited so far Havoc Company Crossfire Gaming Coalition The Game Wardens Addons commited so far PvPscene Addon Packs PvPscene Tweaks (By 31/08/2011)
  9. No can do. It's been done, but the method is private to a certain group... seen talk of it on their forums. Pretty sure they've taken new developments out of the public non-registered domain. Unfortunately I'm no longer participating in Arma 2, so this thread will most likely no longer be updated.
  10. Apart from the fact it's already bypassed? :rolleyes:
  11. rexehuk

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Nope... just a regular guy :p.
  12. Very nice! Easily one of the best airport implementations I've seen for Arma 2.
  13. Animation states for each missle fired I hope? Looks good. If the tubes empty when fired it will be nice.
  14. Work has begun on the interiors! :rolleyes: Just kidding. Can't kick me from BIS SA
  15. rexehuk

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    DCS A10C AVAILABLE FOR £20 ON STEAM UNTIL 11TH http://store.steampowered.com/app/61010/ This is a must for anyone who enjoys flight sims, and for £20 it's a steal from the retail £35 at launch a few months back. (Not recommended for those that think Arma 2 is a flight sim - your head may explode)
  16. rexehuk

    A2 Free

    We have a public Arma 2 Free server up if you filter HC in your browser.
  17. rexehuk

    SQF Editor

    Sounds exciting Amra! Good luck with it, ill use your new release.
  18. rexehuk

    ARMA 2 - Gratis (The Sun & GMG)

    I've been told you do not get the keys. You'll have to give them your account.
  19. rexehuk

    DSutils v2 release (signatures)

    Anyone signing with V2 keys please visit here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=121856
  20. What grid size is Arma 3 using for the main island? This will be a main factor... Would be nice to have more detailed terrain features.
  21. rexehuk

    ArmA 2 OA Beta Build 82489

    Think it is meant to say an Attack Run.
  22. Ditch or resign yes. " A lot of mods" is irrelevent. We have more than you I bet, simple batch file mass signing = problem solved. I will not add it to this list at the present time then, as you can't play duala without african foliage, so sort of useless having one with v2 and one with v1 ;).
  23. rexehuk

    Kick with "Session lost"

    As I said... ;) had the issue in the past and it's a pain to track. Luckily windows servers usually throw an exception message on crash saying Cannot read byte 239239b on mission 'mystupiduploadedpbo.pbo'
  24. rexehuk

    Kick with "Session lost"

    Does the server have a dodgy mission loaded in the missions directory? Corrupted .pbo uploads can cause the server to crash when you fire it up and join as it then caches them to show to you.