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    Blastcore A3

    They're 2D sprites, but they do look very good. EDIT: Wait, didn't we go through this like a week ago? Arma 3 renders sprites in a weird way, they change orientation and size depending on character position.
  2. sqb-sma

    This game is amazing

    Exactly, Arma 2 was downright broken on release, it was unplayable and nonfunctional on most PCs, crashing all too frequently and running shockingly badly. Nobody I talked to was managing more than 15 fps on low, it was just silly. It got patched a heck of a lot, and Operation Arrowhead was when it really started to run decently, and eventually got to be ok. Compared to the polish of Arma 3's launch, I'm seriously impressed by this, the changes in functionality between A2 and A3 were major, and yet we haven't ended up with a huge buggy mess but rather a working game, albeit slightly low on content. But that's ok, content can easily be added, optimization and bug fixing is far harder and less likely.
  3. sqb-sma

    Body armor

    I think that using TPW_Fall (part of the mod package now) is a great way around the currently problems with body armor. Anybody hit by large caliber bullets will fall to the ground, where you can finish them off, but they'll still be able to shoot back and get back up in a bit so look out!
  4. sqb-sma

    Should Our Group Switch Games?

    If you're looking for something akin to Arma 2, Arma 3 brings a lot of new things to the table (responsive aiming, great movement and animations, great graphics and weapon handling for a start) but to get it near A2 you'll have to get a few mods. I'd reccommend switching, but at the same time there are some must have mods to make it worthwhile. Firstly, ACRE (A compilation of ACRE and it's dependencies, CBA and JayArma3Lib are available here: http://murphy.im/dl/ACRE_TFT.zip) for the radio and communications, secondly TMR for weapon resting and bipods, JSRS for the sounds (though this isn't too necessary, the default gun sounds are actually very well done in A3, it's worth it for the bullet cracks and explosions), STHUD (naturally, for squad movement). Also, be sure to run any servers using the -nolog command, as join in progress errors are currently huge error logs on the server (like 10gb huge!). Honestly Arma 3 is a very good sequel functionality wise, there's more goodness to come with it!
  5. sqb-sma

    TMR Modular Realism

    Haha, I think 22's probably have enough recoil for it to be significant for a kid, you're right! I've found even being fit and strong, or having an intimate knowledge of a weapon, does not make the sway much smaller than when you start off (unless you start off with the wrong grip, or hold with a death grip, causing shaking). It does, however, make your sway heaps more reliable. As you learn to breathe in and out in a certain way, making the scope sway quite consistently. When in any condition other than perfect there's also a slight shake, more prominent when crouched and unsupported than standing unsupported (contrary to how games portray it). Recoil's just about the same in crouched and standing, once again, but it is quite a kick with 7.62s, more than enough to put you off target at 50+ meters. RE: How other games portray it... Project Reality is just obscene, the bullets don't seem to go where the gun's pointing and the gun ends up pointing every which way, it's designed to make it hard to shoot accurately, and so make firefights last a long time even with deadly bullets and low health. Ro2's recoil was good, but then the gun recentered automatically removing any real skill from shooting different weapons, RO OST was good but far too much, like shooting slug from a 12 guage (slugs are larger in diameter than pellets, and made to fill the overbored barrel, they punch a lot more!) with even the submachine guns. I'm all for anything that furthers the realistic gameplay, making player skill a requirement whilst not damaging the responsiveness of player input (As Arma 2 did, whilst it made shooting hard it felt clumsy with a mouse, which is a big no-no)
  6. I gotta say, seeing one guy smashing through all the problems he sees in the game like this is kinda inspiring. I'm tempted to get into mod making for Arma myself now. Thanks for the great addons!
  7. sqb-sma

    TMR Modular Realism

    Muzzle climb on a 22? :D I think that any instinctive recoil control should be done by the user getting familiar with how the weapons behave. For this reason I'd love to have some reliable recoil, that always goes around the same direction and near the same amount. This should probably be reasonably large, about what default Arma 3 has. I love having the player control these things, it means there's something to learn, some skill to the game (and a reason to rest weapons and use bipods, currently the recoil reduction is tiny just because there's so little to start off with; see any of the 7.62s for example) Also, movement always looks tiny when you're looking in, when you're holding the gun on a target that is arc-minutes high a small movement has a huge effect, and in Arma you shoot whilst hugely zoomed in, making the recoil look bigger again. Try using the default guns but with your camera zoomed out (double tap num - ) and you'll see how tiny it can look with a different FOV.
  8. sqb-sma

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    One thing I'm not a fan of, currently it seems like subsonic rounds "bark", sounds very strange. Happens with any pistol round.
  9. And many people leave out the teamspeak plugins, both putting them in the folder and enabling it in TS.
  10. Some pictures from an Op with OCB, great to play online with TMR, JSRS and ACRE! Click for HiRes! Just mindbogglingly realistic Crossing a field when suddenly 7.62 rounds start snapping overhead Nothing too intense, because these were taken whilst on mission and during contact I had other things on my mind than the screenshot key. Perhaps I should just leave it taking shots every 5 secs and see what comes up? Anyway, here's a link to sweetfx with the settings I used for the shots: https://mega.co.nz/#!aRUBkSKQ!D-8_ECV-7Cyy0i0SvGNUdVVeohZo8gQ-5UwihfEllvI
  11. sqb-sma

    Blastcore A3

    Either way, you should've stopped it.
  12. You can carry two weapons with a carryall backpack. A rifle fits in the backpack, and, of course, you can carry one in your hands. It's slightly awkward, but you can do it (as in real life). Regarding bipods, yeah, I'm miffed, but I'm not too miffed. Why? Because they're already modded in through TMR and any good server will let you run that.
  13. sqb-sma

    KEYS: No action menu

    Sounds like great progress, I'm very excited to see the release of this mod and the end of the action menu.
  14. sqb-sma

    i want the beta back

    Well shit, while you guys are whinging I'm having a great time playing on my group's dedicated server, with some mods that got developed pre-release because of the public alpha/beta. The polished infantry, great graphics and better fps than Arma 2 is fantastic.
  15. You're welcome, it's been good fun. Compare the release of A2 to A3... my god we're basically bug free in comparison! This is excellent, thanks very much. Now, between modders and devs, time to populate this fantastic game world that's been created! I'm excited to see what will be thought up, there's so much to play with.
  16. sqb-sma

    Blastcore A3

    Please don't troll/antagonize people about sound mods in a thread about blastcore.
  17. sqb-sma

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Ha! I was there for the thing you got your main rotor destruction sound from. Auckland, NZ! Weird hearing that again.
  18. sqb-sma

    People not dying

    Independent (AAF) rifleman, spawned on airfield surrounded by civvies and blufor (friendly) soldiers. I then shot the civvies and the blufor. It took one round to the head for all civvies, one round to the head unless I shot the back or side of the helmet in such a way that the head was barely hit by the deflected round. Using a 5.56 weapon. I see a completely different response to you, which is odd. EDIT: Same for Opfor, unless the round is deflected by the helmet (1 in 20 rounds maybe?) it's one shot kill)
  19. Why is there such a fuss about FIA being Blufor... you guys get crazy over the tiniest little things I swear. A) It's probably campaign related B) YOU CAN EASILY MAKE FIA INDEPENDENT IF YOU ARE A SEMI COMPETENT MISSION MAKER. You're just picking on anything and everything and hating on BIS because it's cool at the moment. Stop it. There are bad aspects to the game, if anything you mask those issues by making points about this useless shit.
  20. Confirming the patch has worked wonders for the crashing problem, I am now able to play more than 3 minutes, and boy has it been an enjoyable... damn, 4 hours!?
  21. sqb-sma

    Terrain visually glitching in latest build

    Appears to be a problem with the normal mapping applying/cancelling repeatedly. Try turning your terrain to standard or low and see if that makes any difference (not a real solution, but could be a stopgap for the time being).
  22. Just downloaded a 24.3mb patch. Hoping that will fix my crashing problem (crash after 5-10 mins of gameplay).
  23. sqb-sma

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Sounds good, I completely agree re ACRE (And I'd add weapon resting and wind affected ballistics to that as well).
  24. Amen! But the problem with mods is that some servers won't run em, some will force em on, and it generally makes things a pain (A2 got pretty crazy towards the end there, six updater presets, mixing and matching. Ugh!) If only BIS could just write it in themselves, they're more than capable.
  25. sqb-sma

    Arma 3 Bug - backwards ladder

    Good to see you're using the beta to hunt down bugs. However this post should've been made to the feedback center (here: http://feedback.arma3.com/plugin.php?page=Vote/list_bugs) (just be sure to search to make sure you aren't duplicating an already reported problem). ;)