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  1. Squeeeee!! :D :D :D So good to see a new update on this. I'm more excited about this map than anything else Arma related. It looks beautiful
  2. You should put this in your signature! I had no idea you took donations. Expect money incoming. :P
  3. sqb-sma

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Nights don't need much work, just a small change to the default aperture e.g.
  4. Eh? Not all the materials were reworked, so still work to do. Just pointing out it *can* be done. Also, check the visual upgrade feedback thread here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189808-visual-upgrade-%E2%80%93-feedback/page-27 Lots of people posting ways to manage improper lighting there.
  5. sqb-sma

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Well I'll be. What the heck was I thinking of? Could've sworn it was OS who this whole drama was about a year ago. Oh, it was the main mod apparently not BC-tracers. Interesting. I'll edit my comment to reflect that, apologies for the misinformation.
  6. sqb-sma

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    You are amazing, this is what I was looking for.
  7. sqb-sma

    1.60 visuals are a step back.

    Here's an old post of mine detailing aperture changes and how they could affect the nighttime lighting, the key point being that a correctly configured aperture at nighttime with full moon look pretty darn good in dev build lighting http://i.imgur.com/wTPmB2n.jpg Link to post: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189808-visual-upgrade-%E2%80%93-feedback/?view=findpost&p=3010301
  8. I'd much rather we move on to the new lighting parameters, once the objects are fixed. But perhaps development on this map should continue in pre1.60 lighting until that happens? To give you hope, the Esseker team has reworked a bunch of A1/A2 assets to properly use the new lighting, video can be seen here The lighting on foliage is completely different to any A1/A2 asset lighting in dev branch used in the current build of CUP or AiA, in their changelog it states they reworked the SAT texture and some object textures in order to adapt to 1.60 lighting. Seems like they did it fairly quickly, hopefully the change is reflected in CUP at a later date.
  9. sqb-sma

    1.60 visuals are a step back.

    The main issue for me seems to be the lighting issue (shadows not dark enough on objects compared to terrain). I've found it exists on many OFFICIAL ASSETS!!!! Lighting is not consistent amongst official assets or mod assets currently. To look at an asset done right, take the concrete construction buildings littered around altis/stratis, shadows are the same brightness as shadows on concrete ground outside, some shadows are baked in (turn off AO). however electrical boxes and (some, not all) trees have almost no difference in shading between bright, sunlit sections and shadowed sections, whilst some shadows are baked in others are clearly not. More objects with brightness issues: Pallet of bricks, shipping containers, white freco walled buildings (all are too bright in shadows, appear to "glow") _____________ Many grasses used in mods also suffer from shading issues, creating weak looking shadows - terrains themselves (the various textures for detail mid and sat) need their brightnesses adjusted. Almost the entirity of A2/A1 assets via AiA and CUP are lit incorrectly. This will take a lot of work or a batch change or something.
  10. Uh, could anyone possibly test and screenshot their map with NO alteration to this setting? I've freshly installed my game and I now get midrange textures out to infinity (or at least 12km) WITHOUT changing this variable. Which is... interesting... but kinda stops me from being able to work on modifying it as it seems the second factor is a multiple (and no matter how low I set it, there is no change)
  11. The same problem mentioned can be seen here, look at the trees and shrubs, they look 2D (almost no shadows)
  12. Well, thanks for that at least. I've actually figured out which lines to change to get the lighting parameters change/do what. But gotta sleep (work in 3 hours now, yikes) before I test it all out. Got one of the tree models to look "right" (shadows fit terrain shadow) Take a look at the diffuse colour for each object, turn it waaay down for trees/shrubs from A1/A2 assets.
  13. Words cannot understate how shit I am at this. I can't see a variable in the map info, I get that you've patched the middetailtexture, which is easy to search for. But I swear I've read all the damn entries here and it's not included. Perhaps the transition distance is global? Seems I'm looking for setDetailMapBlendPars? For a fixed value (for now) in meters. Will test if the pure script still works in 1.60
  14. This seems to be an issue with assets rather than the new engine (or a change in the engine revealing flaws in old assets). The assets have their lighting set up incorrectly, trees should be shaded almost the same within the new engine (same for terrain at close, mid, long). The game is more sensitive to crazy values in the lighting config, and a lot of old assets just fudged it and used shit values because the old lighting system didn't care anyway.
  15. sqb-sma

    1.60 visuals are a step back.

    The visuals are purely an HDR update. Here's the changes: (I don't get grainy houses, weirdly) The HBAO (ambient Occlusion) is set to max black, the new HDR renderer means max black isn't used indoors anymore at daytime. So you get weird shadows when using HBAO (solution: Turn off HBAO, switch to HDAO medium or Off for the time being) - Dev solution would be to adaptively change the HBAO black level based on lighting conditions or globally increase the black level to grey it out. Midrange texture range was reduced to 1/3rd of before (no idea why) LOD's are now streamlined, means sometimes you'll get increased pop-ins (but better performance) HDR is now photo-realistic in terms of light level compression @ daytime. Yaaaaaay. Colouration is *fixed*, yaaay (no more neon ocean and purple sky) Sunlight has been tweaked, no more radiant pink fog at sunrise/sunset. (Yaaaay) Under water (amazing) Terrain lighting parameters now have much larger impact - so badly configured terrains will look shit until they get patched. Object lighting parameters (and mismatch between e.g. buildings and terrain lighting parameters) have a larger impact, so differences can look awful if materials are meant to match. In summary: Lots of aesthetic changes (the new lighting), new bugs associated with them (AO issues mainly for me), mod maps need to be patched like CUP has done in order to make use of the lighting properly. Some performance improvements. Overall a great patch :)