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    PBOproject weird error

    Rvmat on atlist isn't the real one, its just that it has the same name. All the rvmats and paas inside the layers folder gets generated when you use the Generate layers feature on terrain builder, seems like you moved p_000-000_l00.rvmat to another folder accidentally because if you look at the log, pboproject found it. The real solution its either move the p_000-000_l00.rvmat back to the layers folder( look inside \1_mod_collection\myrealterrain\data\ or \1_mod_collection\myrealterrain\ for it, since pboproject found it, it should be around), or generate the layers again. Don't use atlis one... that will produce weird results ^^.
  2. If you read the feature list its obvious that, at least at first, is just a feature mod(with limited new content, i guess some medical items and stuff like that), as it always have been it its core( additional content for A2 for example was optional, packed as ACEX, i know everybody loaded it too but... was optional anyways :P). However, been just as "big" as it is, i am sure that other mods are going to get compatibility patch sooner or later. For example i already have in the plans to make compatibility patches for at least RHS and RH weapon packs if nobody else does.
  3. Srry, but i have ro say it. Plz make binarize understand the new p3d format and old A2 in binariced format to solve the issues and workarounds(thanks to mikero) needed to binarice islands correctly.
  4. There are a lot of causes for the "no entry config\bin" error, like scripts trying to spawn weapons or magacines with the wrong name, or poorly done addon configs(sadly there are really few addon makers that really care to have a clean config). But that case in particular its BI fault, and this issue have been in arma at least since A2. I was bored and reported it, its easy to reproduce and should be easy to fix( or at least easy to workaround): http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23544 (I used your video as example, i hope you don't mind) About disabling the notification in normal branch... i am personally against it. It annoys people and does nothing for them? totally true, and i totally understand that point of view, BUT that way users knows there is an error and can pressure addon makers to fix it. As i said, there is a lot of "if it seems to work then the addon its perfect" around addon making( O god, just look at your RPT after loading some mods... the RPT before and after loading and addon should be the same, unless it uses diag_log), and disabling any kind of error reporting only makes it worse. But again, its just my personal opinion, and i know my reasoing behind it its a bit weird, but whatever, i stick with it :D... for a future with a clean RPT, for your kids! :D
  5. If you mean the vehicle seat positions: Fast answer, you can't. Vehicle positions are defined as proxies. There is no way to get a proxy position so we are f***... Selectposition only can get named selections defined in memory LOD. And there are no standard memorypoints to indicate vehicle positions, the ones you tired there ("driver","codriver",...) doesnt need to be defined at all on vehicles. Only workaround that exist to get them its to create the vehicle, put a unit on the position and get the position... you may be able to cache that data and store it somewhere, but that would be a really messy implementation. There was some request to get a new script command to access that data, we can always hope :P Edit: you can get the getin and out positions used on models by getting memory point name from config and then use selectposition, but as i said that doest include seat positions themselves.
  6. columdrum

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    To access that menu you need to hold alt button and press the "mode" button( you can see that above it it says "menu" that its the alternate function of the button). Since you cant click 2 things with the mouse, in ACRE you need to hold the alt key and click it :P.
  7. Yeah the random server not fully starting(for me it doesnt really crash, it just softlocks and seems to be running fine but you can tell that it softlocked somewhere because of the window title not being updated with the port info ) with certain keys its really annoying and seems totally random, sometimes even changing the addon order fixes it, others removing some signature from keys folder..... Someone needs to find a easy repro and report it so BI can look into that :S So if you are having it it isnt related with AiA at all, since i also have it running fine. About pbos that can't be signed its full 100% addon makers fault, usually when they include unbined data/created with crappy tools :P(mikero ftw)
  8. You are missing a ( at the begining of the if and another at the end. Also if you really want that those classnames can enter you should remove the !, if not you are allowing all but those. Something like this it's what you want i suppose if (((typeOf player) in ["Pierce", "CZ_Special_Forces_TL_DES_EP1"]) OR ((getPlayerUID player) in members)) then { hint "Welcome aboard, Member or Authorized Pilot."};
  9. Thx it wasn't obvious at first, i didn't even try to do that :P. Not really, there are some addons like AiA, that are designed to overwrite some definitions and rely on loading order. But yeah there are times(sadly its really on like 90% of the addons) that bad config on addons make them to overwrite base classes and fuck everything up, and changing loading order "fixes it"( not really it just hiddes it sometimes ¬¬)
  10. Hi i have been playing with this tool a bit, is there any way or plan to implement in the future to include the server IP and the addon priorities on the repo or event info itself? I mean, as far as i understand, right now the repo only includes the addons and you can define a series of "events" that are just the exact addons to load. But aditionally would be good to be able to specify the loading order and the server IP to connect on those "events" so users have less things to do, because thats where the problems usually come from, the less user work, and less options for then to fuck up, the better :P
  11. The script seems ok but you are using exec to execute it when it should be used just for sqs and thats a sqf script. So i guess try to run in with execVM instead? or call + compile( or, in a3, define it on cfgfunctions and then call it)...
  12. columdrum

    -par= start-up parameter

    The -par works fine for me with a longer modine, my bet its that you arent reading the par file at all. Check the filename or try to put the -par at the start of your commandline. Are you sure that the networkdiaginterval that you have there doesnt start with "-"?
  13. columdrum

    Why does my server crash with mods?

    Remove the ; at the end of the modline, and be sure that if any of those mods include any userconfig folder, upload it too to the server
  14. UNS does NOT require ACE, but it has an optional addon that improves compatibility with it. So you can play without ACE if you want. But dunno anything about your issue, as far as i know UNS doesn't change the AI medic.
  15. Just a quick note seems like the signature for buildings_c.pbo the on the patch AiASA 2014.08.24 is wrong, at least on the download link from mega(edit: also google drive). Maybe its something that was planned to be fixed before oficially anouncing it, so nvm if its not really a bug :P
  16. columdrum

    Agm vs cse vs ace

    I think no mod right now rivalices with ACE2, nor in features(some are near to it on that though), and especially on optimization. Comparing the optimization focus on ACE, for example reducing the number public variables( that includes the setvariable[X,true]) and using events whenever posible... no current mod is even near to that. Note, i am not saying that current mods aren't optimized at all, just that a lot of times features are considered more important than optimization, and i don't agree with that focus, especially if you want to use those mods with 50+ players :(. We can still dream on ACE3... but seems like most of the original team are gonne, or focused on other projects :(
  17. columdrum

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Hey great map, it has some really nice and detailed towns. Hope you keep working on it, here some constructive feedback: 1- There are some missing p3d and textures that still use A2 paths, i think you can solve that by loading AiA, AiA TP or A3MP, but havent tested yet. Not really that important and i am sure you where already aware of those :) ( also someone already reported it) 2- I totally understand that you need to create your own object pack so your island its standalone in order to participate on MANW contest BUT, after you finish your release for the contest, i think we would appreciate a version that use AiA TP or A3MP buildings instead of your ported ones. That would reduce the size for people that already have those packs( that its most of communities/groups that use other maps). 3- There are a lot of large areas where there is no object at all, only clutter and maybe roads, those sections would need some more work, like bushes, walls, etc.. that would increase the realism of the map 4- Roads would welcome some smoothing, i know there is no automatic tool to do it on A3 yet, but... well.... it would make them more realistic
  18. You can try "Uns_Napalm_500" , "Uns_Napalm_ZB360", "Uns_Napalm", "Uns_Napalm_blu1" or "Uns_Napalm_750" those are the classnames of the bombs ;)
  19. seems like good news, maybe that was the issue behind the random crashes when using AiA TP? :O
  20. columdrum

    How to extend timeToLive for ammo?

    description.ext ? :S are you trying to define ammo on a mission? you can't do that If you really want to do an addon to define a new ammo type: 1- Add A3_Weapons_F to your required addons on your addon CfgPatches definition. 2- B_65x39_Caseless already exist in A3, so you are modifying an existing ammo not creating a new one :S 2- All that definition should be inside a class CfgAmmo { };
  21. It works just fine for me :confused2:. Are you really defining the needed "required addons"( where the original array its defined, in your example with the throw weapon something like requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; ) before doing the += ?, because if not, it's obviously not gonna work ^^
  22. columdrum

    how do i fix the sound????

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?179308-Weapon-sounds-affected-by-suppressors-change-in-1-23 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines Fun fact: the underwater weapon sound config one its wrong as you can see :P
  23. columdrum

    how do i fix the sound????

    Its everything on the documentation, just read it calmly and it isnt that hard to get...
  24. plz use the 2.6 thread for those questions about the new version. The support module its explained on the documentation as you say. If you don't get any action on your mousewheel menu, its that you dont have the correct radio, all UNS units that have RTO on their name include those radios by default, so either use one of those units or add the radio yourself( classname of the US one its "UNS_ItemRadio_PRC_25" ). For the evac specifically, as the doc says, just basically place a heli with crew, set it to unlocked and sync it to the UNS evac module. I think we should close this old thread.
  25. Its nice to have it finally out :D. Here the non installer version: https://mega.co.nz/#!N5ph0LgD!GKvPX1FmXEvG1TTZAhNxPEWpaJ1HV8mOrsFH-zyYg-w edit: this is the same as the first post now Mirrors are welcomed, we had some troubles to find hostings for such a big filesize :).