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  1. It seems as if something is instantly corrupting my save files. Doesn't matter wether its an autosave or a manual save. I save the game, but when I load the save I just get the 'end of mission screen' with nothing on it, and often times a weird random camera angle in the background with nothing happening. I have tested all my mods both seperately and together and I can't point it down what is causing it specifically. Its only when I enable some mods or all of my mods that it occurs. It seems to happen randomly at some point with some mods enabeled regardless which ones. I suspect it might be a CBA issues since I can load that on its own without any problem. Its only in combination with other mods that I get this issue. I was wondering wether anybody else is running into this issue, and if there is a fix I can do, or underway by the dev's
  2. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Just passing through to congratulate the entire USAF team on the release! The models look fantastic and the added features are just the kind that Arma needed. Great work everyone! Keep it up!
  3. Hello. The Contact DLC doesn't show up in the DLC tab. I've loaded the DLC using the Arma 3 launcher but nothing appears. Does anyone know how to fix this, does anyone have the launch parameters for the Contact DLC? Thanks.
  4. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Its true that the update is taking quite some time. But everytime I see progress like this, I do feel like its worth the wait. You guys are really doing amazing work on this mod. And its so cool to see that you are sticking with it and persisting.
  5. Honestly, I just want to say. I think its so friggin cool that this has become a mod that keeps changing hands. It ensures that it never really dies out and it makes it a truely community made project. John Spartan and Saul gave us a great mod, than TeTeT did a great job furter updating it and maintaining the mod. And now it gets a new owner and who knows what they will do with it. Its just so cool. Great work everyone. This is why I still play Arma after all these years. You guys are the best.
  6. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    No prob, stay safe!
  7. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Great work everyone! Can't wait for the release!
  8. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Pretty sure there's a set min/max altitude command for AI flying planes.
  9. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Oh wow, I wasn't aware that you guys were going to release it in packs. So its become that expansive huh? Well, those are some mighty fine looking aircraft, can't wait!
  10. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Yeah, that looks better in my opinion. Also if you're going to make a combat worn look, perhaps it'll be cool to include some flaked paint in the specular/metallic map. A lot of on duty A10's have paint flaked away and scratches around the refuel cap on the nose and stuff.
  11. CyclonicTuna

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Looking great! Good to see progress is still going strong. One suggestion I would like to give is to tone down the dirtyness of the A-10 a bit. The textures look great, but I feel like the darkened lines and smudges are just a tad to much, most notably on the sides of the hull. Other than that amazing work. Keep it up people! Looking forward to the release.
  12. Great progress! Keep it up!
  13. They're not entirely the same. They don't work with Blastcore for instance.