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  1. My favorite DLC so far (and not only because of the OFP nostalgia vibe). Many thanks for your hard work guys, I'm eager to see what will come in the next updates.
  2. Fuzzmaster

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Take a look to the last version's changelog :
  3. Fuzzmaster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Glad to see that the RHS team is still active since the good old ofp era. Many thanks for your outstanding work guys, you're the reason why I bought Arma III in the first place !
  4. Fuzzmaster

    Road To Caen Demo

    Well, that's an amazing surprise! Welcome back!
  5. Fuzzmaster

    STGN's WIP

    Very nice looking Abrams.
  6. Fuzzmaster

    Italian Front Addons

    Is it the one with the green camo? I'm not sure but I might have it
  7. Fuzzmaster

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    Ok, I will try, thanks!
  8. Fuzzmaster

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    Thanks! Well, I think there is a mistake with the Berghoff nature pack... There is no grass at all in the island... And no harbour or buildings from the AGS pack (except the oil refinerys that you placed on top of a hill). About the oil refinery, it's a bit weird to place it on the top of a hill... It's not really accessiblefor workers or trucks... Better place it close to a harbour. But that's just my opinion ^^ Thanks for your work!
  9. Fuzzmaster

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    There is a small problem with the required addons... Some links are not working... Is it also possible to give the name of all these required addons by the way? Thanks in advance
  10. Fuzzmaster

    T_Roc WWII addons

    Thanks a lot!
  11. Fuzzmaster

    (Unnoficial) Invasion 44 patch 2.8

    My question would be : where did you get that 2.8 version of inv 44 since it still wip and wasn't released? :D Didn't you mean 2.7? In that case, it's possible you mixed it with the inv44 demo that takes place in Sicila, which is a mistake ;)
  12. Fuzzmaster

    Road To Caen Demo

    Amazing! Thanks a lot Bielow!
  13. Fuzzmaster

    (Unnoficial) Invasion 44 patch 2.8

    Thanks! I will see what I can do for the object, but I'm sure it will need original inv44 members authorisation. Anyway, the project isn't dead (well at least for me), so there will be more news once things are more stable!
  14. Fuzzmaster

    (Unnoficial) Invasion 44 patch 2.8

    Last time I had news from Bielow, he told me he was really busy in RL and he had very few free time... Same about me, I'm looking for a job right now, and I'm waiting things to be more stable before keeping working on the project.
  15. Fuzzmaster

    Invasion 44

    I don't know if it's the answer you are expecting, but if you are trying to run the sicilia campaign, you just need the inv44 demo. You must not patch the old demo with inv 2.0 or above! If it's what you did, it changed the classname of all the units in the demo. That's why the campaign doesn't work : it's not a missing files problem but a config one.