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  1. Dunno if I'm missing something, but I see no .exe in the .zip file... Edit: NM me being noob. individual download doesn't work, but getting it out of the ASM-master.zip does.
  2. Lokyi

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    Although starting a mission fresh with over 30 clients waiting in the lobby is just as fun ;)
  3. Lokyi

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    It's pretty simple really, even running a HC you'll find both processes top out at around 2Gb RAM each (so you'll only really struggle if you have a server with 4Gb RAM or less), but CPU utilisation is bugger all, we hit about 30% across one server instance + HC (and that's only running an E3-1225v2). The primary bottleneck with Arma is simply network bandwidth. Always has been. Ours has gigabit backend *allegedly* but from what I can work out, that's not both ways, upload (the important bit) tops out around 15Mb/s. Sometimes we'll get 25Mb/s during off-peak periods. And of course, the more players you add to the server that more you have to split that bandwidth up between them... And on top of that, there's network performance of the clients is some consideration too. Although UDP does negate some of the problems, such as error checking (or rather lack of on the network layer) etc. Edit: Actually the only other thing I could suggested is somehow streamlining/cleaning up the memory usage/memory recovery. It take a couple of hours, but once the server does hit the 2Gb wall, that's when it seems to slow down significantly regardless of the amount of clients. But either way, with over 30 clients connected, it does chug pretty hard.
  4. Just wondering, instead of frigging around with the keys system, is there a way the blacklist or whitelist mods/addons using BE? and kick players out of the server that are or aren't using certain addons? One of our guys has implemented a system within a mission itself for allowing or disallowing players with certain mods, but it can't kick them out of the game they have to alt+F4, disable the mod and then rejoin, whereas BE could, and now you can set scripts on a per-mission basis this would be pretty cool. Unfortunately I don't understand enough about the scripting side of things to work it out.
  5. There's definitely an issue there $able. Course A3 is being shitty because the guys keep running one of those Occupation missions that crash all the time, but if you start the A3 server first, then the A2 server you can connect to both of them through rcon no worries. As soon as the A3 server crashes or is restarted, bam no connecty to A3 rcon, however you can still connect to A2 rcon. Going forward obviously it's going to be less of an issue because most people are going to migrate to A3 on full release, but there is definitely some sort of conflict there.
  6. Yep, they both connected fine when I first set them up, had both servers running and could connect to both via rcon. Just a bit hard to stop and start them to test while there's quite a few people playing on them. Well, you are the expert after all $able just thought it odd that in both the A2 and A3 server console it was reporting connection of clients on port 2304. And yep, A2 server is 2302 and A3 server 3302.
  7. Have just found a weird bug with Battleye whilst running both an A2 server an A3 server on the same box. We've got a fair few players on both servers atm so I haven't been able to experiment, but I'm running our A2 server on port 2302, and our A3 server on 3302. Now, I've just had one of the guys query me on why he couldn't connect to the A3 BE rcon so I went sniffing around. I had a quick look just straight on the A3 server console window, from players joining it appears the A3 BE is also trying to run on port 2304, which the A2 BE is also running on. If I get a chance when numbers drop out, is test the starting order of the servers to see if that makes a difference, but right now there appears to be a bug, where it's not starting the A3 BE instance on port + 2.
  8. I still lol when I see people with "-cpucount=2 -exthreads=1 -maxMem=2047" in their server modlines.
  9. Huh? How do you qualify that? There's definitely nothing wrong with Server 2012.
  10. Not strictly true on the ports, but if you are using a custom port (-port=xxxx switch) you will most likely know about this already. Ports used are Port, Port + 1, and Port + 3. The DEFAULT port is 2302, same as Arma2 (why they didn't change this I have no idea). I use 3302 for Arma3, so in my case I'm using -port=3302, which means I need to make sure 3302, 3303, and 3305 are open for business.
  11. We run sig check when we're running a pub game. For private games we don't bother.
  12. ...are both computers logging in to the same Steam account? Also, the laptop should be trying to connect locally, not to the external IP address, as your port forwarding should be going to your server, which means it won't send return packets to your laptop.
  13. Lokyi

    Server behind NAT

    BOTH server and client may need port forwards set up. The way everyone read it was that the server and the client were behind the same router. Obviously not the case. Also make sure both have firewall rules enabled for the correct ports.
  14. ondifferentdata is a touchy one, but the other two do work, there's just some serious issues at the moment with the different builds. equalModRequired should not be used, it's out of date (as commented in the BIS example server.cfg). All that did was compare the -mod= lines for the client and server, not the actual mods themselves.