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  1. So it is not possibile to run the HC trough data center to data center? In my scenario I want to use a separate dedicated root server from another server provider. Thats not possibile, right? - Just for my understanding.
  2. Hell yeah I found some on enemy islands. Those Robot style Droids are relativly rare and very weak (which is ok for me). - So they exist! ;-) Bye the way, you can see those dots only if you zoom in very close.
  3. This Game has great potential. - Indeed! It Makes allready a lot of fun, even in this "early" and "limited" game-developement state. I'm really looking forward to the multiplayer mode. Thanks BI!
  4. Hmm I hope there will be Foot action in Multiplayer-Mode in the final Version of CC. Just let's hope that. :-)
  5. retromann

    XML's not workign on server...

    Ok I found a way to remove IE 8 and 7. The XML problem is solved for me. Removing the actual IE's ain't a good solution for me, but since I'm not browsing the web on my root, it's ok.
  6. retromann

    XML's not workign on server...

    Is there another way to fix this? On my 2003 Server the IE 8 is preinstalled and i cannot gov below ie 7! Greetings
  7. For God's sake! Release a 1.16 FINAL.
  8. Technically, the 1.16 beta is working 100% fine for me. I hope you are still working on it (a bit). Hey dear Bohemia Interactive Team! Just press the "release for final" key on your desktop.! :D
  9. retromann

    New beta patch 1.16

    I've got exactly the same "1.14 crash to desktop after/during loading/connecting for multiplayerserver" problem. The crash occours specially on that configuration: ( GFX: ATi 48XX series + Vista X64 + 4GB and more RAM... ) So no way for us to play on a 1.14 server. This bug is fixed in 1.16 beta. (it's also documented in changelog) But almost all servers are still running the old Version and thereby the most players are still useing 1.14 . When you want to play 1.16 servers you are alone most of the time. So please! MAKE 1.16 FINAL as soon as possibile, that we can all play together.
  10. retromann

    New beta patch 1.16

    The 1.16 Beta Patch works good for me! No issues so far. specs: Vista x64, ATi Radeon 4850, Intel Q6600, 4GB DDR2 RAM