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  1. we don't have render to texture. Red Orchestra has true render-to-texture. The problems with that are, basically, you have to render a scene twice. I think the idea in this thread is to have a reflex sight that we have now, but the reticle is a black crosshair rather than a bright dot. I don't see why this is impossible. Maybe one more idea I would add is to make the collimated part be not just a crosshair, but also the black field around it http://imageshack.com/photo/my-images/577/reticleconcept.png/ So when you move around, some of the view of the target will be blocked. Some of the scope will go to black until you stop moving. If you've ever looked through an actual rifle scope, this is basically how it behaves in real life. For my money, it would be even better than red orchestra's scheme. The light coming into your eye from a rifle scope is also collimated, it's not like a TV screen.
  2. Two things I would really like to see (if they haven't already been implemented) 1: Allow modders customize reload animations, and make better ones. IMHO, I don't see why, for instance, Battlefield 2 mods (a game which is pushing a decade) should have very realistic reload animations while arma 3 and mods leave so much to be desired 2: Different magazine models. The weapon customization right now is a cut above a lot of games out there, but one thing that can break immersion is the absence of different magazines. When you put a Beta C-mag into an M4, it should look like an M4 with a beta c-mag, not an M4 with a STANAG magazine that magically holds 100 rounds.
  3. migkillertwo

    Lighting from muzzle flashes

    One thing I noticed in Arma 3 that was somewhat immersion-breaking was that the light coming from objects illuminated by muzzle flashes stays noticeably longer on screen than the muzzle flash itself. It only happens for a fraction of a second, but it's just long enough for it to be noticeable. Overall this is my only complaint about an otherwise gorgeous lighting engine whose night fights put battlefield to shame.
  4. migkillertwo

    Anyone seen facial armor systems yet?

  5. migkillertwo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    -Different magazine models. As in, if you put a beta C-mag in an M4, it actually looks like an M4 with a beta C-mag -Continuous belts for belt-fed weapons. Instead of just having boxed magazines, give soldiers actual belts that they can link and un-link -Fallout mod?
  6. migkillertwo

    Different magazine models?

    So far BIStudios has done an excellent job with weapon customization. It looks like weapon modding is going to work like it really does "for real" as in you can put any scope on any rifle with a standard picatinny rail. But will we see different magazine models? What I mean is, if we load a Beta C-mag or AK drum magazine, or load a STANAG magazine into an m249 or a smaller/larger ammo box into a belt-fed machine gun, are we going to see different models in game?
  7. migkillertwo

    Fallout mod for Arma 2?

    There are lots of great mods out there for Arma 2 including some post-apocalyptic ones, but I think that one that has all the creatures and characters and maps of Fallout 3 or New Vegas would suit the Arma engine really well, considering how it handles enormous maps.
  8. So I was in single player mission (not the campaign) where you lead a squad of marines to take an insurgent-held village, and you can call in CAS strikes to clear out insurgents. There were no instructions how to call in CAS strikes, it just said "Use the standard procedures for calling in CAS strikes" So....wut ARE the "standard procedures" for calling CAS strikes?
  9. I'm looking in the arma 2 folder and there's no icon that says launch, nor in the @ACE, @ACEX, @ACE_Sm... folders. I tried changing the target, and it just says that the target line is not valid.
  10. The only way I got to launch it was by running the updater and selecting it to launch the game. I have to go through that trouble each and every time I want to launch the game? I can't just create some desktop shortcut?
  11. I did the updater thing with the "six-update" whatever-the-fuck-you-call-it, and I dont know how to launch it.
  12. I did that thing with the updater, and when it opens the web client, it just says "Oops, this link appears to be broken"
  13. thanks. Now how the hell do I install it?
  14. one more thing that ACE2 needs, more realistic optical sights. In real life, the aiming reticles on aimpoints and eotech sights are projected onto the target, so they move just as the gun moves. ACE managed to do that for the M14s which were upgraded to SOPMODs which had optical and reflex sights, but obviously not all guns had those. So I thought that was a really cool tool for combat simulation.
  15. I've been playing ACE for arma: CE for a week or two now, and aside from the bugs I LOVE IT! But a couple features I would REALLY like to see: -Have sight adjustments on ALL weapons which have them in real life, this includes pretty much every personal weapon except for side-arms -Put sight adjustment capability on gunships. They already have laser range-finders. I'm pretty sure IRL the ballistic computer does this for you. Given that Arma is very mod-able, I dont think it would be too hard to have the gun camera auto-zero the gun -Put LANTIRN pods on fighter jets so they could actively guide laser-guided bombs (like IRL)