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  1. Thanks HazJ for your suggestion, i got it working with [ [ObjName, 15],[ ] ]; Just having an issue with the carry wounded as mentioned now, where the script seems to do the wounded guys animation first, then once that has finished, as soon as you go to move your character who is suppose to carry him, he then does his animation bit. No doubt they both are suppose to be doing their animations at the same time? Also when putting the wounded guy down, the wounded guy seems to drop to the ground and your character half turns away and then does the 'putting down' animation. Hopefully the script author can advise on whether or not this is normal or not normal at all..is it fixable?
  2. I'm trying out this out for my mission. I added a tent object to be the place you have to revive the injured. Gave tent a name and in the AIS_Setup i put AIS_MEDEVAC_STATIONS = [MedTent, 15]; When i approach the wounded man, i get an error for fn_medevacArea.sqf error isnull: type number, expected object..on line 20...? this only appeared when i added a station. In the examples given there were two different stations and im only using one so im guessing my syntax is correct for 1 station only?? Also i notice sometimes when you pickup a wounded soldier and when he is on your shoulders and you go to walk your character restarts the whole pickup wounded soldier animation sequence all over again, whilst the wounded guy is still suspended in the air where you were a second ago, and your character crouches down and does the animation all over again..why does this happen? i was testing this in MP (Lan) environment.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the pack of scripts. Note: The drag and drop script has one side-effect after dragging say a wounded soldier, your character no longer can run even if you try and switch walk/run, he just walks even if you try to sprint. It seems the line player forceWalk false; was left out, so i added in for Load in just after line detach _u; and that fixes the issue. Also I have a request if possible if you could add to the drag and drop script, a fireman's carry open. There used to be a script to use fireman's carry animation on a wounded unit (cant seem to find it) but used to have a script like this. Where you can pick up the wounded and carry over shoulder and then an animation to put down on the ground again. So if you could add that to the drag and drop script that would be cool. This used to be built into Arma 2 if i am not mistaken, so its bewildering why they removed it in Arma 3, especially with the recent DLC pack with extra medical props and ambulances etc. Anyway if this could be added in it would really help out for mission makers who want to do rescue type missions as well as general missions- where you might want to move a wounded player away from the action before reviving etc. I know Ace 3 has this system, but unfortunately Ace tends to break things with Arma modules sometimes. I found some old animation codes but might be out of date. - picking up body: "AcinPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AcinPercMrunSnonWnonDnon" - dropping carried body: "AcinPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"; - body being picked up: "AinjPfalMstpSnonWnonDnon_carried_Up" - body being carried: "AinjPfalMstpSnonWnonDf_carried_dead" - body being dropped: "AinjPfalMstpSnonWnonDnon_carried_Down"
  4. daza

    Tac Ops DLC Hopes

    This is a bit of a shame there will be no MP content. I would love to see a real effort on their part to create some new interesting MP missions that would stand along side Warfare they created in A2, sadly only a few people play these CTI types of MP in Arma, you have a huge sandbox game with ability for combined arms type of gameplay where everyone works as a team in different sections of combat. But i guess no one is interested in that. Imagine you took the game Squad and put it on Altis and added the vehicles Arma has and some more to it, it would be awesome. Squad is a great game, but its maps are on the small side, one or two maps are a little bigger but the players working as team/squad is great fun. They will eventually have transport choppers so that might mean their map sizes will be increased. Just wish we had something like Squad in our sandbox. I guess you could say there is, if you join a clan that has large scale operations. What about an official BIS CTI mulitplayer mode similar to Warfare earn money, upgrade etc.. but with a Sector Control like structure with a Zeus hybrid component for the Commander role, where the commander can purchase upgrades thanks to the work of the players and create ai squads/platoons both in vehicle and infantry wise to support along side players who instead of every player being able to buy vehicles take up roles to play with a squad leader who can be the only one to purchase vehicles for their squad. There could be dedicated roles that the commander can assign objectives for which that player who is a tank commander who has their own tank with 2 Ai tanks, when they complete an objective there could be a bonus for them (perhaps unlocks tank upgrades). You want to be a Jet pilot, perhaps you have to do some heli transport missions first and rank up to unlock the ability to have access to Jets. With set limits on number of jets and tanks etc per side. But you can increase this if you capture and repair enemy vehicles. Also some areas of the map if captured gives bonuses (these could be dynamic (you can see a circle on the map roughly showing area to find it- you will know what the bonus is though or maybe they have to be found by air first before appearing on the map for your side. Other bonuses could be a slight buff for all players on a side such as stamina lasting 5 mins longer when sprinting, ability to halo jump from airport and FOBS, being able to reveal all positions of the enemy for 1 minute on the map, being able to call in a supply airdrop for repairs or getting more ammo, so these objectives have to be captured and the commander can send an ai patrol to defend it once captured. These could be in the further out places and the sectors could be large areas (or a large zone with a small sector within it you have to capture- like a single town it could be a mixture) so you don't have to capture a hundred of them to win the game. Also long range weapons (arty and Jets) can make large zones that has a capture sector possible to take (the actual zone to capture could vary in size- some could be a town within a large zone) I'm sure there are many other ideas that perhaps have shown themselves in other community missions over the years as well as ones from players who cannot script but have create ideas. Captured sectors (which could be small towns as well as some outposts) could automatically have Ai spawn and man turrets and infantry and light vehicle patrols, this makes it easier for low player count eg 20 vs 20 players to focus on what is important and also opposing side players still have fun attacking a remote outpost guarded by Ai (which the Zeus Commander role as mentioned could tweak and move around static defenses and perhaps setup patrols for the Ai as best fit the situation). (Warfare sort of has this in the form of Independent side automatically starts off defending a town and can try to retake it back- a variant of Warfare in the past also was if the playerside takes a town, Ai Blufor for example would spawn and patrol around the town and also man turrets- you could even order some of your ai squad to man a turret and disband them from your squad so they will stay there. But i don't think this is in the newer variant of Warfare. I think now if you disband a unit it dies.) A know a lot of players prefer lone wolf type of play but this isn't not for them but those who like to play as a team. When a zone get taken then the area could spawn at random areas with AA and ai jets/choppers who patrol the area, making it pretty much very hard to retake (but these Ai units only stay within a radius of the wider area which is under a sides control) in short this just makes the battlefield smaller, although the other side could push back and try to retake the sectors (perhaps there three sectors within a large 'zone' on the map and one of these is a random key sector that if taken will weaken the others either time to capture or something- only the attacking side will see this on their map) they will have to make it appear they are interested in another one. Or maybe some sectors has spawn areas for bonus vehicles- capture that sector and you can spawn tanks there for example and make it as your FOB for tank operations in the area... Perhaps BIS has something in mind in the future for something like this or even revisit Warfare and see how they can tweak it when the Tanks DLC comes in and a better Combined Arms modes can be made to suit this along with the Jets and Helicopters already have been redone and upgraded in the game. Are we going to see a combined arms game mode in MP? I think when Squad moves to large maps and more vehicles it may very well overtake Arma as Arma just seems to be predominately a sandbox, however in saying that Arma has hundreds of mods and a powerful scripting language for mods and mission editor. At the end of the day, i guess if players really wanted a good CTI mission there would be many more players playing Warfare like the Becti Warfare variant that has a redone UI etc..that would show interest. Or perhaps we need to see a hybrid of that where parameters can be changed to make a game much more shorter if desired and Zeus bolted or infused into the Commander role as suggested above along with other fresh ideas to reinvigorate the CTI mode to attract new players, i would say a lot of players who play Squad probably own Arma3 as well so having a Squad like experience in a Combined Arms CTI mode might draw those players who want a break from small maps. Anyway that is my ramble for the day and my ideas might be a little scrambled as they pour out onto the page here...
  5. Thanks for all your help pierremgi everything is running smoothly.
  6. Oh i need to use initServer.sqf for more reliable results in MP? is that more for dedicated servers or will work just as well for self-hosted MP? ive always used init.sqf but if initServer.sqf is better to use for MP missions then i will go with that.
  7. Thanks for your replies guys. I will try the simplest solution first. Added that to the init.sqf and it works great! thanks alot! I will add another one for opfor. Cheers!
  8. I'm making a sector control mission and the capturing sectors works fine. No probs there. What i want to is set up a trigger to end the game if blufor wins by capturing all the sectors. I'm using boolean variables to become true when blufor captures a sector eg. alpha sector variable sectorAlphaBlue is set via sectorAlphaBlue = true. In my init file i have sectorAlphaBlue=false; In the trigger that is with the Alpha sector that has to be captured if blufor is present in the activation i have: sectorAlphaBlue=true; publicvariable "sectorAlphaBlue"; My test trigger to see if this is working; Trigger with none none set up and in the activation: sectorAlphaBlue this just displays a hint and plays a music track as a test that this is working. What happens when i run the mission in MP mode....the music starts to play right at the start and the hint appears, some how my variable becomes true! My blufor unit is no where near the trigger around the sector area, there is no blufor units near the trigger in sector alpha or bravo sector . Why is this variable becoming true at the start? init sets it to false. Is there an easier way to have the game end when all zones are captured? which leads to my final question below.. Also as another question, you can set Size Reward for capturing a zone in the sector module, what built-in variable is this? just wondering if i could instead have the game end when one side gets so many points from capturing.
  9. Thanks jetset22a, been ages since ive checked out ACE, i will give it a go with my mission. Thanks.
  10. I'm looking for a decent mod that has firemans carry, drag and the ability to put wounded into a vehicle. Ideally one that also might have advance medic options. I am wanting to make some coop missions that will be flying in to a battle and retrieving wounded. Ideally the mod supports MP. Any suggestions?
  11. daza

    Combat Patrol

    Are there more objectives besides blow up the fuel trucks? I played it again recently but didn't have enough players to complete a mission and moved on to something else. I played the Escape the island mission as well and that had far too much Spawn the enemy behind them close trick which is always immersion breaking. I am not sure if this happens in CP, but its one fast way to break immersion. As mentioned before i think the CP patrol would be interesting if there were civilians in it that you have to avoid accidentally killing, they could run away when the shooting starts- but it would add a little immersion if at the start they are going about their business. The problem is Civilians have kind of been an after thought in A3, in A2 they fitted in better visually and had some various animations eg. working the fields etc. Go play Ghost Recon Wildlands or watch a vid of gameplay to see how civilians adds to the immersion of the place, had they not been in there it would of felt more empty. I get some war zones might have empty villages or small towns etc because they fled but some war zones the civilians are trapped (which could be interesting mission parameters right there- freeing trapped civilians and giving them first aid or supplies. Anyway i really hope with the new update around the corner that Combat Patrol has a bunch of new objectives that each play through which town has them are random- that was what i thought it was going to be. There are some good random ops mods out there, and really you would hope BIS shows them how its done since they have a bigger team and can add extra polish to things. I would love to see BIS open up more of their experimental projects like this and Argo to try out new ideas and even perhaps have a community competition (that is submit a written concept) for original ideas for game-modes or gameplay that will eventually breath new life into MP and move away from the glut of RPG Life and Zombie clones we see on the servers. We have this big sandbox game but so much more could be done with it.
  12. Hmmm..interesting thought. Wouldn't they shoot me on sight though? even after respawning? My friend playing a SL during Zeus maybe accidently naded an Ai squad member perhaps, i dont think he said he accidently killed a friendly Ai, but perhaps that is what happened and he lost his command as you say with the negative rating. I will experiment with this to confirm, at least if it is the case there is an answer why. Thanks for suggesting it Kremator.
  13. Thanks for your reply Tankbuster. I did a pow rescue mission earlier this year and didnt have this problem that i recall. Its quite a serious problem if like you are using Zeus and your friends who may be Squad Leaders loses their command to an Ai every time they die. I hope this gets fixed too, it maybe a problem that sometimes occurs as in recent memory resuming command after death never was an issue until recently.
  14. 1# What happens is when you die one of the Ai in your squad assumes command, usually this happens until Player has repawned and you hear a VO for PC saying assuming command again. However in my new MP mission i was testing i died along with my squad in a chopper crash, and when i respawned with them i lost the Squad Leader role to the Ai. This also happened today when i was playing Zeus with a friend, he died and the Ai took command of the squad, as the Game Master in Zeus mode i tried to regroup everyone back to him, but wasn't able to. I haven't really noticed this being a big problem with past MP coop missions ive made. Revive is on and Respawn custom is used. Is there a reason this happens? or is it a bug? 2# Also similarly related..in another mission i am making, as a subordinate to an Ai Squad Leader, if you die you can choose your spawn positions, i placed some Ai with scripts that will add them to the player. In that group i defined a new group for Player and then used the join player command for the Ai which the Addaction was attached to, these guys would run off towards the Ai squad leader which i was a member of his team. I know i can use the other command 'selectleader player' but that would make me the squad leader of my current squad, which if you had spawned kms away from, i want the Player to be able to form up a new squad by recruiting some Ai who are idle in those spawn areas. So how do i leave the previous group? as it seems grp1 = group player in the script doesnt seem to form a new group. I dont know unit the player will take over so i cant use grp1 group this; in the units init. *Update* Half Solved this one; i need to use [player] join GrpNull; However is there a way i can make the groupid in the script unique for each new player? who might do this? This is new latest version of the basic script _X = cursorTarget; if (NewG==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp1 = group player; NewG=1; }; [_X] join player; _X removeAction Adder; This works fine for one player. One way it could work is giving the default units all a variable name and use a switch code method to and paste in this script for each one- but with a different groupId assigned to those that do recruit new Ai into a separate squad. This this the only way to do it or an easier way? This is what i ended up with _X = cursorTarget; if (player == VietC1 && NewG1==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp1 = group player; NewG1=1; }; if (player == VietC2 && NewG2==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp2 = group player; NewG2=1; }; if (player == VietC3 && NewG3==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp3 = group player; NewG3=1; }; if (player == VietC4 && NewG4==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp4 = group player; NewG4=1; }; if (player == VietC5 && NewG5==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp5 = group player; NewG5=1; }; if (player == VietC6 && NewG6==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp6 = group player; NewG6=1; }; if (player == VietC7 && NewG7==0) then { [player] join grpNull; Grp7 = group player; NewG7=1; }; [_X] join player; _X removeAction Adder; It seems to work, just need to test it out with a friend but should work.
  15. daza

    Combat Patrol

    Yeah, i too have been waiting for the Squad Radar to come back, i don't know why the current build of it could of been left in (on main branch at least) until they are ready to roll out the tweaked version, i assumed they forgot about it in scope of things. I played a little bit of Combat Patrol when it first game out and was on dev servers and have already posted my feedback and ideas. I just checked back here to see the latest update on the project as i hope it develops into something that will be permanent feature in the game. There are other community made ones, but having an official BIS one means players that dont like installing mods and just wants to jump into it without having to have the right version of a mod etc. Having also played a bit of Ghost Recon Wildlands, which is similar concept in a way, i was thinking as i was playing that game, this is what Arma needs (the feel that the map is alive where ever you go, traffic on roads, hitting towns occupied by enemy forces that are defending it). I would love to see in Combat Patrol as said else where more diverse objectives that are random to a town. (Traffic and Civs could be turned off or set to low, in parameters if need to via better gpu performance) there used to be good scripts in the community for this i recall from A2. Time limit Option: Also if there was different modes of this Combat Patrol concept, that for example in the parameters you and your friends set two hours for game time, and in that time frame choose to have five or six towns to hit, each with a different objective. You and your friends have the challenge of making the most of those two hours to complete all those objectives before the clock runs out. This idea of being able to add by choice a time limit would suit players who want a challenge in terms of against the clock and they might only have a 1 or 2 hour play time window anyway. Evac or Load in; It also would be good, if you can choose to have a helicopter evac you and your team and then fly you to the next mission (rather than loading in the next AO) as it is now (i think from memory) but have both as options in the parameters. This could give some immersion flying there and a quick break between the fighting and also time to discuss tactics for the next mission. Reinforcements (i cannot remember if they already reinforce?) I would also like to see reinforcements of towns, that can be halted if you deal with the radio tower first, but in doing so blows your chance for stealthy assault. Civs: In closing, i also think if there will be civs added in for immersion, as well as killing too many of them will forfeit the mission (adding an extra challenge if they are numerous) i think there needs to be new Civ assets, more so with clothing aspect. One thing that has bugged me, even as a mission maker is the small selection of Civ types. No females and most of the choices being dudes in surfing shorts and Tshirts. Of course there are some mods with civ units, but there isn't an abundance array of choices. Why not BIS port Civ clothing from previous A1 and A2 with tweaks to fit current models, and perhaps add more new variety (that we can also outfit Civs like we can in the loadout screen in the editor) but more importantly this would add more immersion to Combat Patrol and other missions by BIS and community in general. I mean you have great maps like Tanoa but little diversity in Civ types/clothing, which would add more diversity to missions based around civilians (protecting them) but more for immersion sake, especially with Civs that have animations for basic activities which they had in Arma2 i think. With the 64bit build now in, perhaps we can handle more Civ units in a town (or at least have a slider/parameters for amount of it).