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  1. I don't really know if any of the ArmA3 dev team visits these forums but it seems to me like there is not enough contrast when using thermal imaging sights. You can hardly determine the objects or "cold" vehicles in the background. Looking through the FLIR in a fighter aircraft and the terrain below is just a shapeless grey blob. Even with the 1980s-era TIS on the original M1/M1A1 and there is enough contrast in the image to make out buildings, trees, all sorts of things. Since then the technology has greatly improved. When you first look at something with the thermals in game there is a short period where the image seems better defined but then it returns to its normal dullness. It seems strange. So is there anyway we could see the better image quality for thermals in ArmA 3 as part of another "encore" update?
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I tend to keep a list of minor bugs and errors I encounter in ArmA 3 mods. Most of it is really minor stuff but if using your website should I create a ticket for each individual issue? Stuff like some variants of the M249 SAW missing the gas regulator or whatever that is on the end of the gas tube. I know you guys don't really like suggestions for content or improvements being made here but I can't resist one suggestion in case in case nobody on your team had thought of it. Now that we've got the capability to show different mag types visually on small arms would you guys consider adding the Surefire 5.56mm 60 round quad-stack magazine? It would definitely be useful on the M27 IAR for example. Also more practical an accessory than the "tac-sac" grip which was worth a laugh the first time I saw it. Anyway keep up the great work. You guys do such good content that I'm only left wishing the US Army would hurry up and field some new variants of their primary AFVs or new ones altogether so I can eventually mess around with them in ArmA 3. Oh BTW da12thMonkey what sort of M4 variant is that in your signature?
  3. The Blackfish is not powerful enough

    It is listed as HEAT-MP so it should have a respectable lethal radius. Right now it seems pretty worthless against infantry. Why would a gunship be flying around with a 105mm howitzer that has nothing but HEAT ammo anyway? It doesn't make sense.
  4. Sorry for a really stupid question but how do I install this patch?
  5. I am very glad to see work on this outstanding addon continued. I have some suggestions I'd like to contribute, mostly minor stuff, would posting here be appropriate or would you prefer them on your Discord Sacha?
  6. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just the reticle as both as ranged for 5.56x45mm weapons. The SU-230A is for 7.62x51mm weapons.
  7. I know I say this every time I post here but I love the mod. Anyway I know you guys are doing this in your spare time and don't have enough developers but are you planning to eventually include any of the larger riverine craft that served US forces in Vietnam? It would be quite amusing to give those ZSU gunners a taste of their own medicine when I come downriver in an armored boat armed to the teeth with 40mm and 20mm cannons. I think some of them had breech-loading mortars too, they were quite an interesting assortment of ships. Also a minor bug to report, that lovely new Colt M1911 model isn't ejecting any shell casings when you shoot it. Do you guys have a community bugtracker?
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Love the mod, keep up the outstanding work. Anyway maybe it's my imagination but I swear a lot of the Eastern Bloc weapons have significantly less recoil than their NATO 5.56mm counterparts. Even unmodernized 7.62x39mm assault rifles (SA-58) seem to have less recoil. Am I just imagining it? If you guys need any hard-to-come by info on US armor I may be able to help, just let me know. Either way your US vehicles are definitely pretty accurate as-is.
  9. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Love this mod, easily one of the best weapon mods out there. Recoil seems just right which is a problem some other mods have. I hope the dev(s) behind it are still around the ArmA3 community. Does anybody know what the difference is between the SpecterDR and SpecterDRCS scopes are? They look identical to me.
  10. Rock I can't wait to see your work fully in ArmA3. I'm really looking forward to your F-35 too but I presume that is on the back-burner? I forget, did you start working on the F-35C because for a short time the Royal Navy was considering it in place of the F-35B or was it some other reason?
  11. This truly is my favorite ArmA3 mod at the moment, just wanted to point out one bug that has been driving me crazy lately. - The sight alignment on the M79 is off. A simple test on flat ground can confirm this. Grenades go beyond the selected range. I'll have to try the M203 and the other GLs.
  12. Hi, I have a few things to point out. - 200 round boxes for the M249 SAW don't feature any tracers. I need to test the smaller 100 round boxes. Maybe it is the same for RPK drums? - AA-12 loaded with 12 gauge HE shells ejects spent rifle casings instead of empty shotgun shells. Also the rate of fire on the AA-12 may be a bit too high. I think it is around 400 RPM in reality. - Spent ammo casings don't render in first person until they are far away from the player. As a result it looks like weapons aren't ejecting anything in first person. - MG3 on ACR Dingo is listed as being an M240. Also I don't know if it will impact your decisions but I think some features like the 3x zoom on the CZ-805 and the "guided" dumb bombs were made for gameplay purposes and not to be realistic. Anyway keep up the great work.
  13. Love the work so far, will the Italian Navy be showing up in the near future? I loved the ships you had in ARMA 2.
  14. After a long hiatus I'm giving ArmA 3 another run to see how it has improved. So what mods do you guys suggest I give a try? I see some major releases like Unsung have come out but what else is out there? What mod manager (if any) do you guys use? Also I noticed that when in the VR armory the "enemy" soldiers are no longer red, green, or blue colored. They also no longer show up on IR. Any way to switch them back?
  15. I've played through the Operational Wayne Gray campaign somebody did awhile back. Are there any other 2.6 compatible campaigns or mission packs out there to recommend?