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  1. Tonmeister

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    i had the game gifted to me, but was on the verge of buying it myself. Yet, I'm more than happy to part with my money for something like this, because 15 odd years playing arma titles, and reforger is another worthwhile experience which attempts to push at some boundaries. So far, I like the direction it's all going
  2. @.kju and team, congrats with all the work done. With the move from the LITE version to the new steam release, should we expect previously built missions to still run using the Second wave; any immediate mission breaking changes, eg changes to asset names and associated config entries? I literally only make WW2 missions for my community using only IFA, so looking forward making IFA missions for 2022. Here's a recording of one such mission, not my recording tho.
  3. Tonmeister

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    I'm hoping someone might be able to answer this, but first-off, we've been playing Liberation for Malden on our dedicated server with HC for some time. Currently we're playing as blufor and I've noticed that at the start of the mission there's a couple of random blufor Ai units that just spawn in, on the northern side of the island thereby activating two fairly large towns. At the moment its a frame-killer as most of our activity is on the southern side of the island. Is there any way to prevent this random side based spawning from occurring? It could be that I'm not seeing it, but If it's a mechanic of the mission then I'm hoping there's a modifiable parameter for preventing units from the players side just randomly spawning in and activating areas the player isn't even in. Ultimately if it's units from the players side, then I'd like to turn that random spawning off. Any thoughts on what can be done to prevent this from happening? nvm, sorted. apparently it was an issue to do with the how the factions were set-up
  4. I still consider your scripts, norrin, as groundbreaking even for today's armaverse
  5. absolutely agree. This mod is the only reason I continue to make missions and play arma3. Keep those images coming and let the imagination bring them to life...
  6. Tonmeister

    Wave respawn confusion

    great thanks for the info Larrow, and good explanation. seems I had it wrong all along
  7. Tonmeister

    Wave respawn confusion

    as to how the wave is put together is something I would like to reveal to better understand how it functions. Unfortunately the biki is quite limited when it comes to divulging that information, and I haven't been able to find any other cases that looks at the behaviour of the wave respawn template. In terms of changing around the respawn delay parameter, i'm not sure what other effect you are leading to, since i have already provided two cases that demonstrate players dying, using two different respawn delay values, yet the observed effect is the same... that is, they do not spawn together as a group. In terms of the respawnDelay value and its impact on how the function constructs the wave, what exactly do you mean by that? To what degree does the respawnDelay value determine how a wave is constructed? To me that seems to suggest there is an underlying structure that actively discriminates one value against another value? So what is the effective wave respawn / respawnDelay combination then? Something is amiss here, either it doesn't work and is broken, or i've misinterpreted its implementation
  8. Tonmeister

    Wave respawn confusion

    Unfortunately, simply copy/pasting a link provides no light on the question at hand. If I wanted a link I would have accessed it myself. Have you used the wave respawn template? Again, with the above parameters, I do not see any adjustments to counter time such that players spawn together. Or are you implying there is a waveDelay parameter I need to factor in? Or does there need to be mass player deaths for this to have any perceived effect?
  9. So I have a mission where I'd like players, once they die, to respawn as a group, rather than individually. So far my understanding of the respawn template "wave", is that its primary function is to do just that, however the behaviour I'm finding is that players will still respawn individually, and not as a group as intended. So its not clear to me how "wave" is any different from a standard respawn. The basic mission setup include the following parameters via the description.ext; respawn = 3; respawndelay = 60; respawnOnStart = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"Counter","Wave"}; Each player is given a certain number of tickets, and If a player dies they go into spectator (called from playerKilled) and they see a counter starting from 1min 30sec. If a second player dies 10 seconds later, I would have thought the timer is adjusted so that both respawn together. This is not what I see. They spawn at very different times. I've been told that if a player dies, any others immediately after, are held within a common countdown (here its 60sec), thus once it reaches 0, they all spawn together. I've also tested it with just; respawn = 3; respawndelay = 120; respawnOnStart = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"Wave"}; First person dies, then 10seconds later, the next person dies. First person respawns after waiting 2min, the next after waiting 4min. Am I missing something? Any thoughts or knowledge on how its supposed to be used would be appreciated!
  10. So for me, I've been able to narrow the problem down, and it was due to the RHS US M113 throwing an error when attempting to turnout as driver. Had to deconstruct an entire mission to find this rat. I was convinced it wasn't the mission scripting once the entire mission was stripped to just the sqm, leading to an object placed in the editor.
  11. i can confirm this as well. I went through a recent mission removing all my scripts and the error persists. never happened before, and seems my message is only 20bytes over the limit.
  12. there were some insights into JIP back on page 29, that you may find helpful; https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/170177-zenophons-arma-3-co-op-mission-making-framework/?p=3046010
  13. from my recent tests I found that 'paradrop' was having issues, but other insertion types seemed to be OK. With paradrop, the helo simply sits on the runway. Not so long ago this was never an issue. Also I found that if I were to move a group of 6 units into the cargo of an Mi8, two of these units get left outside, despite having empty slots in the vehicle. But if I move them using 'all', noone is left behind, yet throws up an error with the driver, which is expected. This seems to happen regardless of the size of the unit group.
  14. Ooo Snap! been waiting for this release! and its great to see your framework reach its 2nd birthday!