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  1. I was expecting the Northern Ireland Insurgents to be the British, not the IRA.
  2. Fergal

    A3 and DayZ share anything?

    I really hope they port over the broken mouse acceleration from DayZ into ARMA and from the ARMA AI they give the DayZ zombies natural night-vision so they can easily spot you as you're sneaking around at night.
  3. Fergal

    Pet Peeves of A3

    The AI is just so bad it's depressing. For years I've read on these forums one of the reasons the game is so CPU intensive is because of the AI is so advanced, or snobbish comments towards other games on how their AI is "scripted" while ARMAs is superior in every way. Well I'm sorry but it's all bullshit. The AI in this game is just as dumb, if not dumber, than every other game. Enemy AI don't react while their comrades are being slaughtered in front of them, they don't react to the sounds of gun fire or explosions well within hearing range. They just continue to stand there chatting to each other. Friendly AI manage to get constantly lost under my command. They insist on either crawling or walking REALLY slowly everywhere. I command them to relax, to be aware, to be in combat mode, match my stance, follow me, move there....nothing...still creeping along. This level of awfulness is then in stark contrast to their amazing accuracy, ability to see through walls, ability to see objects in the dead of night without aid, and ability to shoot me while facing in the opposite direction. The AI in Battlefield and Call of Duty is FAR superior to ARMA, and that's a sorry statement to make!
  4. Fergal

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Enemy AI can see at night time (pitch black) without use of NGV or any other light source. They can see me anywhere from zero to 300meters, and still perform thier super accruate one shot one kill trick, all on "normal" skill level and "super ai" disabled.
  5. Fergal

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Driving a vehicle very slowly into a rock or tree nearly destroys it and I am in need of medical attenation. ---------- Post added at 07:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:22 PM ---------- This was carried over from older games in the series, but how useless is the save system? Why can't I quit WITHOUT saving? Why have the save button disabled if all you have to do to force a save is "Save & quit" ?
  6. Fergal

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Crawling over rough ground causes the character to stand up, which is not very helpful trying to stay undetected AI can spot me in pitch black, without use of NVGs or even a flashlight AI can spot me behind a two feet thick concreate wall, and is able to single shot kill me by shooting through said wall. AI take way too many hits. You get two driect hits on a guy, he twitches twice, turns and shoots you dead in a single shot General feel is still clunky even after all of the imporvements in animation
  7. If you have a map maybe there is
  8. I'm not clear on the instructions. Miller (??) mumbles something about being near a hill to the north with a radio tower on it. Facing north is just open water? He then says no not that hill, they are in fact at some other location. Not really a good idea to leave a player on a massive map without any clear guidance of what to do.
  9. Fergal

    Reminds me of Flashpoint

    You selectively omitted the word "theme" for the opportunity to face palm, now you get one in return
  10. Are Mortars that useless in real life? Trying to complete Radio Silence, having a hard time since the mortars completely miss every time, my squad die trying to take the station, leaving the rest of the mission impossible where the team leader just runs into a hail of fire leaving me to myself with this awful, weak, inaccurate gun.
  11. Right, and have a wave of abuse telling you "The game isn't out yet" , or if you complained about it when the alpha came out you'd get the standard "This is ALPHA!" condescending responses. You couldn't tell from a screenshot how identical the turrets were going to be, the sounds, the sights etc.
  12. Fergal


    Steam client updates the missions. Re-downloading in game seems redundant and makes single player missions unavailable offline.
  13. Fergal


    If I subscribe to content, it's downloaded via the steam client. Why then in-game is there more loading under the scenarios menu. Often my net connection cuts out, so I might load ARMA, but all steam subscribed content is inaccessible because my net connection is gone. Seems strange to have more downloading ingame if these items have already been downloaded by steam.
  14. The whole "Altis is a masterpiece" thing I don't get. What good is a playground with crappy toys? Having the exact same turrets / weapons on every vehicle is not good at all. A lot of the rifles are just stupid looking and are piss poor. I had big hopes for ARMA 3 since it was announced. I am disappoint.
  15. My tank flipped over when I fired a shell... Luckily it landed back on its tracks.