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  1. sig

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Thanks for the info Zhivets.
  2. sig

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I cant find it anywhere in my scenarios or campaigns? Downloaded fro steam and armaholic. CBA_A3 is up to date so what is the problem?
  3. I'm getting this error message: circular addon dependency in AiA_Afghan_Config Where can I get this file from?
  4. sig

    [SP] Manhattan

    Brilliant conversion! I hope you make the rest of the campaign missions. Looks far better than the original.
  5. Saok, could you release a pbo with all the details and mods that is needed?
  6. I tried all the things and have AiA mod and WLA and all i get is no congif world. The screen is an ocean. I tried the Podagorsk and changed the pbo to WLA.Podagorsk.pbo and still no joy. So how does it work in layman's terms?
  7. sig

    [SP/@] War of Dagestan (RWO)

    I wish there were other mssions - or a campaign?
  8. Thanks for these missions! Hope you make more.
  9. So you'll bring out a v13 with all the saves implemented? Be great if you would do a Chenaurus version as well.
  10. Still cant save mission in SP?
  11. How can you play this in Chenaurus?
  12. I keep getting this error all the time and I've loaded the latest version. So why do I get this? addon aia_takistan_config requires addon ais_takistan_data
  13. Any chance making these for single player?
  14. sig

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Ive played Persian Tale, didnt like the uniforms - to space marine for me. I prefer the Balkans, up against the Russians and separatists. Could you make a new Chesty Puller with the maps now available in A3?