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  1. Same problem. BIS... BIS never changes.
  2. kill mig

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

  3. Very disappointing. An excellent map, but no artillery, no aircraft, even a static MG is missing. Why the hell do we need Shilka if it has no one to fight? No SAM, no helicopters - this is not World War 3, it's a clash between two tribes of the Stone Age.
  4. commandArtilleyFire script does not work for MLRS: MLRS1 commandArtilleryFire [getPos target1, "12Rnd_230mm_rockets", 8]; - nothing happens at any distance.
  5. The BTR-K can't reach its next waypoint when it's in "safe" mode.
  6. Greyhawk's AI is almost useless for combat missions. It does not attack anything, just flying around the targets.
  7. Still "in progress"? In regress?
  8. Y-32 Xi'an unloads infantry only at the nearest airfield, regardless of the waypoint destination. V-44 does not have such a problem.
  9. What about armed WY-55? It's broken too.
  10. 13.12.2016 So..They will never fix this.
  11. WY-55 is broken and completely useless for more than ten months - nobody cares. On the other hand: the "Fire at that medic" radio protocol sentence was replaced with a more generic sentence (e.g. "Fire at that soldier.") - this is very important, we can not deny it.