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    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    ..exactly my first thought. ;)
  2. AMEN.... P.S.: You already know Beth?
  3. Don't get me wrong; 508 AIL is awesome for an A3 Server, but however this makes no sense at all. All cores are more or less working now, the overall CPU load is at 27%, lots of RAM available, but FPS and CPS are down around 20. There is so much computing power left, but unused! Too bad.... :icon_frown:
  4. Thank you very much for your hard work and this awesome mission. We love it! :) P.S.: Hm.... could please be so kind and explain the follwing? Due to "Licensing restrictions" you are not allowed to distribute the mission via this board, but without any restrictions via your server? :confused:
  5. Not so loud please. I had 13 Cubra Libre last night and a killer hangover today.....
  6. .... or 3 minutes? I'm really curious whether we will get concrete information/advise about that or not. This is essential for every coop mission creator as it maybe limits the gameplay to death. But honestly, the only concrete reaction to this thread until now was an infraction, a strange suggestion and a complain. Although all of this does still not explain why a top-notch root server is boring around while the A3 server dies.
  7. Well, I have to admit that it's hard for me to follow your theoretical discussion. Anyway, due to the horrible performance of the A3 server we monitored the development since January. A friend of mine recorded this video on Jan. 23 2014. He built a simple mission creating a group of 50 soldiers every 20 seconds; between the creation of every unit is a delay of 0.5 sec. He tried to find out how many AI are necessary to kill an A3 server. Same root, non dev branch. Two interesting thing we noted at that time: 1) Please note the core utilisation.... 2) Please note the FPS as soon the the AIL exeed 200. (around 3:40 min) http://youtu.be/NYc7GkDLXro Comparing this with the latest screenshot on page 1 there is an improvement, still inefficient and therefore insufficient but an improvement.
  8. ...and that's the point. The screenshot shows our root running one A3 server + one TS3 server only! (Benny's BECTI 0.97 slightly tweaked / no HC) We all know that 508 AI usually kill core 0 even running @3,8GHZ, but as you see the load was spreaded more or less over all available cores. So what is it? Real multicore? If so, why the A3 server did not take advantage in using the all CPU power? The root CPU workload is at 27% only. This is waste of resources and the A3 server suffers at 20 FPS/CPS. No need to mention that all client FPS suffer too, once the A3 server is down at 20FPS or below. That's why this thread is called "What limits the server?" ;) P.S.: Thank you very much for getting seriously...
  9. Okay, so lets forget about it. Obviously it's not possible to start a discussion about a topic that should concern all of us w/o getting trolled and provoked. So return back to Altis life everybody and have fun...
  10. First of all; you know where you can put your unqualified jokes ArtisANAL? And second; if you have no clue, please be so kind and STFU. For all others, and especially BI actually working on performance server executables; I forgot to post the server hardware specifications. Sorry for that.
  11. ....that's what we did yesterday. Benny BECTI 0.97 on this machine. Everything was fine up to 399 AIL. All cores more or less consitently busy, server FPS between 38 and 47. Client FPS accordingly. Just one more AI (400+) and the server FPS drop down to 16-17 and the client FPS follow accordingly. You may say that up to 400 AI isn't that bad at all, but the overall server workload was between 25 and 30% when the FPS dropped down to 16.....
  12. CHB68

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Could you please advise the actual status of 0.208? Joined your test server tonite but unfortunately only 0.207 was up and we were not able to vote a mission. :icon_wink: Please post 0.208 in your initial posting if available already. Thanks a lot !
  13. CHB68

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Well, I have a feeling something is completely going wrong ! This is what ArmA 3 really needs and what we all are waiting for since the release. Priorities !
  14. CHB68

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    +1 priorities.....
  15. CHB68

    ai test

    So, let's keep our fingers cross..... SITREP#00041 ! ;)
  16. CHB68

    ai test

    Your are right, but this manpower could also be used for DLC's -> making money... ;)
  17. CHB68

    ai test

    If not money, caused by additional manpower and workload, what else? Inability? I really hoped this problem will be solved with the release of ArmA2, but I was sure they will fix it with ArmA3..... :icon_frown:
  18. CHB68

    ai test

    I'm sure that this would have been already done if possible, as is it a real show stopper since years. But it's always a question of priorities, and obviously coop multiplayer is last on the list. You have seen the hardware of the server Dr.cremaster rented to run his Arma 3 server. He spends € 59,00 per month / € 708 per year to provide a suitable server and make A3 more popular. A copy of A3 is actually at € 44,99! Those people need support in order to keep this great series alive! When I consider what could have been done with € 500.000....... :banghead:
  19. CHB68

    ai test

    Well, maybe, but why? This would make no sense. The real weak spots of the ARMA series right from the beginning in 2006 was an already outdated engine w/o multicore support. BI spend a lot of time, manpower and probably a lot of money to work around this problem, but they always fighted the symptoms and never the real cause. And we all now; a fish rots from the head down. ;)
  20. CHB68

    ai test

    Oh I'm pretty sure they are aware of this since 2006.
  21. So what? The current enigne is not able to handle 96 AI's spwaning at once? In words "ninety-six"? Since when 96 Ai's are "rather specific"? What about multiplayer coop missions like Domination or Warfare that made ArmA popular? So why did you release Atlis? Should we play 8 vs.8 pvp on Altis? Please bear in mind that the single player campaign is just a "nice to have", 'cause once your customers finished it they will see the muliplayer button and find an epic fail. We are close to one year after alpha release, but the content is still poor, lots of bugs, no DLC's, and we obvioulsy play with an engine that is not able to handle 96 Ai's spwaning at once. Dream on ;)
  22. CHB68


    Sehr geil Männer! (Awesome!) :cheers: Vielen Dank! (Thank you very much!)
  23. Please read my message carefully. Thank you.
  24. So what? What if they are only interested in part(s) of your entry? Extracting some minor things make an entry incomplete and you are out of the business. From now on modding in ARMA is a commercial and legal issue. If you don't want BI or others to make money with your intellectual property you better get in touch with a lawyer. I'm very sad about this development. Until now the ARMA community was one, if not the most creative community. It was a "give and take" relation which works as long as money is not involved. This times are gone.... :(