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  1. singis tinge

    [WIP] RHS/Vanilla replacement pack

    Shame because the CSAT/Russian magazine issue is the only bug I have found.
  2. singis tinge

    Werthles' Headless Module

    When I try to connect a headless client to the server like at 3:35 the dialogue box just says; "10:56:53 Dedicated client created. 10:56:59 Client connected: 10:56:59 > Player headlessclient connecting" and then never connects. Any idea why?
  3. singis tinge

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Now Armaholic is down I was looking for a copy of Unsung mod for ArmA 1, does anyone have a copy thy could host?
  4. Is anyone able to show an example of working code or does anyone have a working mission template using vanilla assets as examples so we can copy the code and then change the unit names to whatever we want? I have been trying to get vehicles from mods to spawn by copying other peoples code but no matter what I try I just get errors. I am a novice at ArmA scripting and I have no clue what I am doing. I tried copying Dirty Del's code and changing the unit names but it didn't work for me.
  5. singis tinge

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    But what about the error message ?
  6. singis tinge

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    I have to arm all my guns and the rebels guns in the breifing now ? when i loaded the Hostage mission my AK47 was empty the rebel medics had no guns and an error came up at the beggeining saying Missing weapons somthing.
  7. singis tinge

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Ummmmmmmmmm i cant run ressistance missions because it says there are weapons missing when i load it my AK's have no ammo in them and the Rebels dont carry guns i also get very extreem lag when using tanks and infantry in towns and when soldiers go prone when being shot at they dont get back up again ever, so they crawl through the whole mission will these be fixed in the patch ?
  8. singis tinge


    My problem with the computer dieing usualy happens during combat usually after a leman russ fires or somthing loud shoots or at least usually it is.
  9. singis tinge


    Alright tired out the mod made a simple game orks charging against guard noticed two problems 1. grots go fucked up when strafting and 2. your computer sometimes dies at random every so often, apart from that the modles look amazing and the sounds are also amazing if someone can tell me how to sort out the computer dieing thing itl be epic, also are you going to iron out the bugs in the IG pack because they look the sex.
  10. singis tinge


    Awsome work guys cant wait to see what else you do, are you like going to transfer everything from DOW, would it be possible to make some maps aswell, and do you have a website where i can find all this stuff in one place ?
  11. singis tinge


    Il try to find out what they are lol but yea it only restarts for the FFUR SLX mod not regular OFP so i think the mod is the problem but it only seems to do it with more than one mod installled
  12. singis tinge


    I still need help here hope you havent forgotten about me ?
  13. singis tinge


    Still same problem annyone gonna help me here ?
  14. singis tinge


    Oh wait this is the audio settings in the game right ? yea i always have hardware acceleration on but EXA off.
  15. singis tinge


    Theres nothing on the screen it just goes blue, and im sure my dad installed the latest GFXcard drivers. so how do i turn hardware audio acceleration back on ? what do i do to fix it ?