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  1. Congratz with the 2 year mark. Fantastic work you put in for "us" airheads. Sjaba...
  2. Great Work Bludski, really looking forward to this one..
  3. I agree, altough a integrated MFD would be cool i dont think its where the priority is or should be at this stage. But to have somewhat of a frame would atleast make the "pilot/ gunner" feel its not a magical screen but a monitor of some sort. A bit like the CTAB / F16 versions ( slightly smaller frames would be good though...window views are a luxury not to be forgotten). As long as the ONE critical thing is tweaked im a happy camper ( read airhead). Please adjust the fact that the current planes continues in a straight forward line when turning the stick left or right (except the APEX cessna model, that for some reason seems to behave more corretly, which leads me to belive it should be possilbe for other fixed wings too??).
  4. Its the multifunction camera key config.. It might not be set up from default setup.
  5. Thanks, but the classname is just a name i select, correct ? so iif i call it Sjabas_custom_roundel it does not have to match up to anything else in the mission ? The photo is in the correct folder and works on other things, such as flags, signs, intro picture etc. Using PBO, standard MP version ( white) I will troubleshoot a bit and see if i can figure it out, scripting is really not my strenght ;)
  6. Im trying the ADES decal system and i keep getting an error in the Description.exe...What am i not seeing ? class CfgADES_Roundel { class your_custom_roundel { displayName = "my custom roundelâ€; texture = "a2k\fx\Nopryl_Airforce_logo_512kb.paa"; FIR_ClassCode = "your_custom_roundel"; //use same classname }; }; //for ades roundel system class CfgADES_Decal { class your_custom_decal { displayName = "my custom decalâ€; texture = "a2k\fx\Nopryl_Airforce_logo_512kb.paa"; FIR_ClassCode = "your_custom_decal";//use same classname }; }; //for ades decal system
  7. Really appriciate the work you put into the airfield...for us flyboys, having a "proper" airbase is a great immersion factor :)
  8. Great visual updates, you tease you
  9. Just a small input on what a properly "packed" A10 can do. You might also note how it easily can take down a server..;) Btw,enjoying this mod a lot, so Fhanks again.
  10. Finally got around to test the A10-A beta.2 I am very happy with it so far , thanks for a great mod yet again Firewill. It feels just "heavy" enough and has to be properly flown in order to keep in balance with thrust/altitude/turning rates etc. it flies well in low speeds, and lands gently without having to spend all your essential morphine :) The only drawback in this matter ( however not your fault) is the neverending story of fixed wing physics in Arma3. They fixed it on the APEX civ cessna or atleast ugraded it, so the plane actually turns when making a turn without having to pull back on the stick. So i hoped the same was applied on the rest of the fixed wings, but no joy. There is some small tweaks that can be done but not sure if it can be done to this mod. There is a script that can be applied locally, which have used before, but not sure this is working any longer ? Anyway, thats offtopic... and still on the whishlist for jet DLC ;) The smoke trails of missilies..love them The GAU-8..just as it should be, loud and devestating. Sounds, very good. Instruments/hud are clear and works Love the SUU flares and smoke rockets. ( uber cool for infantry to request such stuff) I did not get the maverick cam to work, but maybe i did something wrong ?? What i miss, as of now A working TGP camera ( yes im aware its coming , but still miss it :) Its SO important if the plane are ment to be used in combined operations with ground forces, as observation and intel gathering is 60% of the pilots job. IMHO. What im no big fan of. The pre arranged white laser mark crosses..Rather be "forced" to have someone on ground to mark targets with laser or have to drop bombs using the sights. ( its hard, but if we eventually get CCRP or a better working CCIP mode from BIS that will compensate for it) All in all much appriciated stuff. with this A10 and the F16 and potentially a larger cargo plane, what else do you need in Arma ;) Sjaba...
  11. Congratz on release, will hop in the pit as soon as i can :)
  12. Thanks !! And that last pic above..WOW ! I mean i was just there checking the inflight to the airport :)
  13. Btw, will this mod have support for the new vanilla CCIP aim mode, it would be very much appreciated. Makes the BRRRRT so much more effective
  14. Very nice indeed bludski ! Psst if you want some feedback, see signature and stop by to say hello :)
  15. sjaba

    Jet DLC?

    Very thrilled to hear this news and will be first in line to pay for such a DLC. However, there are imo not that much that have to change for Fixed wing becoming more fun to use ( in an Arma setting). +5 for Advanced Flight Model or atleast a "upgraded" flight model. IMO no point asking or hoping for a "simlike" approach, but atleast somewhat closer to what they did with Heli DLC. +4 Heading/ altitude autopilot option ( ie one can actually set up a "wheel" and work the cameras/maps/radios etc without fearing a instant crash due to loss of control input). +3 Ground stabilsed TGP ( quite sure we see that one soon) +2 For having primary instrument panels, clear and working and a ASL attitude gauge/ counter +1 A better armament option and missile systems (In the lines of Firewills F16 or the likes) . Ie Pilots, JTACs etc can choose what armament they will need for each induvidual operation..MM can set limitations if wanted. Sjaba...
  16. Hi Firewill It might be in here somwhere, but did you say that the A10 version you are making now will be the A10-A in beta and will be changed to A10-C later ? Did you also then mean the A10-C will have updated cockpit later, IE adding MFCD`s ?
  17. sjaba

    Mighty GAU-8/A Avenger

    Cool feature, maybe a marrige between this mod and Firewills new A10-C that is WIP is a match made in heaven ??
  18. sjaba

    AutoPilot Script

    Cool and much awaited feature for fixed wing, going to test this ASAP. Now that we also have TGP and ground stabilasation as "standard" content the autopilot suddenly becomes high priority :)
  19. wokring fine for me. laserdesignator is doesn't relate with I-TGT and check your "Lock UAV Target" key bind in Weapons. Yup works for me to..just had to get my key binds properly sorted ;)
  20. I might be doing something wrong, but after the last update i have 2 issues. 1. How to correctly laserdesignate a target as a pilot. I can turn the laser on and aim it, but the laser mark is very offset from where i aim/target. Tried the I-TGT lase option with GBUs as well but did not get the lock. 2. TGP ground stabilisation..CTRL+T does not work for me ( might be removed in V1.31 ?) but did not work for me in V1.30 either..any clues as to why i cannot fix the camera to the ground. Really like the target memory system..cool to preplan the attacks and designate multiple targets prior to heading in for IP :)
  21. Tried some searches but with no luck, so i figured i try here where the flyboys linger :) Have anyone come across a mod or function that allows ASL to be displayed instead of AGL...when trying to fly in formations etc, its kind of useless to have a ATL indicator. I think this was an option in Arma2 or if it was implemented by ACE or some other mod im not sure, but we did use to have both AGL and ASL shown in cockpit before.