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  1. Actually funny you mentioned that, was reading the ALiVE wiki today on how to index maps. Maybe once they are a bit further along something we will look into. I personally love ALiVE !!
  2. Shockley

    EricJ Release thread

    I hope Eric doesn't mind me updating the Kiowa status here, if so I will remove it as needed. - Mostly textured, still a few external parts need done and then some touch up... so I would say around 80% progression. - Haven't touched to cockpit area yet so that will take at least a few more weeks mainly due to Unsung pushing our May1st release, after that I will be back on the Kiowa full-time again. In the meantime here are a few pics I snapped. OB http://imgur.com/pof4jmx In-Game http://imgur.com/zxzRqoZ
  3. Shockley

    (WIP) Aerostat

    Been looking at this Aerostat going on 15 years here on Ft.Huachuca.
  4. Shockley

    Lykos' Lone Star Texas Mod

    Attemped ??? I live in AZ .. it has already happened ... lol
  5. Absolutely loved this map from A2, thank a ton for converting it over. Only thing I noticed is the brg_africa.pbo was not included in the package 3.0beta version, couldn't download the 4 version as it stated not available. Once I downloaded and installed it everything came up normal, just thought I let you know. Thanks again. Lingor looks beautiful once again.
  6. Shockley

    United States Air Force

    Yes, still work in progress Yes that is correct, the logo was left over from one of the other aircraft, my fault. That was taken the first day I implemented the template. Service Menu Update As promised all (20) aircraft service menu UI are now complete, it was a long week... Given that some aircraft do not have a loadout option, you will still have the ability to repair/refuel and select the vehicle markings via service menu
  7. Shockley

    United States Air Force

    Like I said earlier, I dedicated my time to getting the service menus completed this week.. Here is a teaser of the new GUI I put together for USAF Mod. WIP A10 Loadouts https://www.dropbox.com/s/yah05hfx4jx3fcj/a10_loadouts.jpg?dl=0 Also I had time to take a screen of the updates AFSOC, big thanks to Voodoo for donating this Peltor ComTac III Helmets to use. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2i78oahxp44fvi5/AFSOC_CCT_TEST.png?dl=0
  8. Shockley

    United States Air Force

    No those B2 textures are NOT final, they will be getting a overhaul soon. My first priority now that I'm back is to get all the service menus up and running. Then I'll run through all the model textures and see what needs to be fixed (given the model state), give me a week or less and I'll finish up the menus.
  9. Shockley

    United States Air Force

    Yes I have and expect an AFSOC update soon, just been busy with RL. http://www.flashbangsandgrenades.com/downloads/afsoc_v03/AFSOC_se_v03.jpg (674 kB)
  10. Shockley

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hopefully this saves some people time, didn't find a classname list so here you go. Classname List ========== Iraqi Army ========== LOP_IA_Soldier_TL LOP_IA_Soldier_SL LOP_IA_Soldier_Medic LOP_IA_Soldier_AR LOP_IA_Soldier_A_AR LOP_IA_Soldier_AT LOP_IA_Soldier_A_AT LOP_IA_Soldier_Marksman LOP_IA_Soldier_Engineer LOP_IA_Soldier LOP_IA_Soldier_GL LOP_IA_Officer LOP_IA_Soldier_Crewman LOP_IA_Special_TL LOP_IA_Special_SL LOP_IA_Special_Medic LOP_IA_Special_AR LOP_IA_Special_AT LOP_IA_Special_Marksman LOP_IA_Special_Engineer LOP_IA_Special LOP_IA_Special_GL ===================== Afghan Army & Police ===================== LOP_AA_Soldier_TL LOP_AA_Soldier_SL LOP_AA_Soldier_Medic LOP_AA_Soldier_AR LOP_AA_Soldier_A_AR LOP_AA_Soldier_AT LOP_AA_Soldier_A_AT LOP_AA_Soldier_Marksman LOP_AA_Soldier_Engineer LOP_AA_Soldier LOP_AA_Soldier_GL LOP_AA_Officer LOP_AA_Soldier_Crewman LOP_AA_Police_TL LOP_AA_Police_SL LOP_AA_Police_Medic LOP_AA_Police_Marksman LOP_AA_Police LOP_AA_Police_GL ====================== Ultranationalists Army ====================== LOP_UA_Soldier_TL LOP_UA_Soldier_SL LOP_UA_Soldier_Medic LOP_UA_Soldier_AR LOP_UA_Soldier_A_AR LOP_UA_Soldier_AT LOP_UA_Soldier_A_AT LOP_UA_Soldier_Marksman LOP_UA_Soldier_Engineer LOP_UA_Soldier LOP_UA_Soldier_GL LOP_UA_Soldier_Pilot LOP_UA_Soldier_Soldier ===== ChDKZ ===== LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_TL LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_SL LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_Medic LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_AR LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_A_AR LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_AT LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_A_AT LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_Marksman LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_Engineer LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_GL LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_Crewman LOP_ChDKZ_Soldier_Pilot LOP_ChDKZ_Bardak LOP_ChDKZ_Lopotev ==== ISIS ==== LOP_ISIS_Soldier_TL LOP_ISIS_Soldier_SL LOP_ISIS_Soldier_Medic LOP_ISIS_Soldier_AR LOP_ISIS_Soldier_AT LOP_ISIS_Soldier_Marksman LOP_ISIS_Soldier_IED LOP_ISIS_Soldier LOP_ISIS_Driver LOP_ISIS_Soldier_GL ================ African Militias ================ LOP_AFR_Soldier_TL LOP_AFR_Soldier_SL LOP_AFR_Soldier_Medic LOP_AFR_Soldier_AR LOP_AFR_Soldier_AT LOP_AFR_Soldier_Marksman LOP_AFR_Soldier_IED LOP_AFR_Soldier LOP_AFR_Driver LOP_AFR_Soldier_GL ========================= African civilians (Armed) ========================= LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_TL LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_SL LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_Medic LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_AR LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_AT LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_Marksman LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_IED LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier LOP_AFRCiv_Driver LOP_AFRCiv_Soldier_GL ================= African Civilians ================= LOP_AFR_CIV_01 LOP_AFR_CIV_02 LOP_AFR_CIV_03 LOP_AFR_CIV_04 LOP_AFR_CIV_05 LOP_AFR_CIV_06 LOP_AFR_CIV_01_S LOP_AFR_CIV_02_S LOP_AFR_CIV_03_S LOP_AFR_CIV_04_S LOP_AFR_CIV_05_S LOP_AFR_CIV_06_S ============== Afghan Militia ============== LOP_AM_Soldier_TL LOP_AM_Soldier_SL LOP_AM_Soldier_Medic LOP_AM_Soldier_AR LOP_AM_Soldier_AT LOP_AM_Soldier_Marksman LOP_AM_Soldier_Engineer LOP_AM_Soldier LOP_AM_Soldier_GL ================ Afghan Civilians ================ LOP_Afg_civ_01 LOP_Afg_civ_02 LOP_Afg_civ_03 LOP_Afg_civ_04 === CDF === LOP_CDF_Soldier_TL LOP_CDF_Soldier_SL LOP_CDF_Soldier_Medic LOP_CDF_Officer LOP_CDF_Soldier_AR LOP_CDF_Soldier_A_AR LOP_CDF_Soldier_AT LOP_CDF_Soldier_A_AT LOP_CDF_Soldier_Marksman LOP_CDF_Soldier_Engineer LOP_CDF_Soldier LOP_CDF_Soldier_GL LOP_CDF_Soldier_Crewman LOP_CDF_Soldier_Pilot
  11. Shockley

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks guys for all your hard work, this is why you have my MANW vote.
  12. Outstanding!!
  13. Shockley

    Helvantis Terrain

    Thirk Island is indexed for Alive, also has a weather gamelogic for snow and fog that is still outstanding .. being a A2 island you are going to need AiA or A3MP.
  14. Probably not unless something changes... if it wasn't for the outstanding community this milsim would die. Where's the double precision like every other game out there? Where's the completed 3D editor, come on partial in A2 and now A3?