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  1. I've found the problem with the custom missions not working. running an strace on the server shows it's looking for MPMissions/ not mpmissions <= linux being case sensitive etc :). testing if it works by symlinking the mpmissions to MPMissions in the server folder. FIX confirmed. Either rename your mpmissions to MPMissions or symlink it :)
  2. Revellion

    Dedicated server - status

    I agree, but we can only wait. I've so far resorted to the ugly hack of running it ontop of wine. but it's not so smooth to operate.
  3. I also wonder if this might be possible. i've tried to use the -client flag using wine but doesn't work. Could this be a feature in ArmA 3 perhaps on linux?
  4. CPU: Core i7-2600 (2nd Gen/Sandy Bridge) running at 4.0Ghz (Quad-core) GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 570 1280mb VRAM. RAM: 16GB (4*4GB) Corsair Dominator running @ 1600mhz HDD1: 120GB Corsair SSD 500MB/s read/write. HDD2: 320GB gramophone drive HDD3: 500GB gramophone drive Mouse: Logitech G500 @ 5700dpi KeyB: old generic Dell USB keyboard Sound: Corsair Vengeance 1500 (USB Virtual 7.1 headset) Monitor1: 21.5" LCD @ 1920x1080 (main playing monitor) Monitor2: 20" LCD @ 1440x900 (comms, random stuff monitor)
  5. Revellion

    IC ISLAND: Isla Barbuda

    Semi-Off-topic: i have already ported Warfare to the island. and the island seems perfect for the job. competitions should be possible on it even GJ on the island! . *also what's the md5 checksum of the latest pbo?*
  6. hmm, i heard someone mention spawning a process to handle a JIP client. that would be fairly inefficient i'd reckon. it would be cheaper CPU-time wise to spawn a thread to handle it. could be problematic to handle stuff like accessing the servers memory to read state of the game with a seperate child process XD. dunno if it's really very relevant though since it seems the fix should work without adding additional tricks to the server engine.
  7. Common/Init/Init_CommonConstants.sqs is the proper way to change VD there's two constants defined AIR VD and ground VD
  8. Revellion

    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    Revert my idea. its not dedicated-proof... my own dedicated server was down so i couldnt test it in dedicated scenario. it only works on localhosted... which is baaaad TM. on dedicated that script is only runned serverside. but since i tested it locally. the player is local to server.., which means if i played CO i couldnt build near. butl... if someone else connects and CO they can still exploit. so i must fix this check :P Edit: replace player with _MHQ
  9. Revellion

    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    Nice, its great to hear that thanks. Im holding off from the release 1.5d untill i can get this money exploit fixed. Im nearlly there just trial and error untill i get the script working. Oki everyone i need some help here.. Can anyone see what this check isisnt working? also new wall added Large Wall Pic I've already fixed the MHQ near Depot money exploit in my version. the code for it is simple. pasting it in code block below <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> if ([player] Call GetClosestLocation distance _MHQ < 200) then {hint "Too close to depot to deploy MHQ. Must be 200m away from depot"; Exit;} That works fine for my version in Construction_HQSite.sqs Also isnt 500m a bit too extreme?. it would kinda outrule building anywhere near the suburbs too :S. which is kinda shameful. also you in your code example. you cant get distance between a Vehicle Classname and another Classname for a House building XD. object distance object is the syntax
  10. Revellion

    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    I've been tracking your work and i'm quite impressed. to the point that i'm basing my Warfare mod on your work with fixes and tweaks of mine together with a community member for the squad i'm in "Hotshots". We're currently looking for people to cooperate with to improve Warfare Stock to something better.
  11. Revellion

    ArmA 1.14 Linux Dedicated Server Public

    how did you go about installing the server from the beginning?. old working 1.08 that you upgraded to 1.14 or new install?
  12. Revellion

    ArmA 1.14 Linux Dedicated Server Public

    it happens with any mission or just a selected few? @=JpS=SgtRock, the tolower script/code-snippet just makes all filenames lowercase. since linux differs upper and lowercase. while windows doesnt. so without running tolower it can get quite quirky.
  13. Revellion

    ArmA 1.14 Linux Dedicated Server Public

    On client side it says "Wait for host", and it just doesn't load the mission even though I wait for a long time. I tried to look for some file that has more detailed log but couldn't find one. Server Information CPU: Intel Celeron 2600MHz Memory: 512MB Operating System: Linux Kubuntu 8.04 err. have you runned tolower script? :/. cause i see upper-case names in the folders there.
  14. Revellion

    ArmA 1.14 Linux Dedicated Server Public

    "File server, script not executed" That bug is finally squashed?! . that one has spooked me for ages on a AMD Opteron server with the Evolution maps. enter town and scripts doesnt trigger bug. hope it's really what i think it is. if so THANKS A LOT! D
  15. Revellion

    Linux server beta

    and Hate to revive an old topic but. Is there a date on the 1.09 beta patch for us on the linux side? or is a new release of the linux server scheduled for release at some near date?