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    Showcase scuba - can't defuse mines

    Good to know something about this mission, since "Laws of War" DLC you need to "tag" the mines to get the action to defuse it. So basicly look the mine, press "TAB" (or your default key to reveal/tag ennemies) and then you got the action to defuse. Might help if someone ever play the showcase some day in the future. Don't feel the need to reply anymore, i was just replying in case someone needs the solution one day and find this topic (like i have).
  2. Misfit Leader

    Knock People Unconscious

    Sound like a good addition, but a shortcut to use the action would be awesome (probably need to be included in ACE 3 so we can parameter a key for it). Because even on a slow moving target it's gonna be hard to use it via ace interaction menu. Or can you add a "configure addon" entry maybe ? (haven't installed it yet) Does this work on prone target ? How much time the guy stay unconscious ? Edit : Saw the time on armaholic, 60 seconds more than enough yep ! :)
  3. Misfit Leader

    M.S.K.E. 4 Islands Map Version 2017

    As AiA TP is a "dead" project, i assume you will one day join in CUP ? So we will have all bohemia series terrains in only one pack. Can't wait for it, so far good work =)
  4. Hi, I've been using recently the A3 launcher to set up my community mods. I wanted to build few presets for differents communities. Sadly, i noticed when you have to wipe out something (or all the preset), it doesn't delete the mods in the list. So you have to clean it up line by line. Is there an hidden way to manage the remove "by preset" ? (while letting you remove only from list or hard drive like it does one by one) If not, it's a pain in the ass to delete dozens and dozens of lines ! :p
  5. Misfit Leader

    New Launcher Settings?

    You better leave all these options off. From what i saw there is no difference at all by setting them on or off (hyperthreading, ex-threads) or telling the number of RAM/VRAM/Core. Texture aren't loading faster (ssd may help in my case), game isn't running faster, game isn't using more RAM/VRAM than previously. The only thing i notice while trying to tell the game what it should be using based on my rig was crash or graphics driver crash. Seems unstable and useless from my point of view.
  6. To be confirmed, burning damage (vehicle in flame when being near/walking on, maybe fire from a camp too ?) is making vanilla wound not curable with ACE.
  7. The modifier key isn't working with the default settings ? Is there a way to keep "left control" key as a modifier key and make it work ? Tried to search this thread for "modifier key" withtout success.
  8. Misfit Leader


    Can you, please, update the game so we have the display back & running while a TDR happen ? That won't solve the problem, but at least we could resume our playing while not having to exit the game. Can you search for information about that ? Ask microsoft what you have to do ? I've experienced this while rolling back to an older driver, it was in Planet Side 2 and the game correctly worked after few seconds of black screen. Edit : I think the last sentence of my quote is the key element for you Bohemia ;)
  9. Misfit Leader


    Got 2 crash in the game tonight, same driver hang up & recovered. So i am still forced to rollback to a very old driver which isn't very convenient as i play arma 3 multiple time in a week along others newest games. I've upload arma 3 RPT & Windows RPT. Have fun reading them if you read us ! :p https://mega.nz/#!WYERRbYQ!stvAaUIX8S-BSszxtGa78aTA_YgpeMj6og-8vGKeukI Of course i'll also post this information on the nVidia forums, hoping someone there will also want to investigate why the driver is so unstable with your game only or mostly.
  10. Misfit Leader


    I've tried the game again with latest patch for the game and latest driver, and i already encounter some strange things. Some launcher made by the community won't show (invisible) or will make the arma3.exe crash instantly. From what i've tried Eryx & AT4 CS made me crash in the virtual arsenal. As you've said in the last sitrep that you made change for something called "proxy lod weapon", it seems to have introduced a bug too for weapon rendering. I'll try to get you the exact author name of the launcher that bugged me later tonight.
  11. Misfit Leader


    I also have it with a GTX 980, the only successful thing i have done is a driver rollback to 23th September 2014 GeForce Driver. Now the game is running fine, so it's also a problem in the nVidia driver. Already sent them tons of DMP (placed in C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG after each crash), but maybe Bohemia would want to look at some of them ? So i can confirm rolling back is in some way a success, but some others games (newer) run bad which isn't great, and change driver everyday to play one game is not a solution ! :p Anyway, while rolling back i got the same issue in another game (planet side 2 i think), but things went different. After the driver was reloaded, the game itself reset the display so i can see again without restarting the game (tooks only few sec by itself). Maybe on that point Bohemia can do something ? Because the worst thing is not the error/display lost, it's that the game can't recover/reset the display after the black screen. You have to kill arma3 process or access A3 menu (escape) then alt+f4 to close it. And restart the game is a mission killer :(
  12. Misfit Leader

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    There is a glitch on the TFAR radio, the frequency is hidden by a black ruban since 1.46 (since few hours so)
  13. Is there a way to load the body bag inside vehicle ? I admit i've tried only in 3.0.0, my community hasn't tested the 3.0.1 for now. From what i can remember there is no problem to move body bag but it couldn't be loaded inside a vehicle. Also i've not seen any issue reported for that on the github or haven't used the right word to.
  14. Is there a possible bug with javelin locking/changing fire mode ? I can make it work with vanilla titan (mini-spike) with both change fire & ACE 3 locking system, while Javelin (RHS) is only working with the basic vanilla locking and no TOP fire mode. I've only launched latest CBA, ACE 3 (official release to public) and latest RHS RU/US pack. I assumed it was compatible from start because i saw "titan/javelin" on the official wiki. Or maybe i missed something. Source : http://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/javelin.html
  15. On you wiki, medical system documentation there is a polish sentence "w zależności od głębokości i szerokości rany dosyć szybkie wykrwawianie się" for the cut wounds instead of english ;)
  16. Misfit Leader

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    For the vanilla group manager, add the team (white, red, blue, green) options so the player can join it inside its squad. Currently not possible by the vanilla group tool, tried the vanilla interaction menu but doesn't look to affect the group manager or player.
  17. Is there a way to add a "confirmation message" on the "disable respawn" setting, so it won't be activated by mistake during a mission ? As the option cannot be undone.
  18. Not only the team(s), but the game itself probably allow more things to be done.
  19. The word is after the Marksmen DLC (because of the modifications it implies) and before the end of the month. So in the next 3 and a half weeks :)
  20. From what i've read, even better than ACE 2. But there are already system which aren't just point & click, with commander tablet & fire missions (which means direction/elevation/range mode), so i guess we can expect this as a minimum.
  21. Keep up the good work & thanks for your time, passion, effort. Ps : if you need us to take care of your girlfriend/wife (:rolleyes:), keep busy your children, just say the word ! ;)
  22. Misfit Leader

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    A3 Arsenal improvement (comfort) One button to empty all the slots, can be done manually but it takes time. A3 Arsenel improvement (or bug ?) Prevent the Arsenal from adding objects inside uniform, chest or bag. I don't know why, it could be scripted items, but sometimes you have few objects that pops with medical stuff or ammo inside (GL/Missile) which is very annoying. If possible Arsenal should never execute script linked to an object that act as a Cargo (if it's the problem).
  23. Misfit Leader

    Confirmation of new Engine in development?

    It only happens when you switch from binocular from what i remember (old bug on the official tracker). Not for the weapons (at least not the vanilla). To stay on the topic, it's clear that ArmA series need a new engine, it's one of the most demanding game for the CPU (in online game) and for the third installments of the series it's still using 2 core max. The "next-gen" engine (such as CryEngine 3, or Watch Dogs' one) are using 4 or even 6 core. I am sure we are already trapped to 2 core until we move on to ArmA 4 which is a sad news (because it's a long way !). Seeing my "old computer" (first i7 generation) perform so badly in online game but using only half of the ressource is killing me :/
  24. Misfit Leader

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Arma 3 Arsenal improvements : - Search engine, at least on one word (key word like "desert", "wood", "M4" and so on) so you can filter the objects to show only the one that match your request. I know there is already a search by typing the first letters but it's not enough when you have lots of community content. - add the X magnification on the scope description when selecting one, so we know if it's a x4 or x12 (i don't know if it's a registered information inside the scope object ?) - add the possibility to load ammunition even if they aren't linked to the weapon you carry. May need a special tab, so it's not confusing when player want to load the right compatible ammo for their weapon. It's needed for the ammo carrier role (for AT/AA, MG mostly).
  25. Misfit Leader

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Sorry for replying an old thread but now that we know that DX12 will be Windows 10 and that every Windows 7 (at least for private use) should be able to upgrade to 10 free of charge... Do BIS think of adding DX12 support ? Maybe not all the new stuff but... The most interesting thing in it is the support of the "mantle like" optimization to lower the CPU load. And that should be the best addition to arma which is very CPU "bottlenecked", so freeing a little bit the CPU could help the game ? Woops : Haven't seen a new thread opened for it -> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188022-BIS-CEO-Marek-Spanel-Wants-DX12-for-Arma-3! Maybe moderation should close this one, and pinpoint the new one in the first post :rolleyes: