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  1. Thank you a lot and congratulations for this update !
  2. Nikoteen

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Just wanted to congrats mod authors for the best WW2 mod I ever played.
  3. I love this mod, this will be the greatest thing ever. I actually use your first work published on Armaholic, along with SFX (pretty good stuff)
  4. Agree. And to me, that's the little orange runway light poles at the edge of said runway which irritates me the most. Not only can they stop tanks instantly but all planes that will come in contact too ! :(
  5. You should. Airburst ammo will be everywhere in 2035. AGM Mod had it for the anti aircraft platform, and it was a blast (in fact I still use AGM). So simple to use, just use the laser rangefinder to set the detonation distance. It's so simple I wonder why it couldn't be implemented for the game.
  6. Afghanit, which is Armata T14 APS is said to be a modernized Drozd (the concept is therefore not that obsolete). Actually the T-14 is the child of cancelled projects T-95 and Black Eagle. The latter initially should have received Drozd or Arena. BIS made the decision for them :)
  7. Everybody know about the Merkava APS Trophy and more interestingly, The BIS T-100 (based on Black Eagle prototype) too has already Drozd APS modelled on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drozd Ready to be activated by Dev.
  8. Nikoteen

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    Interesting. Then maybe from a gameplay POV, it could interesting to make the laser rangefinder work only on objects (such as rock, houses, trees, etc.) That would simulate some challenge to acquire the target. As a matter of fact anyway since there's no LWR modeled, there's no constraint to lase any kind of target...
  9. Nikoteen

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    Beagle, As it seems you have some knowledge, does LWR work even when you lase in immediate surrounding ? or only when you are on-the-target ? I want to know if this could be a valid RL strategy to lase not far from the target to avoid detection ?
  10. Hello ! Probably already been discussed, but wouldn't that be great to have the introduction of airburst ammunition finally ? I mean, the increased lethality of such ammo has been the primary reason of the development of 40mm caseless autocannon which notably equips the Marshall (Patria).
  11. Nikoteen

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    From the realism point of view : as already discussed, it takes time for the process to complete (your laser was beamed in a fraction of second, now you know the distance, good. What about the speed of target related to the movement of the firing platform, calculation associated and gun readyness ?) From the gameplay point of view : it is best to have a (short) acquisition time to prevent the "magic button" feeling. I lase, fire, boom, next target. In that particular case, there is very little difference with the previous model of "tab lock", what kind of pleasure there is to instakill a target ? I still remember the former locking system in ArmA 2 when there was no delay at all for MANPADS for instance. How awful it was...
  12. Nikoteen

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    We need (in this order) : 1) 1-2 sec. FCS gun lead delay 2) Laser Warning Receiver implementation ! 3) Passive and Active protection systems (Shtora, Quick Kill, Arena, Trophy, Afghanit, etc.) 4) Armor penetration simulation if there's time left :) Thank you Bohemia.
  13. This mod and JSRS4 are two of the most accomplished sound mod ever done. For those curious, I tried to mix both and the result is quite surprising, to be honest it's a splendid union !
  14. OMG, this is like the real thing ! Thank you so much, you already have a special place in Arma heaven for this :)
  15. Nikoteen

    RS - Rain Textures

    Awesome :) sorry for being not up to date !