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  1. Hello, I'm searching for a video that was posted on YT during early development of A3 showing a retracted skybox / weather simulation. If I remember correctly the footage was of (CUP?) Chernarus; a soldier was walking down a hill (1PP) towards a village in the rain with the weather clearing from behind. The soldier turned around and you could see the sun coming through the overcast above the hill. There was a specific reason why this weather simulation was eventually not implemented, though I cannot remember why that was. I'm positive one of you can help me, thanks in advance.
  2. Does someone else notice the wheels of the Nyx not being in sync with the track? They rotate too fast. More on the Nyx: When you command the vehicle turned out, the hatch of the driver blocks your forward view.
  3. @14:37 Were those crisps scripted? :')
  4. 2 sorts of Rahim ammo, one is unusable. https://imgur.com/a/RZTLG
  5. Can someone confirm that, once completed, missions Avenging Furies and Disintegration Point cannot be replayed?
  6. NoPOW

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Yes, but it doesn't serve any purpose anymore?
  7. NoPOW

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Very immersive, gj! Is the 'optics' mode considered redundant? http://83clan.com/armaMbt/or/Arma2-MBT-West-DriverView.jpg
  8. And what a classy reply... :')
  9. You do know the video you spam in your signature is extremely annoying when reading the forum on a mobile device?
  10. Yes, you could finish the campaign and replay every mission in another role separately (not being forced to the chronology of the campaign), but then you wouldn't be able to migrate accumulated gear to the next mission, could you?
  11. Is there another (better) way to play the alternate role of the narrative without having to 'revert' the (mini) campaign?
  12. Disintegration Point - Special Forces EDIT: Little typo in the debriefing dialogue : GUARDIAN states 'Le' instead of 'La Trinité'. @13:37:
  13. NoPOW

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    I like the idea, but mine clearing has to be systematic and thorough; you could go the manual way after you deployed your bangalore though...
  14. NoPOW

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Didn't encounter it during the campaign, but is it possible to place markers/flags near mines ingame? I'm assuming the civilian population does not have the equipment to let little red triangles automagically appear... EDIT: Which has already been proposed a few posts earlier. :')