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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to switch from red dot to scope and vice versa on the RCO. Can you or is it 2 different models? I was just making a mission and I swear the guy I've been using for the player had been looking thru the scope but now he's only using the red dot. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find the key in the manual of key bindings. Not sure why the player isn't using the scope anymore, I changed nothing. Only thing I can think of is the beta did it. I just switch to dev version. EDIT: Sorry I think I have this in the wrong section. I'm an idiot. sorry. I musta looked at in 10 times in the options menu and missed it. Please close
  2. I've been trying to load saved games but I keep getting deleted content errors. It seems to happen with every mission and the deleted content error contains about 20 .pbos. This happens when I try to load steam workshop mission. When I place the mission .pbo in the Missions folder it doesn't give me the error message. Instead the game just crashes. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. I'm trying to find out why I dont have the supporter badge. I bought the Alpha and paid for the most expensive supporter addition but I don't see my purchase in the store or the badge. I haven't posted on this forum in years but with the release of Apex I figured I'd hop back on. One thing I released is I've purchase all the DLCs except carts but now if I recall right as an early supporter I'm supposed to get the DLC for free. Is that wrong? I'm not sure why I just realized this now but I never thought of it until now. I can't find the email confirm from my alpha supporter purchase but many of you old timers should remember I was around during those early Alpha days and even released a mission in March 2013. I'm not sure what's going on or who to get a hold of but I know without a doubt I paid for the supporter edition during the alpha. Matter of fact I believe I purchased it the first possible day. Any moderators have any suggestions? It's no big deal if I haveto purchase Apex I will but the least I should receive is the supporter badge since I was one.
  4. manzilla

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Damn that really sucks. WTF BI why change it after all these years? Guess I'll only be able to play the campaign when I have a bunch of time to spare which is very rare these days And Thx kylania. Glad to see you're still around
  5. manzilla

    ETA On Apex Release?

    It's not out yet? So I must be playing the dev branch. I haven't played for a few months until today so when I fired it up I figured I was playing the actual release. It's a bit confusing b/c nowhere on Steam does it say it's not released yet. The way it looks on my end is that it's already out.
  6. manzilla

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Yeah man it's awful playing SP like this. Unless I'm doing something wrong it looks like we're gonna have to deal with playing SP like this. EDIT: Damn my fault. I thought it was already released. I haven't played the game in a long time so when I fired it up today and saw the Apex campaign I just figured it was the actual release and not just the dev branch I was playing. Whoops. So hopefully when the real release hits there will be an actual SP campaign mode not just playing it solo on a server.
  7. manzilla

    cant paly new campaign in solo

    It seems there isn't really a solo game mode. I'm trying to play just SP but it seems like I'm playing solo on a server. No save games, the game doesn't pause when I'm in the esc menu and there's a respawn option. Why is this? I want to play SP since I'm playing while I work so I'll play for 10- 15mins then pause and go back to work hoping to pick up where I left off when I take another break. But without being able to pause the game or at least save it the game just keeps running. Am I doing something wrong or is this just how you guys decided to do it for Apex. I hope not because then I won't be playing it very much. I'd love to play MP during the day but it just wouldn't be fair to the other players for me to play part of a mission then disappear when I need to get back to work. Everything looks and plays fantastic so far but not being able to play in a true SP mode kind of sucks.
  8. manzilla


    Been a while since I've been on these forums. Pumped for Apex
  9. Here's my 1st mission for ArmA 3. There's a lot for me to do until it's even close to finished but I wanted to get it out to you guys. It's intended to be a SP mission but that may change if I ever learn how to make MP missions. Beta Version 2.1: [sP] Snakes in the Grass...or Sky Link: Version: Beta V2.1 We need to gain a foothold on the island. First you need to clear the Kamino Firing Range. From there you venture on further into the interior. You will also need to destroy communications if you want to use air support. Until those towers are down none will be available. Along the way you will rain down destruction on the OPFOR and hopefully gain the support of local rebels near the end of the mission. Features: UPSMON Air Support Artillery Support Player group reinforcement UAV operator Required AddOns: **None but I use the development version of Beta so you'll have to do the same if you want to play the mission. If you use the vanilla Alpha this mission will not work due to classname changes, etc.** Credits: Kronzky for his wicked UPS and Mosada for UPSMON Saok for the Air Support, team reinforcement, armed civilians scripts and a bunch of help I got the radio sounds at the beginning from someone back in the A2 days. Forgive me for not remembering, please remind me if you see this. BIS The community for keepin' BIS in business and thus keeping these games alive. New to v2.1: Just a few minor tweaks Removed DAC Added UAV operator(use team switch to use) New to v1.96: Air support fixed again Added final objectives for this mission More bad guys Player team reinforcements Artillery support Other tweaks Note: Though I've added new objects the is no dialogue yet. Just follow the tasks they give hints to the story line. I'll build all that stuff in later. Known Issues: **The optional missions do not check complete in the tasks menu. I can't figure out why but it doesn't effect gameplay. Also note the group leader needs to make it through the mission. I had to change him to an explosive specialist and make him required cause I can't figure out how to set it up so any unit type can disarm stuff.** There is still no cut scenes, intro/outro, no radio sounds or dialogue. I'll work on that next. This is a very early build. I plan on enhancing it as time goes by. This mission was not built for MP play. I don't know how. I will add all that in the future as well. The mission is very bare bones but I have really enjoyed it so far. Mirrors: Snakes in the Grass...or Sky [bETA] v2.1 Note: You can try to play this MP but it probably will not work. If anyone knows what I need to do to get it MP compatible feel free to let me know. I'll gladly make it so but as I said before I do not know how. Never made anything but SP missions.
  10. manzilla

    UPSMON for arma3

    I tried the link you gave on the last page but it says file not found.
  11. manzilla

    [SP-CP04] Hunt For Akazi by Surfer

    Maybe I'm just missing it but you should include a .pbo of the mission in the DL. It looks like it's just a file folder. No big deal for me but others may not know how to turn the folder into a .pbo. I look forward to checking out this mission
  12. I haven't played in a few days but today I fired up the game and I'm getting error messages about missing files. When I click OK the game opens but then another error appears then the game CTD. The first error message I get right after pressing play is: after I hit ok the game opens but during the title screen I get this error: then the game crashes to desktop. Is anyone else having this problem? The game updated today and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. I have the dev branch activated. I just tried to "verify integrity of game cache" and it says I'm having issues with 2 files and now 1.1gbs of data are DLing as I type. I'm hoping it fixes the error messages and crashing but I won't know for a bit since the DL is only at 25%. Just want to check if others have experienced this before. EDIT: DL finished and everything seems to be back to normal. Not sure what was going on there but if anyone runs into this problem right click on ArmA 3 in the Steam Library then click Properties. From there select the Local Files tab then click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache. That fixed it for me.
  13. Thanks. I'm not sure why I couldn't remember there was a slider there cause I've used it before. Sorry about that
  14. I can't figure out how to rotate the object used to construct a base. Am I just missing those instructions? Also can I rotate stuff like walls before I click the Move button cause if not the 2 seconds to move makes it kind hard. Would be best if the moving part could stay open unless one pressed a key or something.
  15. manzilla

    [SP] Revenge (A3)!

    No doubt! Glad to see ya making missions and I loved Revenge in OFP. Thanks man, glad to see you're still around.
  16. manzilla

    Snakes in the Grass...or Sky

    I am working on some new ones but it may take a while. Too busy with work and when I have free time I find it hard to work on them for too long. Hopefully once the full game is released I'll get more inspiration. I am planning more though. I may convert this to Altis as well. That map is great Edit: ArmAholic mirror for current version added to first post
  17. manzilla

    Snakes in the Grass...or Sky

    Sorry for the delay. This will now work again. Mission updated to v2.1 Not many changes except I removed DAC cause it was giving tons of errors that wouldn't go away. I also added the UAV operator, team switch to him to use.
  18. I've mentioned this before but I should say it again. Just a friendly tip. When making a new thread please consider using a title that's relevant to the topic you're posting about. Titles like "I have a question", "Total noob question here", etc are worthless. First, some people ignore them altogether. Second, and most important, it helps others that may have the same question. It's much easier to find what you are looking when you can search via title. Finally it's in the forum rules. I just makes it easier to find things and saves a lot of time.
  19. Forgive me for bringing up my old thread but it's necessary. Could some of you guys please stop using worthless titles for your threads. "Please help" doesn't help anyone when trying to search later on and tbh I refuse to even look at them. I know some others do the same. Seriously, you get your questions answered but people with the same questions can't find it without wasting time looking through a whole bunch of threads. Save us all some time and be as descriptive as possible when naming your thread. Besides.....it's in the forum rules!
  20. manzilla

    tasks help please!!

    Yeah the task module is worthless to me. It's easier to just script it. It's a great concept though but unfortunately it never seems to work correctly.
  21. After the PMC release and the most recent BIS updates I noticed I can't play other Campaigns anymore. If I select Singleplayer-> Campaign-> Operation Crimson Lance(or any other) it goes directly to the PMC Campaign mission selection screen as if I had selected it in the first place. I've tried it with the most recent PMC update + A2OA v1.57 and with the most recent OA betas.
  22. manzilla

    DAC Arma 3

    I'm having the same problem. The errors wont stop for me.
  23. Did they remove the AA ammo for OPFOR? The classname was RPG32_AA_F and then changed to M_RPG32_AA_F but no I'm getting an error that says no such thing. Also I dont see it in the config viewer in the editor. That allinone is not easier to use. What do I do with it? Just search the .cpp file? Six config browser is much better EDIT: I may be mistaken but it looks likes it was replaced by a Titan
  24. This is a fun mission. Good start for sure. Well done.
  25. Thanks for the update. Is it just on my end or does team member # 2 never start with a silencer? I've seen him have one in prior versions but for the last few he never does when we get to the island. All the rest do. I've tried multiple restarts and still no silencer. I use the dev branch and have no addons/mods running, not even cba