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  1. Well, I understand you. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
  2. Good addon. I just did not like the texture, too clean, "factory". For myself, I improved a little bit texture as I see it. Maybe it will inspire the developers. http://u.to/9gIVDw Developers of addon I wish success and continue to delight us with their work.
  3. Just to report that work goes on... BADABOOM!
  4. I make animations only for AR's (M16-M4) rifles. To create animation for different weapon (for example SCAR or any another with GL) is very inconvenient. But animation must be appropriate for most rifles in the game (without considering mod's/addons).
  5. I missed all of you... too :D If you speak about static animation of this standing pose, why not :) (if i correctly understood you)
  6. Privet to all. I started working on new addition and of course is a static animation for your screenshots or anything else. Here is allowed to criticize, advise, assess, etc. Any of your remarks are welcome. At this point ready 26 animations, some of them you can see below (in spoiler). Addition will be released in late November.
  7. Full size (1000x800) A: PMC, GRU (probably by Massi) Full size (1000x800) A: Island 'Capraia' by "Numeric Games Studio", Rangers by daveygarys
  8. These words are "to place" of screenshot :ok:
  9. Addons: Female Soldiers (SchnapsdroSel)|MODUL Anims (FPU) [full size 1280x1024]
  10. Addons: GRU SPETSNAZ (Caprera & massi) [full size 1280x1024]
  11. FULL SIZE addons: Afghani(by Opteryx and others), TF86 Navy SEALs(by Drew 'ardvarkdb' Bowers), my ANIMS/FACES(two guys at the left)
  12. Yeah, has well worked at this screenshot :)
  13. 1280x1024 version Bonus, the same, but as if drawing. And the original, for comparative procedures by a principle "Before-After".