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  1. Seems the AWS pack will need a update to go along with the LOAL changes to GBU's. When using FIR and Vanilla assets, you are not able to use GBU's on Wipeout. Use a FIR plane and you can. Unload FIR AWS, and GBU's are able to be used again on BI planes.
  2. kilrbe3

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Thank you so so so so much for doing this!! <3 So excited to fly the beauty! You the best! Cheers
  3. kilrbe3

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Hey Fir, Just wanted to ask something that I seen asked here since July, and on Steam, but has never been answered. Is there a workaround, or different model you could throw in to the pack, that allows the Pilot to control the TGP for the F-15E? I'd love to fly it more, but as being a Editor player mostly, I scratch my flying itch all the time with the F-16. I'd love to fly the F-15 more, but in its current setup it's just not possible for SP / Editor fun. Could pilot be able to control the TGP, please? Such a great model, but sadly 100% useless in a Editor scenario. The new F-15SE looks great! But I feel the same problem will occur, as needed a 2nd human player to enjoy it. :( I realize game immersion =/= real life prototypes. But here I think a exception could be made for the sake of 'game balance'. Cheers mate
  4. kilrbe3

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    To counter, I must say, what is so wrong with simply uploading to steam workshop? Why do you find yourself doing extra work and fighting the idiots who upload it constantly? Maybe it's a hint that it's highly requested on steam. Maybe its a hint that the old style is dying, and people need to learn to move on with the times. AH is a dead horse these days. No offense and respect to you, but you are one of those legend authors who spouts the whole "anti-steam" thing, yet you do more work daily fighting it, then just accepting it. Getting your mod more exposure, for others to enjoy. Anyways, sadly, that guy is new to a community I play on, and will inform him ASAP via Discord of his stupidity, and respect your current wishes.
  5. kilrbe3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    No one was asking, I asked a simple question and you become very hostile and white knight appoarch. And not even a 10 min old post, and you have two more white knights 'Like this'. Jesus no one was shitting on anyone. It was a simple question. But no, its not entirely up to mission makers, when its hard coded in RHS configs. But please, mouth off some more to act bigger as you seem to love. Nice mentaily I see So if one thing isn't your way of doing things, it's just "hey piss off, go play another game" ARMA offers a Milsim Sandbox, and other ways of playing. Before RHS and after. Since OFP FFS with CTi. So before you wish to go down that route, and tell me to piss off into another game. How about you open your eyes and see there is more to just being an armchair wannabe soldier in ArmA.
  6. kilrbe3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think what our dear friend Lex here is trying to say, and in his Russian ways, pretty much just he doesn't fully understand how RHS could be completely PVE focused. He comes from a CTi server that has just recently switched to RHS from CUP. The transition has been quite, the tackle so to say. Due to RHS scripts, damage models, and etc. The big thing the whole server notices is the balance is just not there across the board. 'It's taking awhile for players to see, and adjust to this new 'meta'. What lex, I think was just trying to get across was, at least I think, and I slightly wonder my self. When you guys were in long ago process of making RHS, did you guys decide to only focus on IRL system and realism, and just completely ignore any little bit of PVP play? Again, as you stated it is your mod. Please forgive Lex if he sounds harsh or front. Its your work, we just using and appreciate the work. But it has brought up even chats and questions in the group to just ask and shake heads at "Where is the any, littlest, tiny bit of balance here?" because there basically is none in stock RHS. The group devs are having to do lots of config changes to make a more balance PvP CTi experience. Work is progressing, but its work. Pretty much my question is, did you guys just really want to replicate modern IRL systems, and just completely ignore any sense of gameplay , and balance at some points? In some units, it shows that some got lots of love, and some just got 'eh its done' love. Then you get the difference in systems even with units of same age, but vary greatly. TL:DR its very hard for PVP, and most are just wondering, does the RHS team only ever touch PVE and never once a PVP match? Because overall it screams a pure PVE approach so far, after all these years seeing it from that. Then seeing it in a PVP environment, its drastically different.
  7. So excited :) This is for sure the biggest mod that is getting my hyped this year. Ahhh, you talking about the USAF and FIR, ahhh, my pants are moving. So much potential! Finally have a nice F-35 to put on the ramp next to my F-16's. (FC37 doesnt do justice anymore, too far behind in arma tech (no tgp, missile box, etc). Cannot wait :)
  8. I get a little movement in my trousers every time I see something new from you. God I just love your work. Question though if I may, now after I seen that great cockpit WIP. What's your take on working MFDs? Esp with Jet DLC around corner, if BIS offers better ways to implement their new Missile Cam and RWR, could we possible see more working , changeable MFD screens? Seems very few authors tackle them.
  9. kilrbe3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a way to copy the manual install to a workshop folder, or we going to have to re-download all since 4.1 is on the wget, and 4.2 is only on Steam.
  10. I am personally a sucker for FIR. I looked today at implementing his FCS , AWS (FIR in general) to the FC-37. Didn't have much time to goof, but first test was unsuccessful. Even following his guide in Manual.
  11. This is why we keep online and offline backups folks :P Though, I did take a gander today. Thought about putting a quick together version of FIR AWS into it?
  12. So MFD's aren't ruled out is what this post basically sum'd up as? I wasn't trying to be negative and go "oh this is horrible". Just "oh, this makes.. little sense". I even acknowledge mutiple times in my post that this was a first revision and pass at the new system. I even went deeper and said I can see why this GUI is in place for due to Air/Ground/AA and Mod/Non-Mod planes. I get that. My question was more towards, are plans in place to further expand to MFDs? Was this brought up in any meetings and white boards? I get the GUI is for a first glace at the system and tune it. True. Don't think any disagree with that statement. You guys have been great at giving us the framework and blocks to build on, and let the Mods polish and add more features to it. But for something like this. I hope BIS doesn't fall that same hole. Not something as big as this, and realistic as actually having working MFDs.
  13. After spending a few hours with the update, by only gripe is.... BIS put these sensors, and radar into a new UI window like you see with miniGPS (CTRL+M). I'm not happy about that.. Especially when I go and read this... Why... Why... Why... BIS... Why... Why... Why are we taking things away from realism and realistic and throwing it in a GUI outside of cockpit? I can see why for APC/Tanks/AA that don't have MFDs. (Or why we don't have interior views... oh wait, that be in Tank DLC I bet.. Yet was in A2..) I played around doing my CAS mission and goofing in editor. Only thing I could say entire time playing was "Why the fuck is this not in the MFD... Why the fuck is this immersion broken so bad by being a GUI outside the cockpit" Why can't I select in scroll wheel or mouse click to change displays? You don't seem very amused by this BIS, and I want to know why. Are you scared of dipping into clickable MFDs? Did Nod & Franze scare you guys that Modders can do better work? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28085 Sorry if the bluntness is coming, but... You guys (BIS) never cared about jets for over 3 games now. Now it gets love, and you guys are going back in time... This is like a quick workaround people would of done in A2 when we didn't have great MFDs as we do now. (Looking at you Firwell and you wonderful bastard! https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/180959-firewill-standalone-series-release-thread/) This should be the staple of how BIS handles jets. His MFD's are great. The F-18X Wasp is another prime example of how MFD's can work perfectly. What we get from BIS? Oh just standard weapon loadout, and aircraft alt/speed. That's nice and all, and works great. But lets stay at the Modders level, and not downgrade the base game. Plus as others have mentioned on the BIS thread, is this really the full on thing BIS should be pushing in ARMA universe? Most people already think CAS is good enough for ARMA and barely works (depending on your level of thinking, knowledge). I can only think have A2A, IR , and RWR is just kinda...over doing it. We just don't have the space for this quite yet. TL:DR Glad you finally after 3 games now, you care about planes BIS. But, lets not go backwards in tech and functionality with them.. This was first release of the new system, but lets get this off the UI and onto actual plane displays.. Least make it toggle for pilots who want the real feel. Keep the UI APC/Tanks/AA and mod planes. But give the modders the access and knowledge they need to put in this sensor package into their own working MFD.
  14. kilrbe3

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Ditch it for a script version off Armaholic of a JTAC / Air Support script. There quite a few out there with a nice GUI and script now a days. Give up on the Support Module.. that thing breaks like a Honda.. lol
  15. kilrbe3

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Something breaks when defaults are changed at top of classnames_extensions, mostly repair. For a quick fix, Make a initPlayerLocal.sqf , put below in to declare all units engie & medic if want for a quick fix. Something deep breaks and too lazy to hunt for what it is. player setUnitTrait ["Medic",true]; player setUnitTrait ["Engineer",true];