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  1. Hi, some day ago I re‑placed my Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3GHz by Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3GHz. In all games I have 1,5x to 2x more FPS, I tested ARMA2 & OA, and there is no dif‑ference at all. I use a GTX 970 card and before a GTX 275, so I think I should have an im‑provement but in games, I have 22FPS like before ! I setted launch com‑mand "-nosplash -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7" but no dif‑ference at all... Is Arma 2 optimized for multi-core or not ? I know Arma is not if I believe what I read here : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?56838-Dual-core-Quad-Core-and-SLI&p=992650&viewfull=1#post992650 Here are my setting language="French"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=100000; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1680; Resolution_H=1050; refresh=60; winX=16; winY=32; winW=800; winH=600; winDefW=800; winDefH=600; Render_W=1680; Render_H=1050; FSAA=1; postFX=2; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=2; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=2147483647; nonlocalVRAM=1073676288; Windowed=0; vsync=1; AToC=0; PPAA=0; PPAA_Level=0;
  2. What is strange, it's if I monitor the core usage from CPU1 to CPU4 in MSI Afterburner OSD, I can see that all cores are working overs 65%...
  3. Even Arma 3 is not optimized for multi‑cores & multi‑threading ? Why the de‑velopers don't make a patch to re‑solve this issue for Arma 2 & 3 ???
  4. Hi, i like to look unit in arsenal, but in scene view the IA choose randomly view and sometime the angle of camera are bad. So i would like you add a fonction to choose to swith view in arsenal using F1 to F12, like in other simulation F12 switch missile camera, F11 view enemy units, F1 front, F2 back, F3 Side, etc... Hope you do so... You can check other air simulation to use same standard keyboard config for the camera. This is from Enemy Engaged Commanche vs Hokum F1 Forward View F2 Instrum. View F3 L. MFD View F4 R. MFD View F5 Player's Gunship F6 Player's Target F7 Player's Weapon F8 Player's Padlock F9 Chase Camera F10 Fly-by Camera F11 Action Camera F12 Object Menu Also they use Ctrl & Alt & Shift to add more view
  5. Hi, it's seems that the dev forgot to add new arty computer to scud takistan in patch 54. They didn't update the officer, chief & some unit to be able to use arty computer, to command multiple strike on map, using arty unit avaiable on field, for this computer arty should add a fonction to choose arty unit that we want to use.
  6. I don't like total mod, because the CWR don't allow the commander to use is Gun (0,50) like in Arma or Arma 2 (multiple gun on tank, chopper)... The gunner only have Sabot/Heat and 0,50 and not Machine Gun 7,62... Also the texture used in CWR seem to be taken from OFP, why did you not take the Texture PAA in Resistance (8192x8192) ??? The quality was better, it's realy ugly :(. In car & truck the pannel look very bad, and i'n my remembrance the resistance was nicer. I just tested the M115 & Truck and yes the pannel just a little more nicer (still it's very pixellized). So i wan't to signal it to you. I hope you will use P3D, texture of the unit avaiable in Arma & Arma 2 for M1A1, M2A2, Vulcan, A10, etc...
  7. Hi, do you plan to convert other RKT/VIT plane for ARMA 2 ??? Here is the list : - rkt15e.pbo - rkta6.pbo - rkta26.pbo - rktf15c.pbo - rktf16.pbo - Vit_F117.pbo - rktf86.pbo - rktmig17.pbo - Vit_Mig21.pbo - rktmig23.pbo - Vit_Mig25.pbo - rktmig27.pbo - Vit_Mig29.pbo - rktsu24.pbo - Су-2 / SUKHOÃ-1937 Bomber : ??? - Су-12 / SUKHOÃ-1947 Recon : ??? - Су-7 / SUKHOÃ-1955 Bomber : ??? - Су-9 / SUKHOÃ-1959 Interceptor : ??? - Су-15 / SUKHOÃ-1962 Interceptor : ??? - Су-17 / SUKHOÃ-1966 Bomber : ??? (SU-20 Export, SU-22 two seat) - Су-24 / SUKHOÃ-1967 Bomber : ??? - Су-25 / SUKHOÃ-1975 Bomber : VIT_SU25 - Су-27 / SUKHOÃ-1977 Interceptor : rktsu27.pbo - Су-27К or 33 / SUKHOÃ-1985 Interceptor : rktsu33.pbo (http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9856 & http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9913) - Су-27M or 35 / SUKHOÃ-1988 Interceptor : - Су-30 / SUKHOÃ-1989 Interceptor : ??? - Су-34 / SUKHOÃ-1990 Bomber : ??? - Су-47 Беркут / SUKHOÃ-1985 Experimental : su47.pbo - Су-39 or 25TM / SUKHOÃ-2007 Bomber : ??? - Су-35БМ / SUKHOÃ-2008 Interceptor : ??? - Су-50 / SUKHOÃ-2010 Interceptor / PAK FA : ??? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_PAK_FA) The X serie (Prototype) ?
  8. CWR² : Good news hope you use new tech and model from Arrow head (M2A2, MI17, MI24 and others)... I hope that you are making not a total mod, but Addons, Mission & Campaign avaible from Arma 2 menu, like that the CWR unit can be use in editor and seen in Arsenal / Armurie... Please don't do Total Modification like in Arma 1, but just add content, mission, sound, unit & Campaign in arma 2 instead, like this we can use your Addons with A.C.E or other Core MOD...
  9. Hi, for you project can you make standard nomination : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1407297#post1407297
  10. I buyed the Arrowhead on Steam since i can't find the box version and i needed to pay a second time for Arma 2 to be able to play merged version, first thanks for your excellent core update, i'm happy about some stuff added (that I asked for on forum suggestion http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1350651#post1350651 & ) like : - Locking Sound when targeting a unit with AA or AT (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1036217#post1036217 + http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1035796#post1035796) - The Thermal Scope (IR Black & White, still IR Color Missing and Electromagnetic Scope, heartbeat detector [Raven Shield Athena Sword], movement detector Google [splinter Cell Multi]) - The Drone - The Tank Radar & Some info about hull, etc, but still no warning alarm (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1019600#post1019600) - And some other (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1031639#post1031639) - Lot Better than Arma & OFP... But I don't like the Standalone idea, i think that they should make an normal addons, that update ancient files & units of Arma 2 to use new tech (flare, chaff, thermal)... The maps are great and very nice but not enough adversory & mission on them, the Campaign is short... The new unit like M1126 Stryker I.C.V M2HB & MK19 (Infantry Carrier Vehicle), M2A2 and other existed in Arma 1 or OFP-R but not in Two (why no MIG-29 or MI-28 ??? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1016716#post1016716)... Other variant are new so thanks but please be more precise on nomenclature (like in Arma 1)... - M1128 Stryker M.G.S (Mobile Gun System) - M1129 Stryker M.C (Mortar Carrier ) - M1130 Stryker C.V (Command Vehicle) - M1133 Stryker M.E.V (Medical Evacuation Vehicle) - M1134 Stryker A.T.G.M (Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle) - GAZ-3937 Vodnik - M998 HMMWV Desert - M998 HMMWV Urban - M1116 HMMWV Urban G.P.K (Gunner Protection Kit) - M1043 HMMWV Urban M240 - M1043 HMMWV Urban M2 - M1043 HMMWV Urban MK19 - M1121 HMMWV Urban TOW - M1097 HMMWV Urban Avenger - M1043 HMMWV Desert MK19 - M1097 HMMWV Desert Avenger - M1097 HMMWV Desert S.O.V - M1116 HMMWV Desert G.P.K (Gunner Protection Kit) - M1117 HMMWV Desert C.R.O.W.S (Common Remotely Operated Weapon System) - M1121 HMMWV Desert TOW Still no computer interface with Sat / Map View like, Project IGI or Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigher, to be able to target with Arty Unit from far the map for soldier or to assign target for Plane & Chopper before bombarding (CBU/GBU). Also the Arty Unit are not used well on campaign, just one shoot is allowed (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1030831#post1030831)... My dream would be that they create an engine that allow to play Arma 1 et OFP Resistance Campaign & Mession in Arma 2, using new design of the unit & Tech... Using an automatic intelligent CPP decoder recoder and renamer... And what I espect for Arma 3 or next Arma 2 Addons, to have all unit from OFP Red Hammer Resistance, Arma 1 and Arma 2... I means Arma 3should just be an very updated version of OFP, Arma 1 & 2, contening all ancient content (updated map, unit, campaign) + new tech... In fact all new game shall have ancient mission (like splinter cell, hitman, rainbow six, ghost recon). When you buy last version you have ancient content updated in to them, like that the game have more fun... With ameliored Arsenal View to be able to look at unit in static view directly without need to check the scene first. And has i asked before a P3D able to use multiple texture system (desert, night, urban, blue, forest, desert, snow, ocean), chosed automaticaly using MAP type in the CPP. I notified that in Arma 2 Arrowhead each unit (Tank, plane, chopper) have camouflage variant : - Urban Camo (Armed forces of the Russian Federation, USMC), - Forest Camo (Chernarussian Defence Forces / F.D.T) - Green Camo (NAPA : Guerrila) - Jungle Camo (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star : Insurgency) - Desert Camo (Takistan, US) - White Camo (U.N.O) The Commanding View (del .) should be avaible even when alone in team (also the menu bug of map using commanding view is still there since a mentioned before)... Thanks for having corrected the bug I mentioned : "Weapon changement in vehicle" showing name like 1-1-1, now the game show name of real weapon, thanks BIS. But Still the AC & AA unit showed in editor are badly nammed the should show AC (RPG-7 or Javelin), to know theyr equipment (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=78752)... We still need a better Editor, that allow to choose weapons, gadget & ammo for a unit in a list with 3D view of object (tweakable weapon would be nice scope, bipod, flash, laser, etc). Also i don't like the animation of climbing ladder (need to be automatic) and the soldier should pass the object without need to pouch "V". Also the First Person View, is not fast enough (in Zagabad map), so the fire fight are less action than other FPS (in the small room like the hostage place in last mission)... In fact the Angle Vision of First Person View Animation need improvement, i mean the room look small because of angle of vision of First Person View. Still no MFD for plane & Chopper, and no AA & AT view for gunner, and A.A or A.T radar for chopper... I suggest you use 12 Groups using F1 to F12, and for subunit command use MAJ+F1 to F6 for the 12 unit... So you select Commander unit with F1 to F12, and then to command an subunit with MAJ+F1toF6, most unit don't have more than 6 unit (Gunner, commander, reloader, driver...) like that you can have 12 Groups with 12 Units or 6 units. I arma 1 the name of unit where more precise and in arma 2 the name are simple, so please add complete name like M1036 HMMWV, M998 HMMWV, M1126 Stryker, M1134 Stryker, M113A1 M113A3, etc, please please (exemple Stryker ICV is M1126 Stryker I.C.V (Infantry Carrier Vehicle). Thanks a lot for this core update... Hope you add more stuff on next addons or in Arma 3
  11. Përhaps you should consider making a Euro-Us-Russian Merged Pack (with french, uk, german + soviet & us stuff)
  12. Hello, in 10 or 9 mission, when I buy a BMP in Novy sobor, after i go take the prisonner to get him back to novy sobor, if i'm commander, when i descend from my bmp, and go to prisonner, the bmp is teleported at 3 km, and when I go back to novy sobor it do the same, if i m conductor, when i descend the bmp stay at location... Other bug, when you use menu (activeted in left), when you go to map and try to zoom or give order, the menu stays & can not be removed even if you pouch backspace, it would be interesting that the game deactivate the menu when going in map... It's annoying, this bug appears when using the high external view (del, point numpad) selecting unit before checking map or using mouse cursor, the menu appears on left and if you check map you can't remove it, its not usefull when you try to give order to your units or trying zooming in map... There is a lot of bug on road, lot of accident when truck came from in front of you. They hit my bmp and truck explode... Sorry for my english, i'm french, i never use english on my dayly life... I have buyed a lot of T72 then retrieve me from my command after they go on they own, they are blocked on the road (big forest) at the location between V99-H108 & V106-H89(8 tanks are blocking each other) & don't move at all. Because it's small road between big forest. I send them to take mstva & elektrozavodzk... Position shouldn't say 102120 but V102H120 to be more precise. Also in arma 2, you can move with binocular, and reload your weapons will running, but why stop when changing rpg to gun, or gun to rpg, it's illogical. Another annoying bug, when your commander in bmp-2 or tank, when you say change gun, it show 1, 1, 1, instead writing pkt, 2A42 (300 & 600), konkurs, heat, sabot... And when the BMP encounter T-72 or APC they never use is konkurs, it's strange... When you hit a fence or grid the tank or apc stop, normaly whit his mass & speed, it shouldn't stop (you should add havok, physX engine & ghoul III from soldier of fortune II)... Sometime when a bmp or tank hit a rock on the road, the bmp fly at 10m high... With is mass i shouldn't. When trying to pass over a car, the car didn't explode, and normaly the car should crush is self. When you activate the GPS (ctrl+,), when you up in a vehicule, or go in map, or descend from a vehicule, the mini gps on the right disapears, its annoying... Even after I use zoom on my gun, my gps (ctrl-,) on the bottom right disapears In that mission, when you go in water with bmp to find the radio, when you open the map, the game block... It happen just one time, after I restarted the game, i didn't have that bug. In Map, the zoom is not big enough, in flashpoint you could zoom more than in arma 2, i prefer to be able to zoom more... Another problem, when you are commander driver in vehicule, and you say to your gunner or commander "look horizon", after when you take the seat of gunner or commander, the seat rotate automaticaly, and can not be stopped, it's not usefull when you need to shoot a target, you should add in menu an option to stop rotation, or remove it...
  13. Hi all, GLT you should merge your pack and project with RKSL team... They are making a missile addons to...
  14. gazmen

    My vehicule teleport

    Some of the bug mentioned above are still present in Arrowhead :(
  15. Standard missiles nomination : exemple - AA-11 ARCHER / R-73 - AA-6 ACRID / R-40 - AIM-9 Sidewinder - AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammer - AGM-88 HARM - AGM-136 Tacit Rainbow - AS-10 Karen / Zvezda Kh-25 - AS-13 Kingbolt / Raduga Kh-59 - AS-20 Kayak / Zvezda Kh-35 For those who make plane can you add extension like : - A.A : [Air to Air] For plane - 4x Aim-120 Amraam, Aim-9D sidewinder, Strela... - A.G : [Air to Ground] For static position , Static, Vehicule, Static Building : Mk-8X,FAB, KAB, CBU, (Dumb Bomb) - A.S : [Air to Surface abreviation of C.A.S] For Strategic Building & Moving Tanks & Vehicule (GBU, Smart Bomb, Laser guided) - A.T : [Anti-Tank] For Tanks & Armored AGM-88, AGM-120, AT-10... - RECON - MULTI-ROLE : AT + AA + AS + AG MIX Example : (F16 A.A, F18 A.G, A-10 A.T, F117 A.S, F22 Recon, F15 M.R)
  16. Could you merge the A.C.E.S bwmod missiles to yours pack ?
  17. Hello, I try to convert the OFP DKM_RAH66 for ARMA 1 & 2, but I need some help, can anyone give me some advice, i have added some information to config.cpp, but still i get error... I don't know how to replace these ammo : - ZuniLauncher38 (BIS FFAR Hydra70 Launcher) - LaserDesignatorOH (BIS Laser designator) I looked in AIR.PBO for CPP but i didn't find information i replace it with : FFARLauncher LaserDesignator But that doesnt work so please help me !!! I checked the RHS_HIND & PMC_AH64 CPP but I have trouble. I would like to use standard ammo like ACES from BWMod or GLT Missiles box... I realy love the DKM works on OFP (I played with this game four years) so i would like to convert them for ARMA 1 & 2... If somehone is interested PM me.
  18. Long time ago BWmod made a commom ammo for community in Eurofighter Pack called A.C.E.S, any one know if is avaible for ARMA 1 & 2 ? I need this think instead adding line cfgammo & cfgmagazine...
  19. gazmen

    A.C.E.S from BWMod

    Do you plan to convert to ARMA2 all BKM, DKM, VIT, RKT ?
  20. I want to know if somebody has created a tool that convert automaticaly the OFP CPP to ARMA & ARMA2 ? By replacing value automaticaly, like MachineGun30 with MissileCore HellfireLauncherApach with MissileCore ZuniLauncher38 with RocketCore, etc... This tool can check/read the config and adding missing line to cfgammo, cfgvehicle with asking you what value to add. If this tool exist what is name ? If not why not created it ? I will do it by my self but i'm not a programmer...
  21. gazmen

    Need Help for DKM_RAH66

    Hello, thanks for response, if you are working on DKM stuff do you plan to convert other addons ? I want to know if somebody has created a tool that convert automaticaly the OFP CPP to ARMA & ARMA2 ? By replacing value automaticaly, like MachineGun30 with MissileCore HellfireLauncherApach with MissileCore ZuniLauncher38 And adding missing line value to cfgammo, cfgvehicle... If this tool exist what is name ? If not why not created it ? I will do it by my self but i'm not a programmer... Why no public release ? Also how do unbinarize the RAH P3D to use it in Oxygen 2 ?
  22. Hello, I just finish campaign and i think it was very short in comparaison with Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer Resistance, and Arma, do you plan to add new campaign ? I mean i didn't use chopper, tank, plane ? I don't undestand, why so short ? Also to many bug in last mission "dogs of wars". I'm unhappy for this campaign, the game is good but it's more a beta than a final. In arma forum, we asked for some stuff like thermal & electromagnetical google, automatic bipod activation, working M.F.D on chopper & plane, chaff & flare, A.A, A.G & IR radar, Units Shooting from vehicle... But nothing, about destructible building, you add it but I prefer de destructible wall like FEAR 2 or those of Duke Nukem Forever (brick by brick)... I means the game don't satisfie my waiting for this... Truly the best will rest Operation Flashpoint Resistance.
  23. gazmen

    My vehicule teleport

    I have buyed a lot of T72 then retrieve me from my command after they go on they own, they are blocked on the road (big forest) at the location between V99-H108 & V106-H89(8 tanks are blocking each other) & don't move at all. Because it's small road between big forest. I send them to take mstva & elektrozavodzk...
  24. gazmen

    My vehicule teleport

    After I use zoom on my gun, my gps (ctrl-,) on the bottom right disapears