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  1. Love where you're going with this PP, expanding the Armaverse brands and graphic design etc. Great fun! Some day, (time permitting), you've got to give us a breakdown of your work flow/pipeline, would be well interesting! E
  2. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Many thanks for the info kllrt!
  3. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    'Heads up'... nice! Thanks. Would you be able to elaborate as to what the change is for and to how this might manifest/affect custom content, if at all. Just out of interest.
  4. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Ha ha! Cool thanks Reyhard!
  5. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks for this but it appears to be only a partial fix, as the three small bags attached to the pack still have an incorrect 3rd LOD (15m) at distance. and appear bright in colour. Best way to test is to view the effect on a black or darker re-texture of the pack.
  6. Electricleash

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    I'm given to understand that they've been looking for an ARMA 3 Community Manager for months but no-one apparently stepped up to the plate. There was a listing on their jobs page but a week ago, however, it appears to have been removed... whether that means they've finally found someone, or they gave up looking, one can only speculate. https://careers.bohemia.net/positions
  7. Hi all I've been attempting to combine a re-textured Vanilla Tactical Vest (amongst other vests) with a re-textured Range master Belt in the Arsenal. So far I have pretty much everything working: I have the Tac Vest in the inventory Vest slot and have configured a backpack to use the Belt model and textures. It's looking pretty good, but have noticed that the holstered pistol proxy usually available in the Vest version of the belt is missing in the backpack version. Is the proxy hard-coded specifically for the vest inventory slot, or is it possible through config trickery to have it display when the model is assigned as a Backpack? In the CfgWeapons: Then In the CfgVehicles: Wondered if anyone has followed this route of experimentation and managed to successfully have a pistol holster proxy in the backpack, or any other slot for that matter? Thanks E
  8. Electricleash

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Hiya Night Just been having a play around with Aegis, and have noticed that you seem to have a couple of mod dependencies cooking off when maybe they shouldn't be. I accidentally saved over my regular test mission and upon opening it in EDEN without Aegis activated, noticed the dependency. I took a bit of time debugging, and there occurs an unwarranted dependency with the LIM-85 which I already had equipped upon a character. The dependency relates to this file: Arma 3 Aegis - Weapons and Accessories despite the LIM-85 showing as an Apex item in the Arsenal, so not sure what's happening there. This issue also applies to facewear in the file: Arma 3 Aegis - Characters and Clothing, creating a dependency on any of what should be vanilla glasses shades, sports shades, Ladies Shades, Spectacles, Tactical Glasses, Aviators, Low-Profile Goggles Weirdly Doesn't affect bandannas + shades or the rest of the goggles. Anyway hope that helps debug. I know you change some of the vanilla gear, but figured this might not be intended behaviour or an oversight perhaps. Cheers E
  9. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Could be that the targets (vehicles) are not warmed up (engine on)? Some weapons systems require a heat signature to be able to lock, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable would better explain the differences though.
  10. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Hi all Just trying to work out an issue I've noticed with how the Mod DLC icons display in the Virtual Arsenal (right side of screen) when you mouse over them. I started a previous thread here but didn't get much of a community bite back, maybe it was the wrong place to post... Anyway figure I'd post again here with extra info as It appears to be either a bug, or indeed an oversight that hasn't been updated on the Mod Presentation Wiki page. Issue described below: The APEX DLC Icons seem to work as intended this with NO mouse over: ... and with mouse over, the Icon goes changes to the intended 'mouse-over' state: Now selecting a Mod (in this case the BIS unofficial ADR-97 Mod) you can see that the mod icon is displayed, however it is darker or dulled over: Then mouse-over the Mod icon and we see it revert to the icon from the most recently working mod that we selected, in this case the APEX DLC icon, albeit a dulled down version: This issue happens with every mod I have tested that uses a Mod.cfg file to add custom logos, mine included. The only ones unaffected appear to be official DLC which leads me to think that something was changed in the way those are implemented but it hasn't filtered through to the community knowledge base. If someone were able to point me in the direction of the Mod.cfg file for the APEX DLC on an extracted P: drive I could do a bit more digging, I looked through the ui folders and found the image files but not the config. Some may see this as a minor issue, and they'd probably be right, I'm a stickler for presentation, so figured I'd check into it. Thanks
  11. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Only experienced this twice (Using Windows 10) it's hard to reproduce, not sure I can suggest a definite repro. I think one time I was Alt-Tabbing from the editor and the other time from the main menu, but I've been Tabbing back and forth numerous times while working on configs over the last week and haven't had an issue. I wonder if it's something not specifically related to ARMA and maybe a Win10/steam issue... Signing in and out of your windows account/shutting down PC does seems to be the only way to fix it.
  12. Electricleash

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Noticed that the MH-9 and the M-900 series of Helicopters are not retaining changes to doors/seating components in the Vehicle Garage/Editor. Paint jobs seem to be fine as do the treads components. I'll get a feedback ticket up sometime today.
  13. Hi all Looking for a bit of Confirmation; Has anyone else noticed something change in the modCfg files structure recently to make the 'mouse over' logo, specifically in the Arsenal to work incorrectly? I noticed today that when in the arsenal if you do a mouse over the logo/DLC for your mod it changes to (in my case) the Apex logo. The colours are also faded in contrast to the official logos which seem to work as expected. This is also the case for other mods not just my own. All work fine on the main menu, just the Arsenal that's incorrect. Thanks P.S. this is on stable branch.
  14. I suspect what Wiki means is the general use of the Rhinos commander turret Laser Designator to create a target for the ATGM round. In my experience it is possible but a bit 'hit or miss' . The only feedback you get that the laser is locked appears in one of the GUI panel elements you bring up with [ or ] (Default bindings) It just says 'Laser'. I don't recall anything visible under the cursor to let you know it's locked, but I could be wrong. One way or another, I found it significantly less effective against the moving tanks in the scenario. Much better used in top down against static targets.