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  1. Report in Dev-branch 2 months ago. I have this bug now in the new stable. The Devs pay attention of ours reports or what ?
  2. Wrong text under AI icons still present French 1.67.140151 no mod no addon When you order AI to heal someone it appears "loin" (far, away) instead "soigner" (heal), order "inventaire"(inventory) it appears "soigner" (heal), order "halte" (stop) appears "occupé" (busy) and problably others inversions. Am i the only one? English version is it correct (no inversion)?
  3. French 1.67.140125 Wrong text under icons, when you order AI to heal someone it appears "loin" (far, away) instead "soigner" (heal), when your order "inventaire"(inventory) it appears "soigner" (heal)
  4. Today's update Error Cannot load texture a3\weapons_f\rifles\sdar\data\rfb_nohq.paa
  5. -Big bug savegame If i'm the squad leader my AI teammates don't shoot anymore against enemies after load a savegame. -Inventory Can't pick up object with right mouse button (but can drop with RMB). These bugs still present A3 vanilla last dev (single player)
  6. I don't know, i only play on Dev Branch. Very sad bug just before holidays.
  7. Big bug savegame If i'm the leader squad my AI teammates don't shoot anymore after load a savegame. A3 vanilla 133779
  8. Inventory Can't pick up object with right mouse button (but can drop with RMB).
  9. Tweaked: OS KB layout used for local keys except 1-0 Thanks
  10. Did i miss Something ? Command menu doesn't show numbers Example : & Ouvrir le feu (open fire) instead of 1 Ouvrir le feu Ne pas tirer (don't fire) 2 Ne pas tirer " Tirer (Fire) 3 Tirer ' Engager (Engage) 4 Engager W10 French Azerty
  11. The dream a new engine design by Suma. Btw where is the last changelog (133193) Lord of Bounce ?
  12. Still true with today patch Simple repro, CR sit (5,5) you can hear only the first number
  13. Same here, no sounds HE, explosive charge, claymore, grenade....
  14. ericfr

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Something broken with AI Acsoldiers and armored vehicles Ais fire only one time and even if all is red the vehicle is fully functional. Mission repro http://www.megafileupload.com/1iMH/AcsoldiersVsArmoredVeh.zip
  15. ericfr

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    Waypoint is broken with FFV Editor: Put an AI group in an empty truck, set a WP, if they encounter enemy infantry on the way, the truck stops, the AI disembark (not the FFV AI and driver), eliminate the enemy, and stay near the truck, don't move and never reach the WP.
  16. Yes confirmed. Cover me reloading, reloading.... nonstop
  17. Ai get stuck since Rev 126785 Okay Here is a simple Mission Repro :http://getwebb.org/v/pCo91efP (compressed file, rename pCo91efP.zip or rar) Look at the Ai near you, in this case he gets stuck on the road, but the AI can stuck behind a wall or something. Of course the leader wait for him and the group don't move anymore. This bug breaks all infantery missions.
  18. Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Centipede I seem to experience AIs are getting stuck in the open. They walk in place, ala on a treadmill. Does anyone have this? Still present Rev.126800 Combat mode, observed many times along a road in town.
  19. Same here in middle of road, some thing going wrong probably with "•Small optimizations and clean-ups in pathfinding"
  20. Wrong texture terrain since 125317 (or just before?) With terrain on high, very high or Ultra. http://getwebb.org/v/FVEg1l8J The problem dissapears with terrain normal or low, or if shadow is disabled. I73770 GTX 660 Driver 337.88
  21. EXE rev. 124754 I have an annoying white spot on the right side, only during missions. http://getwebb.org/v/gNdFIlgd
  22. No improvement with -enableHT, same as without this startup parameter: 1 random logical core 100% 1 random................... 65% 1 random................... 25% 5 random................... 10% A firefight between 60AI I7-3770 Gtx660
  23. About shake, no ground shake with tracked vehicles http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18790