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    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Just noticed there are no balaclavas that cover the mouth. All that is available is the one with a mouth opening, bank robber style We could use some like this
  2. dragonfire43560

    C2 -Command And Control

    Hi, great mod! What is the difference between C2 suppression and arma 3 suppression? Also does this mod have a performance impact? I saw in the video you said the building clearing has like a 10 frame impact, but what about just general use?
  3. dragonfire43560

    ASR AI 3

    Does the AI falling down when hit conflict with ACE3? Ace3 has that feature too
  4. If I may offer a recommendation, You should talk with the CUP team and see if you could integrate this with the CUP mod itself isntead of having a seperate release. You are doing great work and this is an awesome idea, but it would be much better to keep things simple and have it part of 1 mod.
  5. dragonfire43560

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Its not even "realism" its more "authenticity" A little touch up here and there never hurt anyone.
  6. Are vehicles supposed to cook off every time they die? Its happening every singe time for me, no variation.
  7. dragonfire43560

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Are there any plans to make vehicle sights, specifically tanks and apcs, more accurate to real life? Many of them are somewhat close but are still off in certain respects. For example a lot of the russian tanks/bmps have zoom when in real life they are at a fixed optic level. The T72/BMP/T55 commander periscope isnt bad at all (except for the fact that it can zoom, which it shouldnt be able to), but the gunner sights on the T72 are off. It should look like this http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/images/2/2a/T-72M1_GPS_sight.jpg Im sure you probably know, but the red circle is for lasing targets and the red hemicircle at the top indicates a round is loaded. The zoom level you see in that screenshot is what you get in a T72, no fancy zooming in or out. Its actually a very limited tank as far as optics are concerned. M1A1 commander view is modeled correctly with the machine gun view, but the M1A2 is supposed to have its own unique persicope with thermal vision The BRDM and BMPs use the wrong sight and again have zoom capability when they shoudlnt The bradley sight is wrong. I think you guys have it using the M1 abrams style sight. In reality its got its own unique sight with a two stage zoom level. RHS has that represented pretty well. RHS does a pretty good job of making their sights realistic. If you want an example of accurate sights, look at how they do it. Or reference steel beasts if you own that game. Please dont take offense to any of this, i love your mod. Just wanna see it improve :D
  8. Question: What is it in alive that spawns vanilla statics/vehicles? I know roadblocks spawn the vanilla static mgs, but ive also seen some empty ifrits and such spawn. Are they part of a composition? Military encampments?
  9. Question.. For the "Insert the troops mission" Is there no way to make it use a custom faction? It always has me pick up the vanilla nato blufor troops. Is that by design or am i doing something wrong? im trying it with the cup marines (CUP_B_USMC)
  10. So seperate thing from my problem with war room saving Is it just me or does alive barely place any armored vehicles and air units down? I have the whole map (including airbases) occupied (military and civilian). Theres barely any air vehicles or armor spawning. Il test it by going into zeus mode and going around the map (giving them appropriate time and distance to load). If im lucky, i might see 1 BMP or BRDM group. I dont think ive ever even seen helicopters or jets. The lack of tanks still persists even if I use "Armored" group composition. TBH i dont see the compositions making a big difference. i have unit sizes at around 200 for both civ and mil objective placement
  11. just tried that Also tried removing other mods one at a time with no luck. My actual mission file doesnt have anything but alive modules. Could it be i have it set up wrong somehow?
  12. So I tried it with only CBA and ALIVE mods. I made a playable character on altis and set down the alive required, alive player options, alive data and virtual AI system. Then I set down a military commander and civ objective placement and just made a simple nato forces occupation. And it worked. So im guessing the culprit is a mod? Its obviously not MCC since i tried without that. What would you guys guess is causing the problem?
  13. This is the latest rpt file in my TADST folder. There were multiple ones, so I took the newest dated one. http://pastebin.com/zd5bwZNv And this is the log file. Does appear to say much http://pastebin.com/cB6Ba7Cs Also I removed all MCC modules from my mission and tried it again with no luck.
  14. Also I should add, my server syncs up with the war room just fine. I can see it pop online and it updates all my kills and deaths and stuff. Mods im using are CBA ALIVE MCC ACE3 3den enhanced Realistic Tank Crew Ares ASR AI Alaska 2035 Kunduz CUP weapons Cup units Cup maps Cup vehicles Cup core Cup ACE3 compatibility addon vehicles Cup ACE3 compatibility addon weapons Mission Enhanced Little Bird G.O.S Al Rayak DerSilver Blastcore Isla Duala Fallujah Wake Island
  15. Just tried on al rayak too, same problem. hmmm theres no log file or RPT file in my @aliveserver folder. I have a bunch of files called "aliveplugin_2016-09-27.txt" . Each one with a different date and number after. All these contain is my CPU usage. I also have authors.txt, ALiVEPlugin.so and ALIVEplugin.dll. This folder is located in my steamapps/common/arma 3 folder.
  16. hmmm i dont even know where to begin looking for problems. Im using the sahrani map if htat makes a difference?
  17. ehhh i just waited 30 minutes and nothing. If its gonna take longer than this then I dont think having a persistent campaign is worth it honestly. I know its not the ALIVE teams fault and its a problem with how arma 3 saves but it could really use a local save feature.
  18. So I got my server synced up with war room successfuly But how long is this supposed to take to save? It says "Please wait, saving" or something and its been 10 minutes now. Is there supposed to be a "save successful" confirmation?
  19. dragonfire43560

    Cant join my dedicated server

    Got it working, nevermidn! Had to add the mod folders individually to the server mods list
  20. dragonfire43560

    Cant join my dedicated server

    EDIT: Here is an error message the server command prompt spit out 16:56:55 mpmissions__cur_mp.Sara\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item3.type: Vehicle class ALiVE_require no longer exists
  21. Thanks, im getting the hang of it i think. How does saving and loading work? Im obviously not gonna keep the dedicated server running on my PC constantly, so does it save automatically? Do I need to do anything special in game?
  22. I have some questions regarding war room. So like I said before, I mainly play single player. I made a mission and I play it using LAN mode usually. I do not use a dedicated server. Is it possible to sync it to the war room for persistent saves even though its not a dedicated server? I assume I would have to start hosting it internet instead of lan and just password it to play by myself? Do I put my own computers IP address in the server setup page? What do I put in the hostname?
  23. dragonfire43560

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    CUP has technicals, landrovers, UAZs, pradas and plenty of others