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  1. Hi everyone. Made a multi- shader and a simple object to test the subj with a @mondkalb, tutorial (step-by-step). The mask map: The rvmat: https://pastebin.com/Gc8qEwFf Everything looks okay while the source of the mask map defined to UVset0 (uvSource="tex"). But obviously I can't use it this way, I have to place the mask map to the UV1 (second channel) instead, and this is the problem: All the layers messed up, it seems the Buldozer simply does'nt see a mask map in the UV1. I sure the content of the UV0 and UV1 are absolutelly identical (tried both copy UV0 to UV1 and export a fbx with double channels). So I (barely) sure the mask map is within the proper bounds. Rescaling and moving the UV feautures in the UV0 leads to ridiculous results: Need a help, pease 😱Absolutelly wasted with this stuff.
  2. dead kennedy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    So, July 25'th is here. Any chance we get an unencrypted pbo's with the Livonian map stuff to improve our islands?
  3. dead kennedy

    ARMA III Contact - Custom Alien Behaviour

    Oh gosh. Did you add these sounds manually or they're hardcoded in UFO's movement? As far as I dug it up in the Editor the smaller UFO is made as the UAV and - in theory - may be controlled by some unit. But how do you made this jerky movement? Is there a BIS_fnc or smnthng? Can you share your code here?
  4. dead kennedy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Are the Livonian map assets will be available to map creators? Just found out they are *.ebo-s and mikero tools can do nothing with them.
  5. dead kennedy

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Nope, thanks.
  6. dead kennedy

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    >> If you pre-order Arma 3 Contact before the official release date, you can start testing the new terrain as of right now << Bought the DLC, launched the game but see no Livonian map. What did i do wrong?
  7. I don't hope this will be a Sam Fisher's set, but some very basic stuff would be nice. I don't like rambo-style stealth missions with 1 superpowered GI Joe executing a whole camp of bad guys at night. Nope, I just want to build a relatively realistic recon task, just to find out the hostile strongpoints, HQ's, reserves, u.s.w. and report to alied command with no rush and unwanted noise. But it still require some minimum of gear to show that's not a usual infantrymen but scouts. I have already found the relatively fair way to make a recce guys, but still need at least NV-scopes and supressors, just because they had it ILR: UPD: and still have some questions about GM's game mechanics. For example, how to force the AI to use a searhlight on a vehicle, how to unfold the antenna on a BTR-60PU MHQ. Maybe it's need to make a FAQ or something.
  8. Hi, mondkalb, thank you for the great job again. Do you plan to add some stuff for stealth missions in a nearest future? Such as sound supressors, NVG's, scopes? AFAIK Soviet recon units in Germany was widelly supplyed at least with 7,62 mm PBS-1 silencers and NSPU-1 NV-scopes. NV-googles was relatively rare, but there was no lack of (obsolete and awfull) NV-scopes and NV-binoculars in recon units. Not completelly sure about NVA, but think a German AK's was compatible with this stuff. I feel a huge buzz to make a reconnaissance mission, but afraid there's no such posibility at this moment without at least minimum of appropriate gear. Mayb do you have some public roadmap or trello, for example? To let us know what kind of the content you plan to add and what not. Thank you.
  9. Not sure, but something like this is in Mariental IMHO.
  10. Hi, guys! Thank you for the awesome DLC, and I glad to present you a new SP-misson. "Reunion 1983", SP: "East German tank company breaking trough the borderline in a large scale combined operation. Take the role of a tank company commander and lead the company of 12 vehicles with HighCommand system to reunite the Germany right now under the fair, socialist order, the collective regime of peace and love." Screenshots, a link to subscribe and a full description is in the mission's topic. P. S. Thank you, nettrucker, for your help with the voice acting!
  11. "Reunion 1983", SP East German tank company breaking trough the borderline in a large scale combined operation. Take the role of a tank company commander and lead the company of 12 vehicles with HighCommand system to reunite the Germany right now under the fair, socialist order, the collective regime of peace and love. Subscribe on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1747514280 Key features: Feel the atmosphere of the Cold war gets realy hot, inspired by such movies as "Threads" (1984) and "Doctor Strangelove" (1964); Good old OFP-style intro and outro cutscenes, narrative brieffing and a voice action; Approximately 45-60 minutes of gameplay; Do not pay attention to the casualties, comrade commander! There is thousands of volunteers claiming in the place of each dead conscript! No mods at all, only an official "Global Mobilization" DLC. Be advised, this is a SINGLE player mission, the Steam probably marks it as a MP one because of use of the teamswitch. Also pay attention that this is a very large mission, so in some moments it can require additional system resources. If you like large-scaled single missions and wanna to see more, then take a second to rate "Reunion 1983" and add it to your favorites! Don't forget to subscribe also "The Iron Cowboy" - the large scale mission about the NATO tank company on Altis; And "The Iron Scimitar" - the similiar CSAT tank company action on Malden.
  12. Okay. There is 2 role for pure Deutsch too. And 1 role is for the psyop officer reading propaganda on the battlefield, so i want he feel more "stasi".
  13. Hi everyone. I'm looking for 2 German male voices too. And it's would be brilliant if 1 of them have/can simulate the East-German accent. PM if yo're interrested in.
  14. Hello, guys. Is there a chance to find here a German voice actor? For the SP-mission. Mabe even with "sächsisch or thüringisch"? :-))) Thank you.
  15. Is there any kind of guide or a wikia about GM's features? For example, how to use a Siren module (gm_moduleSiren), how to turn the searchlight by scripting commands e t. c.