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  1. dead kennedy

    Terrain Processor

    That's why. 1. http://ssmaker.ru/db9c1287.jpg 2. http://ssmaker.ru/0b0ec830.jpg 3. http://ssmaker.ru/37f0d573.jpg Does anybody else encounter such dumb crash in the latest version of TP? Literally can't create any task nor open an old project. It was ok about a few months ago, but the new version is not usable at all.
  2. dead kennedy

    [SP] The Iron Scimitar

    The mission has been updated, the changelog is above. If you like this scenario, please rate it on Steam! Thank you for the support! :-)
  3. dead kennedy

    [SP] The Iron Scimitar

    "The Iron Scimitar", SP Subscribe on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616111219 Take the role of a CSAT tank company leader (amir) in a large combined operation against a NATO forces on Malden. Command the whole company of 9 vehicles with HighCommand system, use the artillery support, mines and recon units to reach the victory. Key features: - Under your command is 9 powerfull T-140 and two JTAC specialists to provide recon and arty support. - Approximately 45-60 minutes of gameplay. - Enemy WILL try to outflank you and call in an arty support against your units. So, be carefull and don't forget to eliminate forward observers before it's too late. More screenshots on Steam, you are wellcome! :) Don't forget to subscribe also The Iron Cowboy. Similiar mission of the NATO tank company on Altis. Be advise, this is a SINGLE player mission, the Steam probably marks it as a MP one because of use of the teamswitch v. 1.1 Changelog: - ADDED: OFP-style outro cutscene; - ADDED: the enemy now provides a MLRS-strike when "frustrated" by player's action; - CHANGED: the location of the final objective now be revealed only when the 1-st and the 2-nd objectives are completed; - CHANGED: Player's and friendly tankmen geal loadout; - CHANGED: the number of enemy manpad ATGMs significally reduced; - CHANGED: hostile armoured vehicles has been covered better and covered by the camonet in come cases. - CHANGED: hostile infantry units now tries to find cover at their positions; - CHANGED: subordinated tankmen now will not leave their vehicles, even immobilized; - CHANGED: JTAC's SUV moved nearby their initial position; - FIXED: objective 2 may end before friendly forces reach the village; - FIXED: enemy armoured reinforcements coming too early; - FIXED: some needless debug triggers has been removed; - FIXED: the C4-trap in the village now works; v. 1.2 Changelog: - NEW: logistic setction now has the ammo truck. - NEW: there will be a point of rearm / repair near the objective "Mansur" when the player capture "Mansur" and friendly mechinfantry arrives. - NEW: a small hint in the brieffing about the HighCommand interface.
  4. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    In this version I added some shading to the sat texture. It depends on the heightmap and the landmass errosion. It should not affect a ground combat experience, but the land now looks little less poor from the aerial vehicle.
  5. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    There were some bugs and i'm sure they were critical. Now the most of bugs are defeated with a little help of the community, and i finally added some more details to the map.
  6. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Beketov, Russia (Бекетовский район) UPDATE 1.0 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=743968516 CHANGE REPORT NEW: Concrete airstrip in the West. NEW: Many inprovements and details in every settlement around the whole map. NEW: Many groups of several trees and shrubs around the whole map to provide a better hideout for the infantry. NEW: Many new field roads. NEW: A dozen of farms, general stores, storages and other non-residental structures around the map. NEW: Several natural POIs and viewpoints around the map. NEW: Some loading texts. CHANGED (test): Birch trees has been replaced to birches from the ACR DLC. CHANGED: More detailed landscape texture (the satmap). CHANGED: More streetlights around the whole map. FIXED: Wooden fences now crashes properly. FIXED: A "WorldSize" parameter in the config now returns a real size of the map. FIXED: Most of minor bugs that caused unwanted entries in the arma3.rpt FIXED: Many minor bugs with buildings, trees in the middle of the roads, etc. FIXED: A "factory2" building now causes no error at the mission start. FIXED: More accurate placing of the village names on the map.
  7. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    It's not a viable idea since there is no proper winter units and vehicles. But this is a right thought!
  8. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Just uploaded a new build to steam. UPDATE 0.9b CHANGE REPORT NEW: A penitentiary colony in Dubenki. NEW: A dairy factory in Beketov. NEW: Wheeled vehicles speed is now depends on the type of terrain. NEW: A couple of new school buildings in Beketov. FIXED: Some geometry issues around Beketov. FIXED: Some geometry issues in the central industrial area near Kozlovo. FIXED: Some geometry issues in Limonovo. FIXED: Many roads around the map. And some other minor fixes reported by the community.
  9. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Sure. I'll try to do something. To be honest, I simply not learned the new lighting system well. So if you have any suggestion how to fix it - I'll be thankfull.
  10. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    At first, I plan to fix all the bridges and fords. It seems that this is not so easy task :-)) At second, I do permanently update of infrastructure - the schools, the shops, electric substations. In addition, I waiting for some of my friends making this - https://sketchfab.com/models/8c94aa64a0ab4149a27fa03f368d8d28This one will replace a vanilla object of the cinema theater.
  11. dead kennedy

    [SP] The moonpath

    A saboteur mission to destroy an elecrical substation on the hostile airfield in the Crimea. Subscribe at Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=777018089 Dependency: 1. Cossac cape, Crimea map - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=427515202; 2. RHS Escallation - http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/1 and - http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2
  12. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Specify your PC config please.
  13. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Thank you, I'll test these points again and will fix it.
  14. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Can you note which exactly bridges have problems with crossing it by the AI? Take some screenshots of the map if this is possible. I was sure that I have tested all the bridges and fords. If not - I will fix it ASAP.
  15. dead kennedy

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    I am planning to make this airstrip usable and maybe make another one on the west side of the map. It would not be an airport literally, it would be a small dirt airstrip(s?) for agricultural planes. Of course, it would be usable for military crafts, for emergency landing for example.