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  1. Thanks for the warm words here! 😃 We have been bit more quiet in here but there has been some progress on the mod in the meanwhile (although now bit slower due summer heat and all ). We've actually bought a Fedorov model and it will be included in the next patch of the mod. Here is a small recap of progress we've shown on Discord and Twitter, but have forgot to post here (sorry for that). The next update will contain the BT-series of tanks, Soviet marines, some new infantry and static weapons. In addition Soviet gearing has been much improved in terms of quality. There is also new T-26 variants.
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! 😊 Teaser image from there to go along with it. Captured T-28 tanks in Finnish Karhumäki offensive, winter 1941.
  3. We're currently working on the Norwegian update, which will still take some time to release. We usually don't have set dates as we do this in our spare time. At the moment our priority is in adding the most common Norwegian assets. Resistance assets will be dynamic with weaponry so you can represent any resistance with ease. Armbands and clothing are separate. We usually implement factions which are easy to do with the current assets we have. So you can expect Swedish assets come to play after the Winter War update when we add the Swedish & other Nordic volunteers (Svenska Frivilligkåren) in Finland, 1940. Those assets can be used to replicate Swedish Armed Forces. Danes can be expected as well as they share most of the weaponry with Norwegians. All Nordics be done eventually, but it's just matter of time.
  4. Hello everyone, We announced our next bigger update on 1st April out of any possible dates with a puzzle. It was solved pretty quickly; and as some might have predicted the next update will be adding the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Resistance. The added content will also include generic 1940's civilians. Northern Fronts Terrains will be updated with Vinjesvingen terrain. I'll let the pictures talk for themselves:
  5. Now with the first release we've been focusing on the first bigger update of the mod which is... The cavalry update. This upcoming update will feature the Finnish cavalry along with their most common gear. History of the Finnish Cavalry is long and reaches back to the early 1600's. Back then Finnish cavalry earned fame in various European battlegrounds. Their war-cry "Hakkaa päälle!" was used to describe then in literature as Hackapells or Hakkapeliitta. Finnish Civil War saw creation of some Cavalry units, which had their traditional roots in the original 30-Years-War cavalry regiments. Cavalry Brigade was created in 1921 to Lappeenranta. Cavalry Brigade later contained some non-cavalry units such as Jaeger Battalions 1 and 6. The special role of the cavalry regiments required special gear such as riding pants and cavalry carbines. Winter War also saw some small cavalry squadrons being formed as part of Light Detachments. Most known one is the Cavalry Squadron of the Light Detachment 8, which suffered heavy losses at the battle of Äyräpää in 1940. This attack was pictured in the movie "Talvisota (1989)". The Cavalry Brigade fought in the Karelian Isthmus in 1939, Ladoga motti battles in 1940, Eastern-Karelia in 1941, VT-Line 1944, Vyborg Bay Battles & Ilomantsi in 1944. First of the two regiments in the Cavalry Brigade was the Uusimaa Dragoon Regiment. This battalion sized regiment had their own dragoon collar insignia with blue piping on yellow. Field Marshall Mannerheim was Colonel in Chief of the regiment. In the Winter War, the URR was commanded by Col. Harry Alfthan and in the Continuation War by Lt. Col. Hans von Essen Second, but not least; of the Cavalry Brigade's Regiments is the Häme (Tavastian) Cavalry Regiment. Their collar insignia was red on yellow. In Winter War the regiment was commanded by Lt Col. Matti Tiiainen and in the Continuation War, the regiment was led by Col. Gustaf Ehrnrooth and from 1944 by Maj. Mauno Sirama Naturally, The Cavalry requires their own carbine in their mod. This M/27 Infantry Rifle based carbine was the main firearm of the Cavalry Brigade in WW2. *Credit missing from the image: Saucco for the DP-27 sounds in addition to h- The update will contain one extra weapon for all Finnish units: the DP-27. This Soviet LMG became the most common LMG in Finnish usage. Stay tuned for the future updates, there will be more content coming along this update.
  6. About us Looking for relaxed yet immersive historic minded approach on WW2? Founded in 2018 and reactivated in October 2020 after a long break, the Jaeger Battalion 4 is a WWII based realism unit representing an Finnish light infantry battalion. We value activity, fun and our unique historical setting. Despite our historical focus, we try to steer away from the "niche" and negative sides of milsim gameplay - not focusing on unnecessary details or sacrificing fun. We make our events as immersive as possible and attempt to catch the atmosphere of the wartime Finland in our missions. All what is needed to join is maturity, open mindedness and ability to work together as a unit. We desire our members to hold up a certain etiquette within our ranks by respecting the rules, the general behavior, attitude and the goal of the unit. That is done to ensure that everyone can enjoy our events without any drama or non-tolerated behavior. Currently our events are held during the weekend (Main op. Sunday - 6 PM UTC), however we're looking on the opportunity of having events during the week. What were/are the "Jaegers"? In 1914, Finland was part of the Russian Empire. As an result of period of russification, there was many forms of resistance - especially among younger students. Many of them escaped to Germany and underwent military training provided there and thus the newly formed Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 27 became the first purely Finnish unit. This battalion fought in the Eastern Front in WW1 and arrived home amidst a brutal Finnish CivilWwar. Their skills were put to an test by making them the cadre of the freshly created White Army. In the following years, the old Jaegers were shaping up the creation of the Finnish Defence Forces. In 1936, the Jaeger traditions were given to numerous bicycle units: names, marches and flags of many bicycle units were then changed. Vuoksen Jääkäripataljoona (founded 1918 and had numerous name changes) was then renamed to Jääkäripataljoona 4, name which the battalion were to hold in the World War 2. Jaeger troops were trained to master fighting as ski infantry in the winter and as bicycle infantry in the summer. The battalion's logistics and support units were extensively motorized. In the Winter War (1939-1940) the Jaeger Battalions consisted of younger conscripts and career personnel. As a result of this they received better equipment and more demanding tasks than normal infantry units. Jaeger Battalion 4 was among the best performing troops of the army, fighting on numerous fronts of the war. Current event schedule Sunday Event - 6 PM UTC Recruitment We're recruiting active people who are interested to play ARMA 3 in squad sized operations with historical formations and tactics. In the future we will be also focusing on combined arms operations. To join, please post an application in our Discord. If you have any questions, you can find us in our Discord server. Requirements: ARMA 3, no DLC's required TS3 and an working microphone Activity Maturity and ability to act as part of the unit Contacts: Discord: https://discord.gg/AX6wj4P TS: Unit Leader: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Caselius ARMA 3 units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/jp4
  7. Required addons are CBA & CUP Terrains - Core
  8. Here is a picture gallery prepared for the release showcasing numerous weapons and units in the mod. https://imgur.com/a/zJ5cqDm
  9. Caselius


    Looking forward to this, Glad that Finland is getting lots of coverage in ARMA 3 modding.
  10. Hello, Here is our first preview of the mod showcasing the features and sounds related to the Finnish Forces. Done in Finnish Wartime fashion which suits the day (Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces). All content aside from the vehicles and vanilla assets are from the mod: more detailed credits in the end of the video. The video showcases rain effects, breath fog, insect swarm, molotovs, kasapanos satchel charges and weapon sounds. You can also see Finnish summer uniforms and some of the basic weaponry.
  11. Swedish volunteers are definitely in the pipeline. There is some Swedish gear in already which was used by the Finns such as the M37 helmet, more on the way.
  12. "All quiet, July 1942. Somewhere in Karelia" [ Mods: IFA3, Northern Fronts Total Conversion [Work In Progress, coming soon]
  13. Looking splendid. Can't wait to test this out once it comes out. Especially can't wait for Finnish BV206, spent so many times as gunner of one during my service. Had fun playing around with those in SFP already.
  14. IFA3LITE, I44 Terrains & Faces of War.
  15. Spying for threats in the hedgerows... Pair of Fallschirmjäger advancing in Crete... IFA3LITE, I44 Terrains, FoW
  16. Caselius

    UK leaves Europe

    Not from UK myself, but first minister of Scotland has already taken actions against the brexit and there is a big chance of second independence referendum according to her. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-36621030
  17. Nice to see some winter content added. Especially needed for maps like Abramia and ported ArmA 2 ones. Slightly off-topic: About the Finnish pattern a small fun fact: Russia has (commercial, used usually by special forces and MVD) copies of the M05 pattern in their use. M05 Winter pattern is known there as Pervotrop. And other camouflage patterns based on the Finnish M05 are called Yeger. There is also some national winter camouflages in use which are quite interesting mix as well.
  18. Caselius

    Russia General

    Oh well, I have tried to avoid commenting to this topic for best of my abilities and remain an observer but here we go. Some of the equipment which separatists have are not used by Ukraine at all, however they are being actively fielded by Russian military. For example there is numerous cases of identified T-72B3 tanks. B3 is a recent modification for T-72 tank series which has it's own distinctive features which give the vehicle away - Ukraine is not operating any of those. Also MLRS systems like Grad-K and Buratino have been seen in Separatist use, Buratino was seen by OCSE observers. Well, even if giving weapons would be "logical" for some it for sure is not right in legal means. I also feel that it is absolutely unnecessary for other countries to take part to other countries' internal politics and claim full nations are "facists" like what I seen during this conflict. Even that doesn't justify military actions to other countries. About giving support, It is clear that Russia as a nation with strong interests wants to drive them forward with all possible means. I really doubt Russia would supply rebels as "goodwill". Russia definitely has and had it's hands on the affairs from early on. The change in the war in August 2014 saw a raise in the involvement of the so called soldiers on leave or volunteers like one side's sources like to say. I also doubt that such thing wouldn't have happened if Russian leadership wouldn't have wanted to further instigate the conflict or more clearly affect the course of war to more favorable position for them. Weakening Ukraine, taking region with valuable natural resources and industry seem to be the main objectives for the war. They would profit of it even if the Eastern Ukrainian areas would be given to the rebels and they would form their own states. I feel it is weird how surprisingly fast these all uprisings began with "armed rebels" taking control of governmental buildings. I would expect that there would have been more widespread resistance beforehand if they wanted to depart from the country. But, yeah, might be me there. I think the main point behind this conflict is that Putin saw the "right moment" come. Crimea had been an problem for them even earlier in the 1990's and the inner problems made the plans possible. However all what Ukraine wanted to do internally and the plans to further develop cooperation with the EU or even NATO shouldn't justify military action. In my honest opinion, if there is defensive alliance getting more member states. It tells more that those now joining nations are feeling threatened, not that the alliance wants to expand. For example in my country after the start of Ukrainan crisis, the support of NATO has risen a lot and there has been increasing military cooperation with other nations like Sweden.
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    What games are you playing at?

    Mainly: Mount and Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars DLC, been in the same regiment/clan for 3 years soon. This game is still fun to play around even after the years. Men of War: Assault Squad 2, well, haven't really played for more than 50 hours. Modding that is fun. Squad, blast to play with a group of friends. Grand Theft Auto V / Online Quite much all Total War games depending on the mood. Battlefield 2's mods (especially PR and Forgotten Hope 2)
  20. Operations in Sahrani. Mods: CUP, RHS, US Military Mod
  21. Caselius

    Arma 3 Eden Editor Sneak Preview Live Stream

    Took me some seconds to really understand what was happening. :D The editor seems to fulfill all the dreams I had of 3D editor based on what I saw on the stream. Well - off to making missions again with less "pain".
  22. We in Finland have had that for some time (20 years) as voluntary conscription. From what I've heard and read, the women have been as motivated and mainly in same shape as the men. Majority of female soldiers here take either reserve NCO or officer studies which tells a lot from their motivation. I don't think disallowing females in combat does have anything to do with their capability to fight as long the requirements and training is the same for everyone.
  23. Caselius

    North Korea General

    Sorry for being bit off-rails on this topic, just clarifying couple points based on regarding gun laws, they are much more strict than in USA after those incidents: You must first fill in application where you state the reason you are applying for weapon license, and the potential use of the weapon and the place you will store it. For example "self-sefence" no valid reason to buy an weapon, but for example hunting is. The usage must be also proven with evidence (Membership of gun club, shooting as hobby etc.) Then Police will do an background check for the applicant and previous crimes can lead the application to be denied. If everything until that is okay, the applicant must take an psychological test and at some cases an interview if there are some uncertain things. When the weapon is licensed, it must be presented to the local Police Department in 30 days. After that, the license is only part time and it must be done again later on. Law also states that weapon must not be carried in the public without having it covered and having proper reason to do so. It also needs to be stored on a place where it cannot be stolen (locked place), Police will sometimes inspect the places the weapons to be stored and approves/declines them. I'd say the biggest problem here are the unregistered weapons and other illegal weaponry now, it has been a problem for years.
  24. Caselius

    Arma footage used in journalism. Again.

    That picture has been originally posted here. It is clearly from that vehicle pack and taken in ArmA 2.
  25. Amazing map, I love it! Inspired myself to do some personal Finnish skins and just walk around the terrain. Most accurate representation of Finnish terrain in any game/mod I've seen. I also decided to take a look around in google maps: the map seems to be placed near Pekurila which is northeast from Mikkeli.