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  1. cyclone83

    NIArms Release Thread

    What an amazing attention to level of detail. Simply brilliant mate
  2. Hi guys! So I built a COOP mission for 1 - 5 players on Chernarus also with custom buildings. Yesterday I played with my brother for beta testing purpose and came along some really weird issues: First the doors' status of two buildings were differed between host and client. For example when the client opened the door and walked through I and the host tried to follow, the door was closed and no interaction was possible. Same vice versa. This problem did't occur with original Chernarus buildings. Second I put some ammo boxes down. One for equipment, one for magazines and another one for weapons. The equipment box could be opened though the inventory wasn't what I set it up to. The other two boxes couldn't be opened at all. AND when either one tried to change equipment from the box or dead soldiers it didn't work. We couldn't put stuff out of our uniform and also couldn't fill it with new stuff. When I tested the mission in SP everything worked as intended. Has anyone an idea about that? EDIT: Unchecking "dynamic simulation" solved the issue for the weapon / ammo boxes I guess same goes for the desynched doors issue though I don't know for sure. I placed the same building again and it worked as it should.
  3. cyclone83


  4. cyclone83

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    U'r da man! This mod adds so much to our beloved "game". Keep it goin' mate ;)
  5. cyclone83

    NIArms Release Thread

    I can't find the classname list for the MGs anywhere :( Could you please add these? I need em for a mission I'm working on. I tried to unpbo the hlc_wp_mg3.pbo but the program said it seems like no ArmA 3 file.
  6. I'm sorry for quickly posting before properly testing. I found out that my complete reloading system is messed up, not only for the Benelli. Though pistols are reloading by the default key properly, no rifles will reload anymore at all. Not even vanilla stuff :( I will do some research now for clarifying if it's mod related and if so, which one it messes the reloading up. EDIT : ArmA 2 Cut scenes mod was the cause ;)
  7. I think the reload system is messed up. I only can reload by "shift + F" which is pretty annoying. Any ideas how to get it loaded by "R" again?
  8. cyclone83

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Such a great video! Love it
  9. cyclone83

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Ryan, your mod turned out really nicely by now. So much appreciated. Thanks a thousand times for such an awesome mod! If I may contribute a tiny hint: How about adding an alternative animation for the walker zombie, maybe with his arms typically streched forward. Also seeing the ArmA 2 civilians as zombies would add a lot (thinking of the priest i.e.).
  10. cyclone83

    Tanoa Trains

    Looking really impressive! Still I'm looking forward to first person view though ^^
  11. cyclone83

    Nassau 1715

    Wow, feels like Assassin's Creed Black Flag Very nice details mate!
  12. OH MY GOD! I see hundreds of missions popping out Thank you so much!!!
  13. Looking very promising :218: Please don't miss to include the Thunderbird paintjob for this beauty ^^
  14. cyclone83

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Good to see this mod coming along so nicely :) Could you please make the zombies controllable by waypoints? By now they just seek and run towards the next target to attack it. This option would open a huge door for us mission makers! ;)
  15. cyclone83

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I always loved the animations of charon's zombie mod. Maybe you can try to match these? I hope you also can integrate the classic A2 civilian zombies (priest, doctor etc.) ;) Oh and what would be very necessary for mission makers is the option to give single zombies or groups their own waypoints