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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Probably not, unless somebody decides to make a new uniform model for the new OCP style ACU cut...
  2. DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    You know, there's this crazy thing called "asking for permission before touching somebody else's stuff..." It's a radical concept, I know, but it used to be fairly commonplace in this community. The only reason not to ask is if you know you're going against the author's wishes from the start. Being a dick and disrespecting an original author's wishes just so you can leech off of bits of their work is far more harmful to the community than a dev saying, "don't reverse engineer my shit without my permission." Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    From the moderators the last time this topic was flooded/spammed by CBA requests:
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It's the US Military's standard issue stock for the M249 and has been for a number of years already. It's currently probably more common than any of the other stocks, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any pictures of M249's from the past couple of years that didn't have that stock...
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sounds more like a server setting or mission problem, neither of which we have any responsibility for or control over. You should probably ask the server admin or the KotH devs. Wait for the update to be released, play with the mod, and report any issues here. Aside from the new content, the particular things to pay attention to in this update will be weapon magazines, missile flight profiles, and the damage models of armored vehicles and how different types of AT weapons perform against them. In the future, there might be a new solution for more semi-regular updates that will allow people to test things a little early, but no promises.
  6. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It was literally answered 2 post above yours... The current delay is because we haven't mp tested at all yet to make sure everything works, due to people having lives and being busy and silly reasons like that. We have a lot of fixes and new content that aren't fully finished, but are more or less in working condition... or at least it works better now than it does in the present release, post Tanks DLC update. In all likelihood, the next patch will be a bit of a WIP update that will need lots of community testing and feedback, which will probably be followed with a hotfix "relatively soon" after its release.
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Probably not... At least not without creating a separate model and class for each vehicle with a different optic, which would bloat the mod quite heavily. While it's highly unlikely that we'll add any kind of optics for the M2's on standard/basic vehicles like the M1025 or M113, we'll probably do it for more exotic SF type stuff, which I believe we've teased about already.
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It's an L2A1 recoil reducer.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Probably not, at least for the foreseeable future. Those GMV variants are based on the longer ECV chassis, which is actually considerably different from the M998 and M1025 based vehicles we have in the mod currently. In order for us to do those vehicles, we would first have to do the M1114 HMMWV, which is hardly used anymore compared to the M1025 and M1151...
  10. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That one was pretty obvious...
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ok, that makes more sense. It was removed because the FMTV's were redone, and the author chose not to add the overhead armor as it didn't seem very common on any of the vehicles presently in the mod. That said, it might be something that gets re-added through vehicle-customization/randomization in the future...
  12. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    For the most part, you can assume that pretty much everything shown but not released is still in the works. The one exception being the MTVR; the status of which is kind of up in the air as the person who was making it is unfortunately no longer with the team. The O-GPK has been in the mod for years already, and is mounted on no-less than 5 separate vehicle types you can currently play with...
  13. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It means that for most things, we really don't mind people doing retextures, but in the case of the ACU specifically, the author has explicitly expressed his wishes that people not retexture them at all, aside from the identity selection (aka the separate nametape and rank texture that we provided a template for).
  14. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    And I think people will be surprised just how much time and effort interiors take to make. It took BI, a company that employs people full time to work on Arma content more than a year to deliver what, like, 7 fictionalized vehicle interiors? (Ever notice how many components are recycled between vehicles in the Tanks DLC interiors? They're a lot easier to make when you can just make shit up and reuse the same parts many times over...) Now imagine RHS, a small group of people who do this in our free time, having to research and develop realistic vehicle interiors for a project much larger in scope. Sure you can have your vehicle interiors in maybe 2-3 years, but in the mean time there will be no new weapons, vehicles, gear, or meaningful updates of any kind due to the fact that we'll all be too busy making your precious eye candy. Is that small bit of immersion during the 1% of the time you wont be looking through an optic really worth it when that extra effort could be spent making something like an entirely new vehicle instead? I don't really care for them at all tbh... They look great, no doubt, but without the ability to interact with or move about the interior to peer through different periscopes or sights, they really only amount to pointless eye candy for the added benefit of "muh 'mursion". Honestly, it's just one extra vision mode that I have to switch through now when I want to use the weapon optics when shit hits the fan. Kind of an inconvenience actually...
  15. Yeah, that was posted by me with regards to refuting this same issue. We don't use different hitpoints, but we do use HitHull hitpoints in a manner slightly different than what they're intended for, with respect to tanks. Rather than representing overall internal damage to a tank, we use HitHull to represent ammo storage because they automatically cause a tank to explode once HitHull damage reaches a certain value. So rather than having hull hitpoints spaced evenly throughout the interior of the vehicle, on RHS vehicles, hull hitpoints are clustered tightly together where ammo is stored. The net effect of this is that rather than having every round that penetrates the interior doing a slight amount of damage to the overall vehicle health, rounds that penetrate RHS tanks need to hit the ammo storage to cause serious damage, and that damage will be greatly amplified compared to normal hits to the interior. So again, not really a custom armor system... It's just a slightly different way of doing the same thing as everyone else, using the existing systems within Arma.