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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a way to configure the blink rate for the markerlights, or are we stuck with the defined rate? I ask because as far as I can tell, the airport uses markerlights, and they all don't blink at the same time. I am trying to figure out how to replicate this on a vehicle. Thoughts? Abs
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    Battlefield 1

    Public Beta is out today. https://www.battlefield.com/beta Abs
  3. Would you want this? It's an ADGZ. Model by me, and texture by Topas. It was made when we were part of the W'39 mod, but that mod has since ceased to exist. I'd like it to have a good home. :) I have a few Polish tanks lying around (4TP, 7TP, and 10TP) that still need work if you want them. Abs
  4. He's not wrong. However, I was there too...just not using the name 'Abs'. :) Having said that, I'm not impressed by all the permission issues that this new iteration of ONS is facing. I hope that this new team works on rectifying these practices, and asks before it begins to even work on someone else's addon. Abs
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    Regarding the tentacle hands, seems like it's a weapon anim issue. Should be able to resolve it with binarization of the addon that has the rtm. Looking good! Abs
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    This War of Mine

    Yep, I played it. It's a really good game, where the whole purpose is to survive. The actual gameplay is mostly about gathering supplied and crafting, but the actual best part of the game is how you go about and do it...it will leave you feeling like a piece of shit, for sure. For example, I sent one of my people scavenging for supplies at this old couple's house. They were there, though, and caught me. I had to kill them, and I didn't feel good doing it at all. I recommend you pick it up. Abs
  7. How did you guys make the cockpit glass refract the sealevel? Great work. :) Abs
  8. Red Alert! Klingons sighted in the sector! An away team had been sent out to investigate the planet Altis when all communication with them had been lost. Starfleet intelligence then intercepted a message destined for the Klingon homeworld, shown below. Commander K'Vagh stands in front of Federation Invasion Party that dared assaulted the Glorious Empire! Admiral Kurt has informed us that in order to defend against this Klingon threat, all Operations staff now be equipped with Type 3 Phaser rifles. The Type 3 rifle has significantly larger power packs that the Type 2 phaser. I hope you remember all your training from the Academy, cadet. We are facing the possibility that the Organian Treaty will soon be violated, and we must stand ready to protect the Federation! === Download Link (11.6mb) Storytelling aside, here is the next version of the Infantry Pack. It's not quite ready to be called 1.0, as I have a lot of additional things that I am planning for it, but here is a list of what is new in this release: - Andorians! - Klingons! (Klingon sounds an awful lot like Farsi.) - Type 3 Phaser - New Type 2 Phaser model - Hyposprays - Improved lighting effects/muzzleflashes - Two types of away teams for the Federation - New gear graphics I'm busy working on other aspects of the mod right now, but my philosophy of releasing significant improvements as opposed to letting them age on my hard drive means that you get to play with the current state of the addon as opposed to waiting. :) Enjoy, and I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback.
  9. No worries, mate. It's your website...just wanted to let you know about the error. Oh shit! Thanks for letting me know about my error, too! File is available from the same link. Abs
  10. Afraid of transporting? Conduct your away missions in style with the Class F shuttle! Capable of seating 7 crewmembers in its spacious interior, the Class F shuttle provides the ultimate in 23rd Century comfort for all members of Starfleet! Space Map not included. Download Link Required Addons To Do List for Next Version: - Fix Geo Lod, as a user has reported that they can walk through the shuttle. - Fix glass ordering so that you can see the inside of the shuttle. Mirrors: Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Class F Shuttle v0.5 Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack Abs
  11. Strange. I didn't update the shuttle. :/ Abs
  12. Training Log, Stardate 20138.3 A new generation of students has arrived here at Starfleet Academy. These new recruits have shown much promise and, with the additional support of new educational material from the Bureau of Interstellar Scholars (BIS), they are about to graduate with flying colours. At the present time, they are only proficient with the Type 2 phaser, but with additional training they will easily yield the Type 3 in their next year in the Academy. These officers will soon be released for their first away mission on a far away planet called Stratis. The planet is an M class one that all cadets are sent to, as there is no local population which makes it ideal for combat training. This planet will ensure that they can be trained safely against other Starfleet cadets before facing hostile aliens in future missions. As their training officer, I have high hopes for them. I, and the rest of the community should be able to see what they are capable of within the next two weeks. Lt. Cmdr. Smith, end recording.
  13. Updated to STA3InfantryPack-v0.75 to fix the sound config changes. Sorry it took so long, but I've been very busy working on an FTL mod lately. It's amazing how much easier modding is when it's mostly just XML files. Please let me know if I've somehow messed this up, and I'll fix and release another update. Thanks. Abs
  14. Updated to STA3InfantryPack-v0.75 to fix the sound config changes. Sorry it took so long, but I've been very busy working on an FTL mod lately. It's amazing how much easier modding is when it's mostly just XML files. Please let me know if I've somehow messed this up, and I'll fix and release another update. Thanks. Abs
  15. Hi all, After all the troubles that I had installing the new Oxygen2 (o2) and getting the buldozer viewer to run error free, I thought that I would write a guide that talks about how to install it from scratch. This guide assumes no existing o2 install, and is aimed at new modders. As someone who is not a new modder, I completely uninstalled my old BITools and removed my existing P: drive (keeping in mind not to uninstall TexTools. Doh!). This guide should help anyone get started from scratch. Please comment here if you find an error with the guide, and I'll work on fixing it as soon as possible. Abs' Install Tools and Configure o2 Tutorial Much thanks for all those in the forums who have helped with troubleshooting. Not sure that I would have been able to do this without you all. Abs PS: All troubleshooting questions should be posted to this forum: http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?174-ARMA-3-BI-TOOLS-TROUBLESHOOTING
  16. Yep...I plan on doing that once I figure out what's changed in the config. Shouldn't be much longer. Thanks for following up! :) Abs
  17. I can meet you half way, and take you to Taurus II. ;) Unfortunately, that is just the way the shuttle is designed. :( That's a good idea. I'll see if I can get Render to Texture working on the rifle's sight. :) Thanks for the idea. Abs
  18. You can walk through the shuttle? I am unable to. Is it only in one direction? Starting a to-do list in first post for next update...keep the reports coming! Edit: Unfortunately if you stand in the shuttle your head sticks through the roof, so the feature won't be possible. :/ 2nd Edit: Thanks for the mirror, kecharles. Abs
  19. @Foxhound: Thanks for the mirror! D'oh...I knew it was something. I selected sort faces. I'll fix that for the next release. Thanks for the tip. :) Abs
  20. Thanks! I could definitely use some feedback, because I'm not 100% happy with the way it handles...but I do like the way it flies straight up without losing speed. :) Nope. There is no canon documentation about the cannons on a shuttle. ;) Sorry mate, it takes forever to complete addons from scratch, so I am Star Trek only. Enjoy nonetheless. :) Abs
  21. Hi, I'm Abs, a member of the September 1939 mod, and also modeller, unwrapper, and (pretty bad) texturer of the Star Trek Mod. Also, for a long time I was the only active member of the Operation Northstar mod, and have modelled many of the troops and vehicles found in the mod today. In the Sept. 39 thread I had asked if anyone would be interested in the method that I use to model my vehicles, I received an answer of 'yes'. In this thread you will find a series of videos that I have created to demonstrate my modelling process and techniques. As I have stated in the first video, the scope of this series is just to show you how to setup the blueprints for modelling, creating your model in 3DS Max, (maybe, maybe I'll include the maddening process of UV mapping), and how to export your model from 3DS Max and import it into O2. Feel free to ask any questions you have, as I have 'subscribed' to this thread and will answer questions post haste. Disclaimer: I make no claim that these methods are the right way to do things and that there are not any better ways. I have never taken an actual educational course in college or university, and modelling has been nothing but a hobby for me. Tools Used - 3DS Max 8 - Photoshop CS3 Video Tutorials Video One: Blueprints WE-WfP4Bf5M Video Two: Blueprint Setup RzfRx-ZfEpk Video Two ProTips: Video Three: Start Modelling DkS64DJlfRI Video Four: Body and Turret bWt0JILC0Y4 Video Four ProTips: Video Five: Wheels XhMQx6f71hE General ProTips: Please note that the series is not finished, as I have become busy with real life for the foreseeable future. As soon as I start working on this vehicle again, I will continue making more videos. Abs
  22. That's why I don't use AddonBuilder. PBO Manager is much more reliable, and treats me well. Abs
  23. Why does everyone want to flame you, PuFu? All you want to do is help. JeezUS! Abs
  24. abs

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Hah! Look at how close that timing was. Abs