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  1. Azzur33

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I'm a total fanboy of BI and this series, and proud of it, too. I'm critical too, of course, because this "Armaverse" is quite unique. It has never come to my mind that BI was taking the easy way out with Arma. Now we have the new flight model to try out and help with the tweaking, and seems like BI is serious with it and want it to work as well as it is possible with a sensible amount of work. The engine won't change, so the little things and tweaks are what we can expect. For me, as I have no Real helo flying experience, is enough that they are usable and behave approximately the way they naturally should. At the moment, the damage problems are the ones that I'm (and most of the others who have less experience about helos and flight simulators are) mostly concerned about. It is ok when you, the crew and the cargo is 100% killed if you make a Bad Mistake. But with no chance to survive the little mistakes, or even the rather weird ones that make you say "WTF just happened" ...that makes using helos in missions less fun, for sure.
  2. Azzur33

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    This "auto-start-up"-feature is quite annoying and has sometimes caused bigger problems, and it is not exactly "realistic". The engine off/on option is almost useless. You should have to start the engine before you can move. And when you stop the engine, the engine should stop until you start it again, and not by touching the gas-collective-whatever. I wonder if this is has been because it is simpler for the AI to manage the vehicles. "It would be huge amount of work. " ...ok then. ---------- Post added at 13:40 ---------- Previous post was at 13:19 ---------- I didn't see any explosion though. And 24 soldiers, 8 crew members, six died. In Arma, main rotor hits something, main rotor is damaged. If this happens high up, helo will drop down, of course. And if lower, there should be survivors. There has been enough damage for the rough landings in Arma3 to injure those inside and disabling the helo totally. But now it is instant death with fireworks. And if a tail of almost stationary vehicle hits something, it should damage it, but not cause immediate exploding death, like the body was made of very unstable high explosives.
  3. Azzur33

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    EXE rev. 126616, Trying out the Ghost Hawk again, breaking the main rotor, ...no explosion, good. Helo tail touching something, even at very low speeds, explosion and death. Head on collision with something at very slow speed, no collision ...until "deep enough" ...then KABOOM. Landing roughly may break things, but if tail ...or any part of the body touches anything, even slightly, total destruction. A video. All at normal game speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouzadC1_sc4
  4. Azzur33

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I hope they'll fix the damage system soon, because I'm sick on hearing that KABOOM sound and instant death which occurs when I hit a butterfly or a falling leaf.
  5. Azzur33

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    Same. Well, I've been flying mostly the Ghosthawk, trying to learn how to land and deliver the troops from A to B safely with the new FM. Very difficult, as it explodes veeery easily now. A slight touch or mildly rough landing and instant BOOM and everybody dead. (And Yes, I do remember to get the landing gears down.) Otherwise I do like this FM very much, flying with helos was fun before, but now you have to concentrate more on what you are doing to keep things under control, making it somehow more satisfying. Not going back to "old" FM for sure. If you mess up with landing at low altitudes and speed, it's ok that you'll break something and injure yourself,.. but exploding to pieces is too much. Taxiing very slow and Ghosthawk nose touching a wall ...KABLAAM!. Hilarious. But I'm sure this will be fixed.
  6. Well, the way it was in Arma 2 was a Lot worse. There wasn't a "bad weather" at all. You could always see the shadows like there was sun shining, even when the sky was fully overcast. Now it is more realistic. But sure, it is realistic to have "blurry" shadows at bad weather under vehicles for example, too. Ambient occlusion does help a bit, but making "realistic" shadows under larger objects, depending how high they are from the surface below, won't be that easy I would guess.
  7. Oh my ... Those weird ragdoll hands are now fixed, what a nice surprice. :D Thank you very much.
  8. Lets see. We now have Altis, which is huuuuge, complex and rather heavy. Still I love it, and mainly use it for my missions. We have Stratis, not so big, and not so heavy. Then we have the chance to use official maps and addon maps from previous games. And newer addon maps too. If you want complexity and size, you've got it. If you want performance, you've got it. You can have/make huge combined arms battles with heavy complex maps with high setting if you have the hardware, or smaller fights on lighter maps if you want 60 fps without drops. Both can be lots of fun. Lots of variety. That's why I play Arma, and not other war games.
  9. I tried again with AT guy. Engage at will seems to work, But in that location, the effect usually is: "I'll engage the vehicle, but first I have to find a good place to launch" ..and he runs further, trying to get the line right, stops, crouches, and nothing. He loses the line of sight, ...a rock, a tree or just the hill is blocking him again and he is clueless. He stays there, changing between his rifle and the launcher, until I order him to disengage, hold fire and return to formation. I guess the same thing happens with riflemen ordered to engage (/+at will) enemy they don't see, they'll try to find LOS, but in some locations, when they'll crouch to shoot, theyll lose the LOS again, and are not able to shoot.
  10. I'm not really Sure about the differences. I modified the repro, placing myself as a leader, and two riflemen in a group, approaching the same location. Target was 1 enemy soldier, I moved so that I was the only one who could see the enemy soldier. Then I ordered "Target" for both of them. Nothing happened. Then "Engage". Still nothing. The moment I gave the "Engage at will" command, they both stood up, moved forward and shot the enemy to pieces. And that is really annoying. When you expect your guy to step forward and take the enemy out, and he is like "no way, I'm staying here". I guess there is some logic why this happens, but it doesn't suit in that particular situation.
  11. AI soldiers do engage the revealed infantry target, which they can't "see", if they are given "Engage at will" command, and they will break from the formation. But with AT and vehicles things seem to be more complicated. To make sure AT engages, he must be ordered to move to a position where he has the line of sight...or he may be just clueless, trying to look around (or to the ground), not moving anywhere. If AI is the leader, they are just stuck there. Ideal (I guess) would be that he'd at least try to move to the target to get the LOS. PS. Sometimes even when AT-guy sees the target, he moves at a good position, crouches, takes out his launcher and ..there is a rock blocking the line of sight. And nothing happens. Never. Arma3 AI is usually pretty good, often impressive, but these kind of wtf-moments may break the mission sometimes.
  12. I would really like to use this mod, but somehow 'sud_gw_wpn.pbo' removes the scopes from my snipers, so they are pretty useless. Is it something in the configs, or am I missing something?
  13. The AI seems to have lost their flying skills after yesterday(8.4.)s dev branch update? I was trying to make an epic airstrike mission... and epic it was. All the addon jets dropped to the ground like flies, spiraling out of control. And the BI planes were having problems too, AI having difficulties to keep the plane straight, like they were making way too big corrections. I tried without mods, same thing. I tried stable branch, AI flying was fine.
  14. Azzur33

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    After installing (which is really easy and quick operation) only a few selected cool mods/additions, the Arma 3 feels already much better and more enjoyable than the previous games. And the "gap" will only grow bigger in favor of A3. Of course that is just my subjective view. But I'm not the only one having this view. To get "the realism" just right is not easy, by the way. ACE was cool, but not perfect. You liked it or you didn't like it, and used it or didn't. At least we have the option to use it or not.
  15. Azzur33

    AI ignoring commands when in combat...

    Oh MAN. That should be even easier. I've had problems only with closer distances and worse scenarios, never in rather safe situations. I tried a similar scenario, making sure that the enemy was spotted, and the enemy was shooting back, closing in, from 1000-600 meters. Multiple times. Worked every single time. The same principle: They NEED to be told to Hold Fire. If that just doesn't work, you should post the mission somewhere so we and the devs could see if there is something wrong going on.