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  1. Not sure if this is what you meant, but you can use BIS_fnc_kbTell in user missions, but it requires that you duplicate all of the kb topic & sentence stuff and put it into cfgSentences in the description file, as well as having the specific kb folders and files in place. It's obviously a huge pain in the neck and your fix would be very welcome though.
  2. 4WDs are making the game load really slowly again.
  3. For anyone who doesn't know, using setObjectTexture you can change the colour of the camo netting independently of the armour paint scheme (in the Virtual Garage you can't put a desert camo net on a jungle tank, for example). For the Angara: myTank animate ["showCamonetHull",1]; myTank setObjectTexture [2, "A3\Armor_F\Data\camonet_CSAT_Stripe_desert_CO.paa"] HEX_Green HEX_Desert Stripe_Green
  4. I'm very pleased about this. I hate not having an unguided launcher, since PCML and Titan are virtually useless at closer ranges, e.g. in urban fighting. I had hoped that maybe FIA or Syndikat would get an old T62 or something, but as others have said, you can't sniff at the existing content for the price of the DLC. (still BIS, please please give us that static SPG-9 :p)
  5. Yeah a static SPG9 would be really great, that's something I have always missed from Arma 2. Really pleased about the new armed Offroad and 4WD variants though!
  6. Radio text is all messed up today. Messages like "2 - Halt2 - Halt" when telling an AI to stop, and his reply looks like "CopyCopy". Custom SideRadio text is also duplicated, but is inserted in the middle of the message, e.g. a message that should read "Alpha, seize the town!" comes out as "Alpha, Seize the "Alpha, Seize the town!"
  7. BIS, now that we have African CSAT, it's time to bring back... Booniehat Hex! H_BoonieHat_indp and H_BoonieHat_dgtl are the same thing, let's have the hex variant back! xoxo
  8. I know this is trivial but I'd like to make a special request for someone to bring "Land_Metal_wooden_rack_F" into the 21st century. It is hideous. It looks like it was the very first object made for Operation Flashpoint. I want to use it when placing furniture but it just looks so bad I can never bring myself to do it. Please, somebody, give it a lick of paint. :P
  9. Heh, that's what I thought too. Looked pretty good, except that it was red.
  10. There seems to be a problem with the worldToModel commands now. If I'm standing in a building, worldToModelVisual returns my relative position as something like [9721,1642,6].
  11. 2nd ranger

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    This is one of the biggest problems I see with driving AI; they are terrible at passing vehicles on the road in front of them. Here, two AI vehicles have waypoints to drive down the road. A static technical is in their path. They manage to pass him once, but then... It highlights another glaring issue, which is that vehicles blow up way too easily. You don't hear of too many minor traffic accidents ending in explosions.
  12. Woah woah woah... African CSAT? What are they used for? Most of it seems pretty straightforward with the examples. Presumably animatedScreen is for the campaign intros, with the layers of still images, not the map.
  13. Gosh darn, great commands! Adds new possibilities, for example tracking people in police missions or 'find the HVT' scenarios.
  14. Rebel paint schemes of armoured vehicles is something that was missing from the game, the Gorgon textures are cool. One with FIA sprayed on it would be great, just like the good old days :D
  15. Is there any chance we could get the fallen branches and logs from Tanoa in the editor? They'd be nice natural features to place as cover objects, or just to spruce up certain areas, for example on the coast. Personally I'd find them useful for creating areas hit by the tsunami.
  16. 2nd ranger

    Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    The default NATO leaflet has a typo; it says "puting" instead of "putting".
  17. I'm stuck in the IDAP tent where the guy is being treated on the stretcher. I don't know how to get out of the flashback.
  18. 2nd ranger

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    My God... beds and couches come to Arma 3!
  19. I've suggested before that there be a class icon next to the slots in the lobby. This would also help in situations where mission makers add custom unit names.
  20. Someone else has told me they have witnessed AI units being invisible after disembarking from a vehicle, so it's not just me. Still haven't nailed the cause. In this video I repro'd it by changing the vehicle to something else in the editor (also happens with trucks): Other editor weirdness not shown: Units in cargo appearing to sit on top of the vehicle My character being unable to move on mission start or after restarting
  21. I had a problem with invisible units recently. It wasn't related to deleteVehicle though, and I couldn't pin down what was causing it. I had a Marshall with four AI grouped to it, who were placed in its cargo. The Marshall had an unload waypoint. Everything was working fine until yesterday, for no apparent reason, the units disembarking at the unload waypoint would become invisible. I'd see them on the map, hear their voices, see their footprints, and be able to highlight their IFF tags. Initially I thought it was something to do with the vehicle being hidden until it was needed, but I removed all code related to that vehicle and the problem persisted. I also tried using hideObject false on them after they disembarked, but that didn't work. I copied the vehicle and its waypoint, and the duplicate units were visible when they got out. I ended up just deleting the Marshall and replacing it with another, which solved the problem.
  22. Sorry, I meant the drop-down 'Activation' menu in the Trigger:Activation section. I can't open the drop-down list if I click it after opening the trigger dialog. I've just noticed that if I scroll down the dialog first, then click the Activation bar, the menu becomes available.