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  1. I tried re-naming the mission and now it works.!?
  2. Thats strange I re-downloaded and tried a few more times and each time I get "error while loading the scenario" when I open Editor
  3. I have used this script in the past but it will no longer open the mission.
  4. For some reason when i switch this all over to Prairie Fire DLC the choppers explode upon entry, anyone else find this issue? So tried again with vanilla loadout and even the demo same happens, ai enter choppere and boom.
  5. Im getting an error on your Fog Script. I think quite a few people might be looking for a better fog script for the new dlc. I left specifics in the topic.

    1. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      George hasn't been on the forums here since Septermber 17th, 2020

      we dont know what the situation is, so best post your issue on his thread for the script, and see if someone else can help,

      and supply the error too.

    2. WarhammerZeus


      Oh, Ok, yeah I will do that thanks, hope everything is ok with him.

    3. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      Lets hope as he was struggling with an illness back then, something serious.

      I would hope that he will be able to grace us with his presence once again and let everone know

      hes doing ok and is back in the game and community, time will tell, best wishes is about all we can do.

  6. WarhammerZeus

    GF Fog Script - Mod

    I get an error but nothing in the rpt- its related to line 623, I really like the script and would really like to use it with prairie fire dlc.
  7. Prepare for a lawsuit man, selling airsoft guns in a war zone isnt a smart business decision.😁
  8. WarhammerZeus

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    it crashes each time for me and im not sure why i get this error HERE.
  9. thats the entire rpt regarding your script the rest is all cup island related rpt comments ive ran it quite a few times and still get same error upon entry of heli 1 or 2 to be clear in your demo mission if you get in the copper at start /rather than call it to you, it gets this error. if i call it to me, then get in, i dont get the error. i wanted to use the script to transport to and from location. I also would like to know if you plan on making the script work when the item you use is dropped. In otherwords if i pick up the commanders radio or backpack(whatever you choose in the script) i can call in a chopper. otherwise if leader dies we are left with no ride back.
  10. i keep getting this error upon entry of a chopper- 12:05:43 Error in expression <on RYD_HAS_Caller; _box = objNull; if (RYD_HAS_isSupplyRun) then { RYD_HAS_box > 12:05:43 Error position: <RYD_HAS_isSupplyRun) then { RYD_HAS_box > 12:05:43 Error Undefined variable in expression: ryd_has_issupplyrun
  11. WarhammerZeus

    GF Ambient Environment Winter Script - Mod

    im getting this when i run the script without editing- Error Undefined variable in expression: gf_fog_type_3_particle 14:02:34 File C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Warhammer\missions\+GF_Ambient_Environment_Winter_Script.Stratis\GF_Fog\GF_Fog.sqf, line 62
  12. WarhammerZeus

    Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    Excellent work! but I have a few questions- 1- what are the west settings? I see no West faction in the game? is there an option to play as west as well as csat? 2- is there a way to give multiple waypoints?
  13. WarhammerZeus

    GF Missions Script

    First off thanks for the cool script! Second, i was wondering if there is an easy way to change the ai to cup ai in the game? i see various folders for addon loadouts including cup but have no idea so far how to use them. Are these loadouts just for playable units, or are they usable for the ai units as well? If so which documentation should i read i n order to change this? Thanks in advance.
  14. WarhammerZeus

    POLPOX's Calm Animations 3

    great news good luck on the project!