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  1. POLPOX's Calm Animations 3

    great news good luck on the project!
  2. POLPOX's Calm Animations 3

    its the latest version i could find, and why do you say its obviously outdated? I see no other scrips that you can use. is there some arma3 update that makes it no longer useful? im not sure why you seem so confused/bothered as to the whole notion.
  3. POLPOX's Calm Animations 3

    "SIT_RIFLE" - On ground, with rifle <this is actually sitting on a chair with rifle, I cannot seem to find the animation for sitting on ground with rifle.
  4. No More Capcha

    When it asks for cars, and you click every part of a car it says WRONG..If u click an image with just the bumper or some other part it says WRONG. took me upwards of 12 tries each one more ridiculous than the others. One capture had cars in every single frame, but still said wrong Captcha if you clicked them all. Captcha is garbage, Shame on you guys for using such a outdated piece of garbage software. No longer using this forum if your going to run it like all the existing members are the enemy. Good bye BIS forums, its been damn near worthless from the start. If a 10 year old account, that has a half dozen security measures as well as being linked to my steam, my facebook, and my email doesnt make me good enough for you then ill just leave.
  5. is there gonna be any fixes to the buildings and such? we have noticed that u can fire a sten gun through upwards of 4-5 walls. enemy ai can see and shoot through most walls and buildings. Makes playing against Ai miserable.
  6. POLPOX's Calm Animations 3

    doesnt seem to work with rhs rus get an error about radio protical
  7. ZEI - Zeus and Eden Interiors

    brilliant. this shoudl have been in the game to start.
  8. well then clearly the option is to remove the ability to move addons if the option doesnt actually work?
  9. has this been fixed or is bis still sitting on its hands.
  10. im a little confused about this script, i cant seem to get it to work properly. once u step away it ends and doesn't restart. will it be updated?
  11. cant wait to see cup support. thanks for the hard work!
  12. Advanced AI Command

    I really want to use this mod but no matter what i bind the keys to the high command will not launch w this running. no mods just vanilla. anyone knwo what i need to do? trie dto find the link to a demo mission but no luck so far. so i tried w mod running but not placing the advanced ai modules, only the bis high command and for some reason it works seems maybe to be related to rhs which is a shame
  13. Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Is there a way to adjust a.i. skill level? Its brutal trying to fight the ai in this mod currently.
  14. download links arent working, and i would like to check this out.
  15. Dynamic Afghanistan

    hey guys i am a "mission maker" for lack of a better word, and i have been making a city on desert island that i call my lag free island. basically it is a small aphanistan island-typle map, were every building is ebnterable, and i added ladders to most the buildings so ya can go on top. and i put alot of buildings together so they look new. anyway my friends enjoyed it and i figured if this sounds interesting to anyone let me know. i also have alot of mission ideas, but im not a good scripter, i lay buildings and set up objects for hrs on end though. so lemme know if ya wanna see this island or not or if ya guys need some help with mission ideas based around middle east conflicts let me know. ps great mission ide LOVE to see this MP