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  1. teacup

    Textures Disappearing? HELP!!

    404. File not found. The path to those textures are invalid. Your PBO should be called "tfa_gear.pbo" and not something else. In it, there should be a folder called "data", inside it one called "textures", and all the custom textures should be in "textures" (e.g. "tfa_c_nwu3_tiger.paa"). My guess is you changed the name of the PBO from "tfa_gear.pbo" to something else, like "tfa_gear_modification.pbo", or "tfa_gear_Joey.pbo" - in order to differentiate it from the original addon - thus breaking the texture paths. Or, when packing, some of the folders/files got left out/moved, and they do not exist in your final PBO, for some reason or another.
  2. teacup

    Textures Disappearing? HELP!!

    I'm finding it hard to believe, that the textures won't load, yet you don't get error messages. Please check your RPT, see if there are any. The programs you listed are fine, they should work. What you're doing is a simple config tweak from what i understand. Another thing you could do is, instead of opening up the addon and modifying the config.cpp inside it (and somehow managing to mess the original addon up), you could just leave it intact, and patch it from the outside. Make a PBO containing nothing but a config.cpp, and in it reference the addon you wish to modify, then make your changes. If you lack the experience to troubleshoot your addon, consider uploading it somewhere (perhaps a simplified version of it). Some kind soul might find the time to look at it for you. It's much easier that way, rather than trying to guess what's wrong in the dark.
  3. teacup

    Topology randomly changing

    So now, everything is triangulated in ObjectBuilder? Not a single quad left?
  4. teacup

    Topology randomly changing

    I've noticed that ObjectBuilder shows different things when rendering via OpenGL, versus Direct3D. But i don't think it's a glitch, weird and confusing yes. I say this because, like i mentioned in the topic i linked to above, it happened to me on a few occasions that the edges removed by OB when importing models, happened to be UV borders. And in the game, texturing on the adjacent faces was destroyed. I had to go back, and triangulate around those edges, in order to convince OB, not to discard them as redundant. Then re-import.
  5. teacup

    Topology randomly changing

    If you used 3DS to tranfer between Max and O2, have you tried the "No squarize" option in the O2 3DS import options dialogue box? You can also check out this topic. It might illuminate or further confuse you. My solution for this unwanted optimization was triangulating the polygons around the "problem" area. It worked most of the times. Sometimes though, it would only respect my efforts if i triangulated top-left to bottom-right, or viceversa (top-right to bottom-left). But it worked, even though it was a bit of trial and error.
  6. teacup

    Textures Disappearing? HELP!!

    Sounds to me, like you changed not only config values, but also the name of the PBO. Texture paths in the model always refer to the name of the PBO they're in. If that changes, the game won't find the custom textures, only the factory BIS textures. But in that case you should be getting error messages. Have you checked your RPT? And parts of the model should be white instead of transparent. I'd suggest looking for error messages first. If there's nothing, unpack the addon and try to trace the problem by checking texture paths, and the textures themselves (that they exist, and look ok in TexView).
  7. teacup


    Vehicle actions are not directly connected to proxies. What i mean, is that you can specify (via config) that a car's driver should use a helicopter gunner's actions (for example), and you don't have to change the proxy. It's not the proxy that dictates what animations (actions) should the driver/gunner/etc.. use. Proxies are those special triangles you place in your model in O2, and they control where the drivers/gunners/etc are sitting when getting into a vehicle, but that's all. Vehicle actions are the ones that define what animation the vehicle's occupants should use: the basic sitting animations and their variants, and death animations when they die in their seat (shot through the glass, vehicles blow up,..). These actions are set up in class CfgMovesBasic. And the GetIn/-Out actions are again separate, you can mix and match those as well. Look in CfgMoves for a list of available vehicle related actions. class CfgMovesBasic { class DefaultDie; class ManActions { pilot_Su22="pilot_Su22_state"; }; }; class CfgMovesMaleSdr: CfgMovesBasic { class States { class Crew; class KIA_pilot_Su22_state: DefaultDie { actions="DeadActions"; file="tcp_su22\anim\su22_pilot_KIA.rtm"; speed=1.4; looped="false"; terminal=1; soundEnabled=0; connectTo[] = {"Unconscious", 0.1}; }; class pilot_Su22_state: Crew { file="tcp_su22\anim\su22_pilot.rtm"; speed=0.066519; interpolateTo[] = {"KIA_pilot_Su22_state", 1}; }; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Air; class Plane: Air { class HitPoints; }; class Plane_Base_F: Plane { class AnimationSources; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull; }; class ViewOptics; }; class Plane_CAS_02_base_F: Plane_Base_F {}; class O_Plane_CAS_02_F: Plane_CAS_02_base_F {}; class TCP_Su22: O_Plane_CAS_02_F { driverAction = pilot_Su22; getInAction = "GetInHigh"; getOutAction = "GetOutHigh";
  8. teacup

    Imported obj model into O2

    Zoom in. Maybe it's just really far away.. ;) If you established that your model is indeed out of proportion, compared to the sample models for instance, scale it up (O2 Menu -> Points ->Transform 3D -> Scale). If the OBJ is of your own making, and you wish to work on it some more, modify it, and repeatedly re-import it into O2, like PuFu suggested, check your Maya/3DSMax/Blender/Modo/whatever settings. Some sowftware works with abstract units, others use centimeters or inches. Often even the OBJ exporter modules have their own options for unit conversions, up axis, etc.. So pay attention to those if you wish to have a model exported 1:1.
  9. teacup

    Texturing Question- Guard Rail(s) on ship

    It's the latter. You texture one element, then create as many instances of it as you need. Copy/Paste it, as you put it.
  10. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?139541-Roadway-LOD-Surface-or-floor-sound
  11. No new camos for a while, other things have priority, like customizable weapon loadouts, etc.. But you can always make your own camos, it's not that hard, and the camo selections are there to allow for a config or scripted type camo swap.
  12. Hey Iron, of the nonferrous variety, Your config suggestions make a lot of sense: the first one is a quasi-bug (medic pilots), and i would gladly confirm locking for the mentioned weapons, to override ACE. But in themselves, they're not enough for another release, and i don't have much else prepared right now. But i'll be sure to include them in my next update, whenever that happens. In the meantime, i suggest you make your own little config patches to solve these probblem, and play like that.
  13. The game's standard 2D overlay GUI in the right-upper corner is still there, still showing both the selected weapon name and ammunition type. In addition, the crosshairs change accordingly as well. None of that is immersive, but it's easy to tell your active weapon. I'm not inclined to add info to the HUD that's not realistic. The only thing shown now is a targeting reticle used when the HUD is running in backup mode (from what i understand). But if someone could provide detailed information, i would gladly make a more detailed and realistic HUD, one that changes with each selected weapon, etc..
  14. My pleasure. Thanks Sonsalt.