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  1. njmatrix

    JCOVE Lite for free

    Lol I took a LONG HIATUS away from everything ArmA or OFP related. I love the games I just don't have the time like I used to to play them. I do try and keep certain things backups (JCOVE, USAL , VBS1, RVS, OGR, and a metric TON of OFP mods and addons) anyways I just wanted to see if I could still access the forums. I went to look at Armaholic and realized they are no longer which is sad to me. That was an awesome site back in the day.
  2. njmatrix

    JCOVE Lite for free

    ill have to see if its ok to post but ill send you the link to the files
  3. njmatrix

    JCOVE Lite for free

    whistles... funny you never ask me....
  4. It really depends on you. First off you can find a TON of missions that just you and your friend can play together. Also the editor is one of the easiest and most documented editors you could ever ask for. So you could realistically build a mission a day for you guys to play. And there are a TON of tutorials on Youtube or online to help with that. Only downside is the fact it is a resource hog. It will zap your system of memory and CPU usage so a decent system is highly recommended. I would wait for a sale or download ARGO which is a free game based on ArmA 3. You can always build missions for it YEARS after it is stopped being played. And I don't see ArmA 3 dying anytime soon. BUT, be forwarned. As soon as a new version is released they tend to deprecate the older version pretty quick.
  5. Yeah I think I am burnt out on the ArmA series. I mean If i need an excuse to upgrade my system I can think of better reasons. I miss OFP. I miss jumping into a quick mission with a couple friends and playing for an hour or so and finishing a mission. A3 never seemed to be THAT game. More so than better graphics I would rather see better performance and I have come to realize that is never going to happen. So yeah this is probably my last BIS rodeo.
  6. njmatrix

    WGL Missions Database

    I have been uploading stuff for personal storage but here is the ShackTac WGL pack that I uploaded. Hopefully it helps in adding to the files you want: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=C673A7838906EE73!4031&authkey=!ACsFA3Z5NcIyrOg&ithint=file%2crar If interested I have their mission pack and mods as well
  7. Glad to see the mod still coming along. Great work Kenoxite! keep it up.
  8. njmatrix

    Zee Identity Pack

    Looking good Zee see ya on the Gr.NET forums!!!
  9. yeah I own pretty much everything BIS but I am with the guys who would like to see a better running game. It will definitely effect my next purchase from BIS. I am tired of the standard "Go spend more money on hardware" answer they like to throw out.
  10. Everytime I hear about this game it's always an excuse as to why it isn't out. It is worse than Duke Nukem Forever. At least that was released. This game has went through 3 engines, a failed kickstarter, an "alpha" they released to donators only (not sure which alpha because I seen in 2009 they released one so which engine is the alpha actually?) The game has been in development so long it's insane. I mean Mod developers with just as small a team have done more. The videos they have show a ArmA clone at best and a herky jerky one at that. They claim it's the successor to Ghost Recon which is a slap to the face Ghost Recon. They get mad if you remotely question anything about this title but always telling you it's coming when it comes. Even if you go with a 2009 date do they realize that it has been almost 6 to 7 years of development? Anyone know of a game that has survived that long in development? Second thing that gets me is Mr. Deckers involvement. Everytime you question his abilities to come through with this project you get "HE WAS INVOLVED IN RSI" like being a level maker is anything like being a game developer. Ask Christian Allen how easy it is or look at Take Down Red Sabre. His resume was even more impressive than Mr. Deckers. I honestly think GB's time has passed (and even BFS thinks so hence the involvement in Door Kickers and anything PS4 which hopefully their involvement DOESN'T ruin that awesome title). We don't need another ArmA series. It isn't like ghost Recon despite their claims. And as a fan of FPS titles I can back a pile of crap as long as roses are growing out of it. I originally though GB was a great idea.... 6 years ago. Now it's just vaporware in my opinion. And that is my opinion. And no one is "bitching" on Indie devs, only ones who want you to drink their koolaid.
  11. njmatrix

    WW4 Extended: Arctic

    Added info about the addon to our FB page along with your photos. Great release. Seawolves Facebook Page
  12. njmatrix

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    ok updated my Google Drive link and added noob1's stuff to it as well. Also I combined WW4 Ext and Patch 4 to create WW4 EXT Full 94 ( you will see the link as well) Before anyone downloads that is there any issues with me combining that to make it one download? no conflicts right? Here is the link again: SW NFMZ1 G Drive Also use the links as you like. These should be permanent (unless Google dies off someday lol. Don't see that happening anytime soon) I don't plan on removing them. I will be updating them as new editions are posted. So far so good played Steal The Car with Modern weapons so far :)
  13. njmatrix

    Arma 2 - Game Spy Petition

    yeah us dumb "wierdos" dropped cash on ArmA2 only to have you announce A2OA what a month later? God i don't know why we would want to play something we paid for.
  14. njmatrix

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Hey I am kinda slow but which are the names for the silencers? and which ones work for which rifles? I am trying to do a custom loadout but I am not seeing silencers in the readme.
  15. it will be fixed soon enough people just need to relax jesus go play something else til they fix it lol it isnt gonna ruin your life