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  1. HI Von Quest Are you still working on this verry good mod ? is there a chance to use others factions unit in the futur ? thank you for all
  2. "ello, First of all Ive had great times with this mod and I thank you for creating it. Its awesome. Id like to know though if there yet is a way to choose any faction the modules spawn? Like I have a mod faction and I would like it to spawn units from the mod faction. Is there a possible way for this? Even manually doing so. Thanks." UP UP UP :wub:
  3. ho god :wub: thank u. it is a good news to start the weekend thx Shay
  4. Where are you Shay...? the world of arma need your creativity . do we wait for the 2017 MCC ? thank u for all
  5. karmalauja

    C2 -Command And Control

    hello mad_cheese your back yesss :wub: .....can't wait :(
  6. karmalauja

    C2 -Command And Control

    Same for me as TARO8 in editor groups disappears and change their side please up date gro
  7. Hello, i can't see the MCC in the keyboard addon CBA :o list (only ALIVE appears) any idea thank for all shay ...i'm waiting .....the update :P
  8. Alive save in SP...I hope it will be possible a day..... Up Up
  9. karmalauja

    C2 -Command And Control

    verry nice , still on the top of mod :P
  10. Thank u spirit and shay :P i'm on it
  11. hy HeroesandvillainsOS i use to play arma3 with alive in sp ...have the same issues with the savegame :angry: could you send me one of your sp mission with Alive ? Up to a sp save game in Alive :wub: thank u
  12. karmalauja

    African Revolution [SP/CO-OP]

    Hy This is the kind of mission i try to make for severals month without succeed. use gaia is vers cool . I have one question. Does gaia fonction Still work after we recall a save game ? Thank u for give us the mission folder it s verry useful for me to learn how your mission is building. Thank u :)
  13. WHOUUUU i can't find my words thank you all the mcc team :wub: