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  1. This looks awesome. Great work, guys! Dreyeball, your dialogs are looking amazing. I'm glad to see your skillset coming from Devastation are coming into play. Keep it up!
  2. kevb0

    [OA]how to assemble static weapon?

    There's a bag called simply "Tripod". Use that as the tripod bag, and the M2 Minitripod as the MG bag. It's confusing, but the M2 Minintripod is for the lower version, while the normal M2 is for the standard version.
  3. Very nice work! Thanks to everyone involved in making this! Especially you, zx64!
  4. The animations are done locally. I tested it out, and they work on dedicated servers when you setvehicleinit them. So, for example: player setvehicleinit "this playaction 'GestureNod'; "; processinitcommands; or player setvehicleinit "this playaction 'GestureHi'; "; processinitcommands;
  5. kevb0

    CO 60 - Operation Mongoose

    This is a great mission, Homer! Props to both you and Macolik for making such a fantastic mission. The flashlight script is one of the coolest things I've seen done with ArmA so far. Very nice job.
  6. You guys are fantastic. Keep up good work. This will surely make life easier for island makers. I noticed a few buttons reserved for future activities. Are you willing to disclose on what they are?
  7. This is simply fantastic, Silola. You've really done a fantastic job. Watching that base being built from start to finish was glorious. I'd love to see some of the "Wackier" things testers have made. When I saw all of the new custom objects, the first thing I wanted to do was build a huge treehouse. How long has this been in the making for? The amount of detail and customizeability in this is downright awe-inspiring.
  8. You should be fine. I've had upwards of 70 in one mission, without a noticeable hit at all. Although, they were dynamically created. If the server is dedicated, you'd probably be better off running the triggers locally. But from my experience the performance hit is so small (from what I've seen), it'd probably be easier to just use them on the server. This also might be helpful.
  9. kevb0

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.11

    Fantastic! Thanks for all of your hard work BIS! Direct VON is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen in any video game, ever. Hopefully it catches on.
  10. kevb0

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    This looks amazing. Look at the viewdistance in some of theses screenshots. Keep up the great work, BIS.
  11. This is glorious, Mando. Very nice work. Do you plan on doing any other types of bombs besides the SADARM?
  12. kevb0

    SPG-9 Recoiless rifle

    Yes. That is a great question. I wonder...
  13. kevb0

    Let's talk about VOIP in 1.09

    Awesome! 1.09 looks awesome. Those non-serious videos are hilarious. Thanks for the update, Dslyecxi!
  14. Hey. Would it be possible to have some non-photoshopped pictures too? The bloom/saturation is killing my eyes. The screenshots in the biki about CWR are nice, because it's hard to tell if they haven't been majorly changed in photoshop.
  15. kevb0

    Darker Ironsights

    As a professional Internet Police Cop, I fully endorse your addon, Milkduster. Great work!