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    Thanks mech79 :)
  2. Solitaire_G


    Anyone have an mp mission to share that has this working properly? I've got a ST mission to port from A2 and this is most definitely necessary for my mission :)
  3. Solitaire_G

    [MP | COOP 02 - 10] Altis Force Recon: West

    Hello, Meatball. Good job on the mission. I've been attempting to work on an A3 version of my A2 mission, Nomads. I like how you've scripted this one. I hope you don't mind me digging around inside the pbo ;)
  4. Solitaire_G

    ASR AI Skills

    One other question, Robalo: DAC replenishes AI via camps - will ASR capture the new AI which are created dynamically during the course of a mission? Thanks again!
  5. Solitaire_G

    ASR AI Skills

    Thanks, Robalo :D I'm looking forward to seeing what the AI do.
  6. Solitaire_G

    ASR AI Skills

    Looks like a really cool mod. Please tell me, is it compatible with DAC AI?
  7. Yeah, I have the readme printed out. I'm not seeing anything that tells me how to initiate it in the way I've described I want. I'm not a scripter or programmer by profession, so what I was hoping for were some examples of exactly how to implement this.
  8. Hi I'm having a great time learning and using DAC :) I have a question about something that I simply can't figure out: I want to create zones mid-mission, several times in fact (I have a co-op which is on the Fallujah Island). I'd like to have an initial zone, which of course I can do just fine - it will be a series of zones with some camps. As this area's camps are destroyed and EI are killed off, I'd like to have a neighboring area populated with zones (and camps if possible?), which the players will move to, and so on until they have cleared the city. Can anyone please give some examples of how to use the mid-session created zones call? Thanks! :bounce3:
  9. Hi. Got an odd problem and hoping someone can help out. I installed Arma, it worked great. Installed A2 via Steam and it worked the first time. Now, neither game will run in full screen, only windowed mode. If I put either in full screen, the video card stops sending data to the monitor - I can still hear sounds but my monitor says 'no signal.' Anyone have similar issues or know what could be happening? PC is: LAN Warrior brand i7 920 6g 1333 ram 285GT video card w/2g ram, just updated the drivers Edit: Fixed. I set compatibility for both games to XP/Service Pack 2.
  10. Awesome! Kudos to Dslyecxi and the senior staff for this fantastic compendium :)